Pepe Eastwood

He’s smooth.

He smokes.

He has the best cape in town.

Meet Pepe Eastwood. An original character by the one and only Crystal Jones. Crystal and I met through the anon movement and found that we had a lot in common. You can read more about Crystal below in the section where her cartoon work is displayed.

One thing I am very grateful for during these times of awakening and complete loser sleepers, is that God has somehow weeded the shit out of my life and bought in so many angelic, amazing friends. Albeit you meet your share of crazies online and through this process, they tend to reveal and out themselves fairly quickly.

Hence, don’t forget The Scorpion And The Frog and Potus’ favorite story about The Snake.

There are truly Two Types of People and there is no more gray area. You are either with God or you are not. And those who claim to be with God Monday through Friday are not going to make the cut. Every intention, every thought, and every action is judged, by Him.

So buckle up baby.

This is the ride of our lives.

Choose the truth.

And Stay The Course.


May the truth be with you.

Featured Cover Art: Pepe Eastwood

Original Art Work By Crystal Jones @spinachtooth on Twitter

Crystal honed her skills at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where she studied illustration, graphic design, and animation. This earned her a coveted internship in the story department at Pixar, where she had the opportunity to work on the feature film, A Bug’s Life. Jones later worked in the film and commercial industry as a production design assistant and freelance storyboard artist. It was during this time she created the comic strip, Angry Girl, which she later renamed Cranky Girl

The Cranky Girl line included E-greetings and mobile phone wallpapers with American Greetings, as well as a line of Valentine’s Day cards found at Target stores. The comic strip Cranky Girl is was syndicated in weekly papers nationwide and is currently on going.  When she’s not drawing comics she’s doing freelance graphic design, commissioned projects and one of a kind sculptures and paintings of subjects that inspire her. 

Crystal’s Original Artwork


A message from General Flynn re: the Arizona Audits #PassItOn


Watch the Maricopa County Audit hearing live at The Western Journal.


The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Log Ride

Thank you Study!

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

The beauty of infamy. They are all gonna get it!

Follow Bill on Gab @swellbs

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~ Dilara 07.15.2021

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  1. Hi Dilara. Mine is a question not a comment, hope that’s ok.
    I think the boarder fiasco is for their drug they need. Remember the celebs videos and how awful they looked? Esp Ellen. I thought it was total BS when she got both her shows back. But haven’t seen her in awhile. Heard Twitch is hosting.
    Hmmm wonder where he is.
    I can not see this fiasco as plan. Do you think Liein-Biden is getting a stock up on their drug?
    PS thank you so much for answering my questions. It shows you care. There is so much crap out there and I’m just trying to stay the course. TY

    • Hi Dawn. I believe all the main players are already rounded up and at Gitmo. Some have been executed. Biden is gone it’s an actor. They are no longer able to access the blood supply. This is why they are fkkkd. You are doing a GREAT job patriot. God bless you and thank you for your love for America!

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