What Is Going On?

What is going on with the presidential election? When will they find out the truth?

Is the vaccine safe? Is it what it really seems to be, or not? Why is Potus supporting a vaccine when his own son suffers from autism?

Where is Hunter? 
Are the DS players really alive? Or dead?

Can things get any more confusing right now? 

Imagine how the normies and the sheeple feel. 

I have been attempting to put this article together for days now and every time I think I have something to say, something new comes up that changes everything.

So I’ll try to get as much in here as possible. 

Like a lobster shedding its shell, we are all vulnerable under conditions of change and the unknown. But in Him we find our strength and realize that we are not just flesh and blood, but we have been made in His image to carry the swift sword of justice and truth with which we, as a people united, not divided stand. 

As we patiently await the results of the election (Potus won, but we have to show the masses of sheeple that the media is complicit), we are watching the MSM and big tech hang themselves for treason through controlled and false narratives. Enemy of the people. The more they are exposed, the more the average sleeping American who has been ignoring this whole truth movement for comfort and those Conquering Cognitive Dissonance will not be able to close their eyes to this treasonous debauchery against our dear Potus, our truth seekers and ultimately against God. 

No. He hasn’t even started to #BringThePain

It is almost the end of the year that literally reset humanity’s timeline. Although 2020 has been difficult for many, it was indeed necessary. Things had to change in our society and that never happens without growing pains.

First of all, before I go into the vaccine scenarios, I would like to direct all of you with questions about the election called He’s Still Your President

And listen to these short clips by John DeSouza. If you don’t know about John yet, check out my article called The Real Life Mulder 🛸. He appeared on Michael Barden’s show and here are two clips that I featured in my tweet, assuring us that Donald Trump is, and will still be our President according to John, who is always spot on.

Here is the tweet:

And in case the tweet disappears, here is the featured takeaway clips:

Michale Bardens’s Q&A with 25 year FBI Special Agent Ret. John Desouza ~ the FBI agent the TV series “The X-Files” was written about.

That’s right. Potus is still your President. And he will be for a long time coming.

Listen to this important message for all citizens.

Notice the censorship in red by Twitter that will be a count (there will be many) for treason once this is all said and done. Real short-sighted demons and idiots is what these people all are.

So what is going on with this vaccine?

When Potus is talking about the vaccine, he is alluding to the cure  that is coming to the public. The way to make our society uhm, somewhat normal again…

Millions of people are living in FEAR. Gary Busey once told me that F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real. He is right. F.E.A.R. is the way the media controls your mind. The masses are mind-controlled. First they made a virus. Next they fed the F.E.A.R. into the sheeples’ minds through the MSM which now included big tech. Once in fear, you can remote control the population and get them to do anything you want. Even stick a needle in their arm and get shot up with God knows what. And what’s even worse? Is those that are in fear loathe those who pose a threat to their fear-controlled lifestyles. Look at what happened to a patriot in Florida when he tried to go into a place where idiots work – the public library!:

I won’t comply! Good! We need to SPEAK UP! God BLESS this patriot for standing up!

These zombies are completely mind controlled. Situations like this are going to get far worse. You won’t just be shamed for not wearing a mask but you will be attacked. Might as well wear your MAGA hat too and a 2A shirt. Go all out and stand up for freedom. If you feel super risky, put on a Trump flag as a cape and yell “four more years” as you exert your right to, uhm, free speech. See how long it will take until someone physically harms you (I’m not advising this but I am saying watch out for this! This where we are headed if these numb nuts are not subdued). Which takes us back to this question:

How do you get these mind-controlled zombies that are driving around with masks on in their cars alone to unmask?

You can’t tell them to take it off. No. They are listening to Fauci and Birx. And Gates. Dear Lord, they truly are goners! 

Unless … you tell them there is a cure. 

Take the vaccine and you won’t need the mask!

That is the only way these herds of stupid are going to take their masks off! 

So here is my theory: there are different types of vaccines. 

(We will get to how are you going to know what is safe of not in the course of this article).

Here is the first type: the cabal’s vaccine. The mark of the beast. Fauci, Mother Theresa’s offspring (however this cretin was created); the world’s false prophet human trafficking queen and shim’s nightmare son. The evil never stops.

Watch this video about Fraudci’s involvement with the Deep State and Agenda 21. Their goal is to kill you.

Fauci is his true form. A rat. A dirty, stinking little cabal rat. I call him Renfeild the Rat (Dracula’s sidekick).

The programmed masses will flock to this vaccine out of F.E.A.R. For their lives, for job safety, for whatever the MSM feeds them. Soon, you won’t be able to travel, or go into any public place without your vaccine papers. Sounds alot like Nazi Germany to me. No thank you.

Wether or not there is a chip in what I will refer to as the CV (Cabal Vaccine), is yet to be determined. I will tell you this: they won’t be telling you the whole truth about what it is doing to your body.

