The Truth Is Not For Everyone

The truth is truly not for everyone.

There are different levels of knowledge.

And capacity.

A very wise yogi once said that the ocean is a sea of knowledge that the thirsty man wants to drink in its entirety. Yet he can only swallow as much as his cup holdeth. If he drinks more than his cup can hold, he will choke. If he dives into an ocean in which he has not learned how to swim, he will drown. If he tries to pour the ocean into his cup, it will swallow him and the cup and he will cease to be.

Not everyone is going to learn the truth.

Some people just don’t want to know. A very close friend told me that she didn’t want her 3D reality disturbed when I tried to tell her about crimes against children. This person also knew I used to work in pedo crimes. And was still in denial.

Ego and denial: two personal favorites of the enemy.

Different levels of knowledge are what separate minds and people. Indoctrination is a big issue on multiple levels. For those still struggling with the matrix, take a look at The New, Unprogrammed You.

What Are You Going To Believe? The lies they taught you in their organizations or the truth by God’s grace?

Do your own research. Keep your mind open.

Open minds save lives. Closed ones end them.

As we get closer to disclosure and more truth is revealed, we are not just going to see a drop off of those who still choose to stay in the dark, but there will be those who can’t swim and show up to the ocean with a solo cup and no life jacket. Conquering Cognitive Dissonance is one thing; clinging to a snake in the ocean of denial is a deadly personal choice.

Vibrational levels are rising. Human consciousness is connected to the entire state of the world we are living in. We are the fabric of society. Without our agreement to pay taxes, go to work, live in housing owned by others, make payments on material things, participate in cabal controlled activtiies, the matrix will begin to break down.


And guess what? That is what is going on right now.

That is why people are losing their sh*t. The ones in tune with God and walking in faith will be okay.

Sobriety is a big issue. There is a reason why they call alcohol spirits. Easier to be possessed when one is not sober. Hence, especially during these (end and beginning!) times, it is of utter importance to not be out of your mind. Heed to the advice of the Almighty:

The breakdown is necessary for reconstruction of a new system. Potus talked alot about infrastructure. From our roads to our schools to our health care systems, America and the world eventually will undergo major changes for the benefit instead of the detriment of humanity.

Alot of people are talking about 5D – the fifth dimension.

I’d like to take a moment and point out that right now, if you are reading this, you are reading this in the 3rd dimension. We are all in the third dimension and some of us are moving into the fourth dimension. Yes, there are other dimensions, 5, 6, 7 and so on. This is where you can do your own research. But for the sake of this article, we are in the third dimension and moving in the fourth dimension. (This topic deserves a much deeper detailed article but today is just not that day. 😅) Those who believe they are just going to move from 3D to 5D and skip right over 4D are going to be in for a big surprise. It doesn’t work that way. It’s like being 3 years old and being 5 years old. There is an age between that you have to live.

But there is a shift coming. This is what is happening now. Our entire world is changing. We are leaving the ways of past that were evil, controlled by the wrong people and entities and we moving into a better place.

But this is not going to happen for everyone.

This is why Q keeps telling us, the choice to know will be yours.

Our whole world is about to change.

Are you ready?



A message via Lin Wood on telegram:


The November 3, 2020 election was a fraud. The evidence is conclusive. 

Yet there are a number of our fellow citizens who are uninformed about the truth of the November 2020 election. Uninformed as a result of indifference or uninformed by choice as they believe the illegal result furthers their political or social agenda. They will end up being awakened. 

There are many people who are informed and know the election was a fraud but will never admit the truth outside of a criminal proceeding because they were involved in the fraud. They will end up going to jail or worse. 

And then there are the Patriots. We know the truth. Donald J. Trump won a landslide re-election. He is our President. The Patriots will take the necessary steps within the bounds of the law to make certain that the truth prevails over the lie. The Patriots will end up free and our Constitutional rights will remain intact. 

Each day the enemy is increasingly exposing itself as a lover of tyranny and a hater of freedom. The enemy is showing its true colors. 

Never get in the way of the enemy when it is destroying itself. In due time, the enemy will completely ensnare itself. Then it will be much easier for the truth to prevail over the lie. Let the enemy do more of our work for us. 

Stay strong in your faith. Trust God. Then wait on the Lord.

Watch it happen. 

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Thank you Selcuk for this forward from Lin. 🔥 ⚖️

Thank you Brian.


We Must Fight – President Reagan

Via QTip on Telegram:👇🏼


11.3 verifies as 1st marker

11.3 = 1.13 = MYANMAR

MYANMAR  = 1st marker 🤯

Therefore, 1st marker complete! 

If 1st Marker is complete, then we must be going to Phase 2, correct? 

[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming just announced PHASE 2! 👀

PHASE 2: New technology that can use the power grid for communications. (Possible back up Emergency Alert System, or an entirely separate Internet, or something never seen before). 

Q always told us we are watching a movie. In movies, they often use “foreshadowing”. What’s the definition? Check photo. Is Myanmar a foreshadowing into what’s to come in the finale of our movie? 🧐🎥🍿

NCSWIC = National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (CISA website article below):

Qtips Gallery goes with 👆🏼

Thanks Brian.

Post from Torba (co founder of Gab) via Rick about Kushner…

You can find Rick and Giant Slayers here: Giant Slayers is staying on Tw!tter because that’s where the battle for freedom will be fought, but we’ll be setting up on Telegram & Gab too.

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Via Brian.

Via Juan – very important message about FAKE COVID! 👇🏼

Creed of the Covid Denier

By Nowick Grey

We hold these truths to be self-evident—apparent to common sense and demonstrated by the latest science:

 • The fake pandemic is not a pandemic. It is a normal flu season.

