#StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension

Hi patriots!

I was just suspended from Twitter today but I am filing an appeal.

At least I’m in the best company! 😂

Please share and RT this post from the URL. You can find me here best daily on the blog. I also have a account on GAB @DilaraEsengil which I will be getting to later this evening. I will not be on Parler.

This was expected and we are on the right track!

My back up Twitter (for now) is @EsengilDilara

Here is the bullshit Deep State reason they gave me. Looks like soy tits can’t handle the TRUTH!

You can check here for updates. Please subscribe to this blog. It is free. All you need to do is enter your preferred email address and you we will stay connected.



~ Dilara Esengil 01/08/2021

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    • Thank you Sue. It’s time for Twitter KILL!. General Flynn and Sidney Powell got the ace just now too. #WWG1WGA stay tuned here and share as much of these articles as you can to newbies! Help them! Godspeed! AMEN!

  1. Appreciate you being here and your blog. Thank you! I’m hoping things start being revealed this week. My people think I am absolutely nuts! Thank you for all you do and represent. Jana LeClair

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  2. Hello Dilara!….The photograph of you on your temporary Twitter page is heavenly….The divine light of the Lord is all over you….The beauty that is in your heart reflects in your eyes and in your smile….You are a divinely beautiful lady and a blessing from the Lord….This is Loretta in Florida….If there is anything that I can do for you, I’m here….I share your posts, via e-mail, with other brothers and sisters in the US and abroad…Thank you for all that you do….Words cannot express how much I appreciate you!…May God immensely bless you, and all of the digital soldiers and patriots….And, may God immensely bless America!…WWG1WGA 

    • God bless you Loretta! Thank you for your extremely kind words. Words cannot express the love in my heart for you and all the patriots worldwide. I love my country so much. I love this Red White and Blue. I love all of God’s children. I am humbled to be here among you! Godspeed! Thank you for all you have been doing! I’ll be here and posting and you can help me share! #WW1WGA

  3. So glad I found you here. I thankfully read your blog before you were taken down & I remembered to look for you. #WWGIWGA

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