Stay The Course

Everything in the universe is vibrating.

Every thing you see, feel, hear, smell, touch is a vibration.

It’s all energy.

In order to fully understand this, you have to unplug from the matrix.

The New, Unprogrammed You awaits your freedom.

It takes time to absorb new information and work on yourself to change your reality and The Truth Is Not For Everyone.

The only person you can awaken is you. Change Yourself and you have done your part to change the world.

Although we are under attack by the enemy, do not forget the power of the Almighty God.

And remember: you are made in His image. There is much moar to your contribution for this movement than you think. With every mustard seed you sow, you spread good. Every truth you stick to, every time you don’t cower to the status quo, every time you stand alone from the herd, you are making a statement and aligning with God. Your energy is strong and your free will is your own.

Unplug and Unfollow Them.

You have abilities far superior to them.

You are a child of the Almighty, the Most High, the most beautiful, thoughtful and precious God. Our Father in Heaven thet made everything beautiful but also gave us free will to choose Him, made you. That’s why they hate us. Because they can never be us. Ever.

Putting your mind to pursuing the truth is the most honorable journey one can undertake in this lifetime. With that, comes the pursuit of what a wise yogi calls self-realization. This is nothing more than the realization of what we truly are. As Jesus Christ taught us, to trust Him and in so doing, develop the character of Christ, to walk in his steps. Love Him and pattern yourself after His Son. The Truth, And Nothing But. is the only way.

Even though it may seem that there is no end to this show, that holding the line is getting a bit too wearisome, be still and know that God has a plan. And He always wins. No matter what the odds or who the players are.

Your job is to stay in faith and stay the course.

Meditate. Pray. Seek out your true gifts, powers and abilities as a powerful human being. A sovereign soul.

Stay away from idiots and stupid as well. That is what General Flynn meant by Trust Each Other. Don’t engage with numb-nuts. And as for those that are new to this whole awakening business? Don’t talk calculus with people who are learning basic division.

Some help can be found in Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Dont’s of The Great Awakening.

Be aware of The 12 Steps of Late Awakening and choose your friends wisely.


Be good.

Do good.

Be sober and stay with the good. The Force is strong in the awakened. The sleepers are weak and cannot move onward. Use your knowledge to help steer humanity into love, not hate. Be a shepherd but stick to your pride of lions, and don’t roam with the flock.

“To be good is more charming and beneficial than to be evil. Though many people are evil, yet a few good people, by their qualitative worthwhileness, counterbalance the influence of evil. One moon gives more light than all the stars. The sun drives away the darkness from a space millions of times larger than itself. One good man (or woman), whether he preaches or not, by his very presence in the world, sets in motion invisible, good vibrations; their power is sufficient to counteract even vast volumes of inharmonious vibrations emanating from the wrong thoughts and actions of evil persons.” ~ Yogi


Thank you BOOM!


Notables by @BenjaminABock on GAB:

Gates and Bezos Divorces

From the Desk of DJT:

President Trump Launches New Website Where Americans Can Follow the President – See “”

End of Notables by Ben


Francis Boyle – Nuremberg Code Is Your Defense

Thank you Ron & Rachel



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~ Dilara 05.05.21

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  1. your statement ” Don’t talk calculus with people who are learning basic division.” is so true we have the alliance playing 3D checkers and the opponent is learning checkers

  2. I can feel things changing. I’ve had a headache everyday for the past few days, especially while at work where I’m surrounded by vaxxed folks and negative energy.

  3. There are multiple copies of this on YouTube, this is the original.

    X-Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion

    A better tile for this would be Altiyan Childs Exposes Freemasonry, that would explain what it is about a lot better.

    OK this is crazy long (over 5 hours) but just watch the first 5 minutes of this.

    This exposes more people than anything I’ve ever seen and I am just halfway through it!


    I realize that I cant attach files here, like memes that I have made, is there any other way to send you files?

  4. everything the enemy does is to degrade the human form. to mock God and His creations. The enemy is all about perversion, mendacity, decay, degradation, mutilation, blemish, contradiction, LIES, all that is the opposite of human virtue. say slowly, think about the words of the prayer to The ArchAngel Michael.

  5. Hi High Priestess! Saw you on Truman’s Mom’s – Linda’s channel Saturday and was impressed with your spiritual perception. I resonated with you and checked your site. Now this newsletter arrives- amazing. You have so much to share and it is obvious you are on your mission to enlighten humanity. It is rare for Light Warriors to be recognized, and that is why I send out kudos to people such as yourself! My mission is spiritual enlightenment as well and am looking forward to embarking on my humanitarian project soon-frequency beds for the trafficked children. Nice to have another Sister willing to enter the fray! Love and Light, Jane Hoffman

    Sent by Jane


  6. Ivanka, GEOTUS’s daughter, converted to Judaism by Jared, has been vaccinated twice so far. How should we judge this situation? Should we separate Q+ from Ivanka?

  7. X factor video amazing. It’s going to be very confusing for people seeing Mr T in there.

  8. I watched the entire 5+ hour X factor video and I agree with Katie’s comment, it is amazing and also will be very confusing for people seeing Mr. T in there…(freemason symbols)

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