Are We Getting Back on Twitter?

When the big #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension happened back in January, many of us anons and patriots scrambled to reassemble and stay connected. We listened to our leaders, President Trump and General Flynn and we continued to spread truth and Trust Each Other.

Do you really think Twitter and other social media sites weren’t a planned takedown by the White Hats?

I believe it was all perfectly timed and purposefully orchestrated.


For many reasons.

In addition to operational agendas, sometimes as Q points out, you just have to show them.

How else were the good guys going to take down Big Tech?

Can you fix a car while the engine is still running?

The takedown of the President’s Twitter account has truly shown the public the dangers of Big Tech and its lizard leaders.

While rumors circulate of Zuckerberg (whose really a Rothschild, like Dorsey and friends) and his cronies being cast down the gallows of treason and its consequences, this time away from Twativerse has been productive for operation COVID 19.

Moves and countermoves.

A lot of what you are not seeing in this gigantic Cabal Takedown are highly covert operations that evade the public eye.

Remember, The Military Is In Control! and Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

If we do get back on Twat, you can count on this blog still being active daily.

Tune in this weekend to my favorite Fridays where I get to talk with the one and only Deplorable McAllister about What Is Going On?

God bless you patriots.



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~ Dilara 07.07.21

You can follow me on GAB: @DilaraEsengil or Twitter @EsengilDilara (my old account is suspended #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension) but I’m mostly here on the blog. ♥️

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  1. Good morning Dilara. Good morning Patriots. Thank you for always taking the time to tell us the truth. I was in Burbank yesterday on an overnight. I walked around and noticed all the density. people were wearing mask outside and it was mostly younger people. I was amazed! I stopped and asked a few people. I introduced myself and tried to carry conversation. I said I was from out of town and wanted to know why everyone was wearing a mask outside. Mostly younger people were wearing the mask outside! There was no life in their eyes. I said a prayer as I continue on my way . God wins! WWG1WGA 🇺🇸❣️✝️🙏

  2. Ms. Dilara, I wanted to share this writing with you and your followers.
    There’s an interesting side story to this writing but that can wait. I will say that this piece practically wrote itself. I know you know what I speak of. I hope whoever reads can take some positive from it.

    MY ‘Merica!

    As Crappy as Everyone wants to make this place out be, I challenge you to show me better. Not some Utopia in your mind but a Real place on Earth that exists today as I write this.
    So as you seek out to Destroy her, I vow to defend her. As you continue to point out her flaws, I vow to defend her. As you continue to fling your multitudes of untruths to assist you in your goal, I vow to defend her. As you feverishly scheme to Remove her from God’s Bosom, I vow to Keep her there.
    I will continue to Defend her for as long as Father God allows. For that day will come when I will enter The Real Utopia…..Heaven! And you will come to the Realization that Your Utopia exists… it always has. For your Utopia is all the evil that you regurgitate Daily upon My ‘Merica , Your Utopia is all that Evil energy that you use to Destroy all that Is Good. You see, Your Utopia is Hell! In your Heart and Mind you created it. By your evil efforts you maintained it. And because you believed the Evil one and Turned away from the Saving One…..You will remain in iT………Jus’ Sayin’

    Joe Ayala 7-7-21

  3. Hi Dilara: @politicstracy here. How are you doing and I miss your Twitter posts 🙂 I am way past suspended, haha. I agree with you completely that the White Hats have been in control of Twitter and the takedown was part of the movie. “Patriots are in Control,” is the order of the day. I could see it from watching the Biden campaign when he was doing events in a drive-in “movie” theatre, right? Creepy Joe’s dog died recently which we all know is three-letter agency symbolism. It’s actually pretty hilarious at times if you know what is really happening.

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