The Knowledge Of The Forever Time

Are you a real truthseeker with an open mind?

Then you need to watch this entire series.

One day a week, we will be taking a break from our normal format (unless we have some very important news) and recommend a good movie or series to watch.

Knowledge is wisdom. Information is vital to our survival. Remember to use discernment and take the good and leave the bad. Don’t ever shoot the messenger. Even if the messenger is the enemy.

In this case, Damon T. Berry is not the enemy. He is a very special human being who has risked his life to bring us this information. The production of this series is simply incredible. Damon’s background is also very interesting. You will not know about him until you finish watching this entire series. I will post the first seven episodes here and the last one you will have to watch on Amazon and UFO TV. These are the only places that Episode 8 is available.

A little motivation for anons: wait till you get to the event at Chicago airport. Note the number of the gate…

I have seen this whole series at least four times.

Enjoy the show!

The Knowledge of the Forever Time by Damon T. Berry

Ep. 1
Ep. 2
Ep. 3
Ep. 5
Ep. 5
Ep. 6
Ep. 7

Episode 8 is on Amazon Prime and UFO TV. It is a must watch. Do not miss it. It is free for Prime members but you can also rent/buy it here:

When you are done watching the series, here is the an audio only podcast with Damon T. Berry called The Last Words of Damon T. Berry.

The Last Words of Damon T. Berry (3 part podcast ONLY watch after you see the series)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Thank God Damon is still alive an well, but this is what he titled his podcast. You will understand why once you see the whole series above, and then listen to this podcast. Amazing.

Thank you Damon for all you have done, for putting yourself on the line for humanity. God bless you.


Dilara 02.05.21

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  1. OSTO TV made sure to DL all of this series – we keep them in their own VOD section on OSTO TV on ROKU TV. Tried contacting him for rights to broadcast then learned what’s going on. Anyway = OSTO TV has them free 24/7 OSTO TV on ROKU TV is Free too. you don’t need to buy a Roku device anymore either. IT’s an APP in your SmartTV

  2. For the life of me i cant understand how so many people are still asleep. They are lining up in droves for their “jab” ! They honestly dont want to wake up .

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