Expand Your Thinking

We are at a point in time where there is really not much more to say about this movement. If you haven’t figured out that Biden is an actor, that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿, and that ARRESTS ARE HABBENING, this blog may not be for you.

Those that suffer from The 12 Steps of Late Awakening are slowing us all down. Where we go one we go all means we have to wait for the weak little sheep to wake up.

Realize just how long this is going to take.

Humanity is impatient. People want results right away. Most people, including myself, cannot even begin to understand the amount of effort it takes to execute a full Cabal Takedown.

That’s why it’s important to trust the plan!

The truth is much stranger than most people can ever accept. The Choice To Know Will Be Yours.

Many people are so indoctrinated in their belief systems that they cannot accept alternative realities.

While the masses cling to their familiar matrix, the truth seekers will stop at nothing to seek The Truth, And Nothing But.

Are We There Yet?


I think this is going to take until 2025.

Even though we would all like to Skip To The End, remember that This Is Not Another Four Year Election.

And that the truth is too hard for many to swallow.

Why do you think Q wants you to expand your thinking?

When the cold, hard truth comes pouring out, What Are You Going To Believe?

Do you think it is easy for people to change their belief patterns? Absolutely not. Most people will cling to their death to what they know rather than open their mind to new possibilities.

Look at all the idiots that have taken the vaccine.

We tried to warn them. But it’s every man and woman for themselves. No one can save you but you. And most of these people are sadly going to be goners.

The Truth Hurts moar you’re an ego driven dummy.

There are people out there who still think Mandingo Mike and the Victoria Secret runway models are all women. And that MacDonald’s (who serves human meat) is good for you.

These are the same people that turned their backs on their fellow humans in pursuit of being right and their egos. For it shall be Those Who Cannot Hear the Music and reject the knowledge that are soon to depart from this world

Sadly, these people would rather follow a crowd going in the wrong direction rather than stand for truth and walk alone.

And even worse, they are the same ones getting violent and would, in a heartbaeat, let the vile hate in their hearts take over their souls, embracing and then becoming the enemy themselves.

So Stay The Course and Let Your Tribe Find You.

And remember to always keep your mind open and expand your thinking. Only those those that are truly pure of heart and have open hearts (and hence minds, for all intentions begin in the heart) are the ones who will make the journey home.

Choose to live in and embrace the truth, no matter how difficult the truth may seem. It is the only way to the Father, the only way to be free.

Choose freedom of your mind, your heart and your destiny. C

Choose only Almighty Father God and you are winning.

God bless you patriots.


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~ Dilara 07.08.21

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  1. Hello from Canada! I’m sure glad I found you.
    I find myself checking in daily for new info.. Keep up the great work!

  2. so discouraging to find out some people who KNOW the nefarious stuff in and about the vaccines decide to get it anyway. I’m astonished yet My heart breaks for them at the same time. This is a dizzying period of time.
    Thank you for your info and diligent reporting, Dilara ❤

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