For instance, the CV will actually change your DNA, namely your RNA. If you don’t know alot about DNA and RNA, I don’t blame you. I’m an attorney, not a scientist or doctor. But I will tell you that I have worked very closely with the medical industry and know a little bit about genetics. The RNA part of your DNA is what is often referred to as the God DNA. It is a piece of the trilateral composition of your DNA that is not to be messed with.

Interestingly enough, it is the RNA that is key to the advent of human cloning (see my article Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation for more on this topic).

Think about that.

Here is a link to an article found on Nature.com about the DNA and RNA connection: https://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/the-biotechnology-revolution-pcr-and-the-use-553/ .

Here is another article talking about the God gene: https://www.icr.org/article/dna-rna-providential-coding-revere .

So now you understand and can see why the CV would attack and alter our silver cord – they are trying to take over our souls. But remember, the devil needs your permission to do it. Take the Cabal Vaccine and you have voluntary sold your soul to satan.

I hear that the cabal is also considering tax breaks and income for those willing to take their version. Good. That is a choice that everyone can make. Just like Hollywood. No one forces you into Pedowood – you choose it. You can’t serve money and God at the same time. Choices. It’s up to you.

But what about people who have jobs that need the money?

Like this questionnaire at local grocery stores is now a requirement for employees. Seems like a simple questionnaire at first:

What happens when your employer tells you you have to get a vaccine or else you lose your job?

It may seem unfair. And it is. But remember: you still have a choice.

Even if that choice means quitting your job. And ultimately, escaping the matrix.

Getting a lawyer won’t hurt either. Hopefully we will pass legislation as a society that forbids the mandatory vaccines and stops employers from firing employees who refuse to take it or else face penalties by law. Hopefully, but not likely.

This is what it will come down to folks, in fact, it already has: choose to live free or die by the hands of the cabal. There is much deeper meaning to this image that we see on shirts, trucks and flags:


What about the covid tests? Remember the shitty ones from China that Potus reprimanded?

Did you know that many of the Covid tests actually give you Covid? Ya. That’s right. The swab thing is not SAFE! Refuse a test at all costs! And until this is all sorted, or at least until we have more information, don’t travel and stay out of situations that will require you to get a test.

Sheep no more!

Over time, the CV will eventually alter your DNA to the point where you are no longer connected to God and you will be part of the satanic cabal’s controlled population. After all, the cabal is aware that you are being told to not watch your TV and stop your programming. See my article called The Fable of Cable and The New, Unprogrammed You. As the public awakens to finally turning off their TV, the enemy (the media – the Clowns In Merica’s third arm in entertainment and news) has to come up with other ways of programming you. What better way then to reprogram your DNA in guise of a vaccine?

Saddle up! Take your cabal ride to your death should you choose to take their poison needles!

The Cabal’s Vaccine Administrator After Your Injection

The cabal’s vaccines are what we will be pushed through the cabal’s institutions. Your local pharmacies, drugstores etc. offering “free” shots and vaccines are something to say the hell away from. Additionally, we will see even more cost effective and mass population control methods being employed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start stocking vending machines with vaccines in the future. Wait for it. If you can buy used underwear in Japan in a vending machine, why not a vaccine to sterilize you and give the cabal complete control over your lifespan and health?

The use of vaccine tech and big phrama should scare the living shit out of you.

Like Birx’s teeth:

All comedy aside, this is the truth. They are a reptilian race and they need your blood, your flesh and your Blood Currency to survive. It’s sick and hard to believe. But it’s the truth.


#CrumbsAreEasyToSwallow .

I am sure in the next weeks and months, there will be ways around this mess. But for now, the choice is always yours. I will never ever partake in the cabal’s vaccine, media or anything. Knowledge is power. Educate yourself. The more we learn, the more their plans burn.

Your awakening is their biggest fear.

You cannot control an awakened public!

For example, Potus had passed an act that allows for the protection of religious freedoms from healthcare pushes like this CV. There are loopholes around this mess. We will explore those as time reveals more of this plan to us.

For now, take note of the EEOC’s recent COVID19 vaccination guidelines here: https://www.natlawreview.com/article/eeoc-releases-first-guidance-covid-19-vaccination-employers

But what about the the other meanings for vaccine?

Are all vaccines made by Bill Gates and cabal friends? No.

Pay close attention to this drop #1010 in April of 2018 which clearly states:

“Vaccines [NOT ALL]”

Very telling. Not all vaccines are bad. But some are. Discernment is your most valuable tool for the Great Awakening.

How do we tell which vaccines are bad and which ones are good?

Well, for starters, anything promoted by the DS is bad news! Get that into your new program! They have no interest in anything but your slavery to serve them, as workers, meat, or worse, soul scalping. Why on earth would you let them vaccinate you?

Is there a good vaccine?

Well, let’s ask first, what is this vaccine for?

We all know that COVID is just another flu as I explained here in my article called The Pedovirus.