 • The fake virus has never been isolated and proven to exist. It is a computer simulation of a DNA sequence.

 • The fake deaths are rebranded deaths from other causes. Overall death rates are normal, by infection rate and yearly total.

 • The fake treatment by ventilators kills 97% of its victims; while safe and effective treatments (HCQ, Ivermectin) have been banned from distribution and even discussion in mainstream and social media.

 • The fake cases are not based on infections or illness. They are fake results from a fake test.

 • The fake test is not designed to detect any illness. The cases from actual symptomatic illness are rebranded from normal flu and pneumonia.

 • The fake hospital overwhelm narrative is undermined by the normal trend of full capacity in some hospitals during flu season, and by contradictory reports of many other hospitals being empty and staff laid off.

 • The fake vaccine doesn’t prevent death, illness, or transmission. It is not a vaccine, but a genetic modification device and AI operating system for human experimentation and tracking.

 • The fake vaccine gives fake immunity. It doesn’t prevent illness, but could cause a harmful overreaction of the immune system. In the first wave of human trials it has caused death and disability at a rate 10x greater than that of the fake virus, with longer term effects potentially worse.

 • The fake safety measures of masks, distancing, and lockdowns could not halt the spread of the fake virus even if it was real. At best they would hinder the natural course of building herd immunity. Meanwhile masks and lockdowns cause widespread harm and suffering (physical, psychological, social, economic) far beyond any health impacts of the fake virus.

 • The fake rationale for masks, distancing, lockdowns is to “stop the spread.”

 • It’s a fake spread, since “asymptomatic transmission” is a myth.

 • “Cover your face” is programming code for “you feel shame.” “Wash your hands” is programming code for “you are guilty.” “Social distancing” means antisocial distancing. “Lockdown” is a prison term. Arbitrary cancelation of fundamental human rights and freedoms, properly known as “tyranny,” is rebranded as the “new normal.” The social restrictions are projected to remain in place, even past the rollout of the fake vaccine, indefinitely.

 • The real purpose of this entire false narrative is antisocial control, a “warp speed” transition to a new reset global order (powered by a toxic 5G grid that is fake smart).



Notables via Benjamin Bock, Hunter Biden memoir listed ‘#1 Best Seller’ under ‘Chinese Biographies’ on Amazon 👇🏼

I will post an old thread on Amazon and Bezos in the next few weeks and their ties to the Musk puppet. All bad news.

You can also check out my article called You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 . Get your butter ready!


Pray for the lost sheep. 🙏🏼


These are from Mike thank you 😅👆🏼👇🏼
Thank you David. 😅
The one and only @swellbs on Gab. Making us laugh this off daily. Thank you Bill.


Today in Malibu.
🌟 The Starfish. Thank you MM. 🌟



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~ Dilara 02.06.21

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  1. I don’t know which way will be used to do this (I just hope that will happen, soon as possible…), but I can’t wait to see all stupid people that I know (which think that all this pedo-shit is a “creepy conspiracy theory”) stop talking, start crying and moving their first steps in their obligatory “initiation” to reality…what a bunch of sleepy mug I see here every day….

  2.   I pray and ask God for His truth only. I know everything I’ve learned over the last 4 years is happening (not like most of us thought it would) .  I know it’s all true and I’m not going anywhere…I know we are literally at the door, but I’m worn out. Are those who are 3D going to be separated from those in 5?..physically? How can Kushner be working against Trump and be married to his daughter?  How are the rotten politian’s in this movie who are cooperating, are doing it so convincingly?  You would think their anxiety and sheer terror would show on their faces. Instead we see them laughing and acting normally. Is every single one of them faked ?     The one subject hardest for me is this –  How does all the outrageous stories we are hearing about all the alien entities, little freakish aliens that enter the corner of your eye and kill off their host ect – relate with the story of the Bible?  I’m hearing we have 711 books of the Bible that have been kept hidden from us.  How are we to know who we are and how we connect to God if we are only getting a fraction of it?  I believe the beautiful story of the Bible and Salvation and how Jesus died for our sins, yet we’re also told that it’s symbolism and it’s really a consciousness inside our own head….this is the subject that weighs on me night and day.  Is it that because there are so many books hidden from us that somehow it all connects in the end, that a real person known as Jesus lived and died on this earth and rose again but that each of us has to sort of do our own personal death and resurrection to live in the realm He does?  Are both the truth? If that’s the case I can understand how it connects.     Then we have the Aliens we have to wrap our heads around, a plethora of different types of greys, blue Avians on and on…WTF….are these physically real or are they some cast of characters on Satan’s payroll to terrorize us…just different versions of the same ole demons. It’s overwhelming and crazy making.  Where do we go to find answers if so much of the Bible is kept from us?  I pray that ALLL of this will be explained and soon for humanity’s mental and spiritual health.xo

  3. 3D to 5D, the nice thing is we can create our own 5D life right now if we’ve done our shadow work and help others catch up. Some aren’t going to make it, they’re way too programmed.

    What’s happening is too large for anyone to wrap their mind around. The idols are dead this year, thank God.

  4. Beautiful Dilara….Oh, My Lord!!!….I absolutely love the track that you posted!!!….I turned the volume all the way up and danced for hours….The lyrical content is comprised of the most beautiful and passionate message, straight from the heart, together with the most uplifting, heavenly disco music…It is pure passion from the heart….Never heard anything sweeter…..One of the most beautiful messages in the song….”If the Lord made anything better than you, he must have kept it to himself”….Beautiful, the person that has your heart is divinely blessed!!….You are heaven on earth!!….Love you, D!! 

  5. PS….D, I just now noticed the title of the album/cd….oh my Lord….I am smiling from ear to ear….

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