Review Part #12: Wednesday Warriors

Part 12 in our review, bringing you all back to when we started talking about Holding the Line.

We didn’t realize just how long we would be holding this line: four more years!


We will be dealing with this shitshow for another four years.

That’s how long this is going to take.


Because we are dealing with a bunch of stupid people. We are surrounded by stupid. They are everywhere.

So read up, stay away from morons and watch out for zombies.

Coming soon.

To a neighborhood near you.

🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ 🧟

Hold The Line!

Jesus Wept

Happy Freedom Day!

Groundhog Day

Unfollow Them

Hidden Agendas

The Knowledge Of The Forever Time

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~ Dilara 04.28.21

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  1. Ms. Dilara, thank you, thank you, thank You! Finally someone has the Hutzpah to give us even if it’s just tentative but a time frame nonetheless! I’ve inquired with other and even began working on trying to develop a reasonable time schedule to reinforce my time estimate which I would offer to those who would inquire. I would always say ok but you’re not like it….Ironically your time estimation is actually shorter than mine. I would render my best Guess at 5 to 6 years. But Hey you stepped up and threw it on the table for all to absorb. Now! If after reading and letting the time frame sink in, those that still want to complain, those are the one’s IMO that are the tare.
    I wanted to emphasize the following in my last comment but didn’t. For those of who have not had the privilege of exchanging thoughts one on one with Dilara. She has a brilliant mind that seems to always be going. She will never B.S. you with nonsense to avoid shocking or upsetting you. If you are regularly reading her blog because you want Truths and nothing but. Take my word that’s exactly what she’s gonna give you….A La Carte, no swirly sauce anywhere….And Think about this…. Has she tried to Sell you anything from her Blog?…….. Exactly!! That Alone should render louder than a D.U.M.B. Be blasted! Thank You again Dilara for your tireless and unselfish Efforts…….Ciao.

  2. Good morning my dear Patriot and Anon Dilara. Thank you for putting a blog up every day. Holding the line here in Florida. I have a hard time believing that this will continue
    another 4 years The minority in this world believes that Biden is president. The majority of people supported Trump and the movement and the Great Awakening. I’ve said this before but if they would just take down the mainstream media. Put up the emergency broadcast system and show the people that the military is in control. I think the minority of sheep people will wake up and realize. There are some things that people will not be able to handle. Having faith in God and accepting Jesus Christ as my savior is the most important. People are going to start taking this country back 1776 way. I don’t think we should be worried about some of the stupid sheep people that are asleep because there’s so few of them. Nobody’s watching Biden or cares about what he’s saying so they’re not even recognizing the clones. As we continue to spread love and treat others with kindness and protect our energy pray and meditate. God’s plan. We’re watching a show but how long can this show continue?

    WWG1WGA 🇺🇸❣️✝️🙏🌄🌌💪

  3. My intuition, gut, intellect as well as the evidence of my senses tell me it will be much much sooner than 4 years – I believe before the end of this year. I have many reasons for thinking this way. I’m interested to hear how you’ve recently arrived at 4+ year timeline.

    However, if it takes four/eight/twenty years then so be it. It’s God’s show and he’ll do as he pleases – nothing I can do about it. I’ve actually eased into the strange world we’ve entered and am trying to enjoy it as best as I can (with increasing success). I’m not going to be driven insane by things I cannot control.

    We have to be careful how we use the word deception. I’ve read your blog and know you are familiar with Yogananda, Nisargadatta, Maharshi and other eastern sages. They flat out say this world is literally a dream. All of Maya is deception. No more real than the dreams we have at night. A world with the Cabal defeated, the republic restored, Trump as president and full disclosure of everything is still just a sweet dream. We’re just trading a bad dream for a nicer one.

    The goal of the Great Awakening (I believe) is Self-Realization. Not many realize how radical that really is. I’m just doing my best to enjoy this amazing ride.

  4. Yes! Trust the plan, & step over, around & AWAY from stupid~ like you would any other steaming piles, seriously. We cannot continue to scoop these fools off the sidewalk…& if they try to crap in your yard, turn a hose on them!! We will need every ounce of patience, energy & stamina to keep our own sanity folks~ so unless God Himself directs you otherwise, avoid the moronic among you💩🤪!!

    🚸⏰⌛💞Unity will happen, but who wants to bond w/the ass-hats anyhow?! Not me🙅‍♀️

  5. Hi D,
    I found this info on Telegram.


    The message said page 67

    Pfizer admits in its own mRNA jab trial documentation that non-jabbed people can be ENVIRONMENTALLY EXPOSED to the jab’s spike proteins by INHALATION or SKIN CONTACT.

    Read bullet 4 & 5
    It’s in black and white.
    I just seen a video on thank God he downloaded it because YouBoob took it down.
    It makes sense now that possibly theses pregnant women were having these affects through inhalation and skin contact.

    Your comment area appears to be having issues I can’t see the intire line as I type.

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