A very high percentage of people who get the flu don’t die from it. The hospitals are empty. There are fake numbers everywhere. The cabal is paying doctors good money to diagnose deaths (in hospitals where you are not currently allowed to see your loved ones) with COVID for a nice paycheck. Don’t believe me? Do your own research. They won’t even allow you to go to the funeral of someone who has died of COVID. Why? Because they are lying. They are hungry. They are eating us. Read more here about The Invisible Enemy.

Here is some more information about these creatures:

If you are looking for a vaccine against the Invisible Enemy, that is what Potus is referring to on many levels of the chess game being deployed here against the cabal. What is most important to keep in mind is that we are indeed winning.

Some anons have suggested that Potus advising us that the military will be taking the vaccine is to show the population how it is unsafe. Should a bunch of our military members start having problems [whether (good) actors or for real] with the vaccine, we will know. And the cabal’s pharma Gates-powered machine will be exposed and terminated.

If you haven’t already seen them, there is a bunch of videos going around Twitter and other platforms that show fake needles being injected into crisis actors- making it look safe for the brainwashed masses who don’t pay attention to the details. Just go to Twitter and type in “fake vaccine injection” and pay attention to who is using that false agenda. Again, use discernment. They are desperate.

I don’t believe anyone is being experimented upon unless they are personally choosing the cabal’s option versus the White Hat vaccine.

And what just is the White Hat vaccine?

Some believe this just a pill. Have you noticed how hard hydroxychloroquine is to get? Almost impossible! Ever since Potus told us that it can help cure this and other parastic problems, the cabal has made it impossible to get from your even your doctor. Some months ago, during a presser, I distinctly recall Potus saying these words and moving on quickly, as he does for the anons: “The vaccine could be a pill.” I unfortunately do not have that exact speech where those words were spoken, but some of us heard him say this.

The vaccine does not have to be shot.

This is why the FDA pulled the EU (Emergency Use) of this life saving and affordable option as soon as Potus told us it was ok to take and combat this invisible enemy. You can read more about the FDA’s shenanigans here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/fda-withdraws-emergency-use-authorization-for-hydroxychloroquine-for-covid-19-11592238129

I imagine that President Trump already has a countermove planned for the corrupt and ever so evil FDA controlled by the same people that are controlling all the other evil. Sick of them, aren’t we?

You may have seen some public figures getting the vaccine lately. Some of us believe that this is a smorgasbord of disinformation and bad mixed with good. Some of them are not actually getting any vaccine. Some of them may actually be getting lethal injection for their crimes against humanity. Far reaching possibilities in a world that is so upside-down at the moment may not be so tin-foil-hattish after all…

Maybe this is what we meant by public executions. Maybe it was a way for the perpetrators to choose their death sentence: tribunals, executions, lethal injections. Think about it. If it needed to be public, how would you do it? You can’t shock the little sheeples they will lose their little masked minds. So maybe you make it so that only those who seek shall know …

Now remember that nothing is defined and the public is not supposed to know everything that is going on in this case, for the benefit of humanity for this is one of the greatest intelligence operations of all time. With only one goal in mind: true freedom.

Some of the anons have been theorizing as to what the words that Potus is using may mean, in alternate code:

I believe some of this to be accurate. I believe that there are multiple meanings to all the different aspects of this multi-level and supernatural operation.

There is so much more to all of this than we will ever be aware of. Skating on the surface of today’s knowledge, I do believe that there is a lot of disinformation being circulated by both sides. The Art of War is strong in this game that Potus knows so well to play, and ultimately, win.

In the meantime, stay on top of your trusted sources on your Twitter feed and please #DoYourOwnResearch. Ultimately, everything is your choice. Convenience is how we got into this mess in the first place. You always have a right to choose, but remember, freedom isn’t free.

Be wise.

Choose smart.

Don’t follow shills. And be careful of large, popular accounts. They are usually controlled opposition. Not all, but some. Even one’s that Potus tweets or others support seemingly. If something seems over the top, it is. For a reason…

And remember to #TrustThePlan.

But most of all, this:

God bless you patriots.

God bless Donald J. Trump and America.

2021. Here we come. With full faith and the armor of God, we win.


~Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

*Images and indicated links to other sources not on this blog are not property of the author.

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  1. Good work, I loved to share it. But I personally now really have doubts regarding “The Plan”. Not pardoning Snowden and/or Assange. Powell got separated from the White House… #Qanons will always find an answer for anything one questions critically.

    But for me it is now hard to believe there is still a working “plan”. I wished they finally sent an encourager which many of us need so much!

  2. I had to read all of this more than once…many things inside me ‘clicked’…No room for regrets…it is what we DO NOW that really counts! Share this BLOG b/c we must take care of our own…

  3. Awesome work Dilara! Every article you continue to wowed me! You work so hard at this! We are all very grateful to you!

  4. Love your work and believe me I understand. Thanks to people like you I am always doing my research. Are there two bad vaccines from operation warp spread. ? I trust Trump 100%. Do not believe he would let Americans take bill gates the cabal vaccine. What is in those vaccines from Trump? I believe is a placebo.

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