I was in pedowood the other day only to learn that I can’t even go into most places without my transhuman passport.

They might as well call it The Human Meat Industry card where if you Show Me Your Papers, you are on your way to satisfy The Draco Agenda where Draco Gotta Eat Too.

If you haven’t figured out yet that this archonian faction requires a Blood Currency and they eat us, start learning about Cannibalgate. The Standard Hotel was a part of this adrenachrome harvesting and human meat consumption.

Check out the body parts displayed on the outside of the hotel, and make sure to take a good look at the female reproductive system LAMP they have going on by the driveway. Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall.

These People Are Sick (And Stupid) and they are Going To Gitmo.

In fact, a lot of them are already there as the greatest Cabal Takedown ever is underway.

You have to connect the dots and realize that the proof is in the pudding and the complete and utter shut down of this sick hotel on the infamous Sunset Strip is evidence that The Military Is In Control!

Always keep in the forefront of your mind that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 starring ROBOJOE! and crime family.

Be still and know that Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunter’s Moon! have everything to do with this dot!

In order to put together a bigger picture, you have to look at the forest and not the trees.

A few days ago, I posted photos of the empty streets in the heart of Hollywood in my article Babylon Falling! Pedowood is Going Down! Add to that Tom Hanks’ Carney’s restaurant in limbo across the street from the Standard Hotel (among other business all boarded up), it is crystal clear to those with common sense What Is Going On?

Hold The Line! patriots because Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!

The World Is Watching! and you have a front row seat!

Enjoy the show!

💃🏼 🇺🇸 ⚖️


My videos of Pedowood taken a few days ago – check out the closures and transhuman agendas! Gross!

Standard Hotel SHUT DOWN! Carney’s Hot Dogs by Tom Hanks looks trashed! Transhuman FALSE IDOLS!

Look at this – this hotel used to have a GIRL in a GLASS CAGE behind the check in. Making it look like “art” but we know what it REALLY is now! SICK! (Google it yourself: type in Standard Hotel Girl Lobby …

“Box Girl” at the Hollywood Standard Hotel

And let’s not forget ADAM SHIT (SCHIFF) – at the Standard with his WALNUT SAUCE and Ray Chandler: Child Handler



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~ Dilara 11.09.21

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  1. Great stuff as always. You and “The Snarky One” are machines! – and you two are ‘of the few’ who will “go there” no matter where “there” is.–> Where the truth is being hidden. Kudos from OSTO TV on ROKU TV is FREE with over 700,000 video on demand views. Some people CAN handle the truth. Thank you for being apart of that success and I am hoping going into 2022 to have respectable enough numbers for the suits to give me access to ad insertion tech, and i will only use American companies, American made everything based on all I’ve learned from you and Corey Lynn and so many others who have established connections in our heartland to begin to put American products and services ahead of All Other Countries. When I achieve this I am fully prepared to share ALL the profits with each and every one of our valuable Digital Soldiers, no strings attached -just keep doing what you do! That is how OSTO can give back. At 62 I consider myself the self-appointed curator of The Museum of the Hard To Believe, old school, I even got a kiss from Nichelle Nichols (I asked for it! She said yes!) back in 1977 at a Star Trek convention in NYC back when it wasn’t cool to be a Star Trek fan (at school). So I’ve seen a starship load of sci-fi turn into sci-fact and it has most certainly evolved way past the UFO’s, Lazerblasters and Pretty Spacegirls this old fart used to think was what they were covering up…Thanks again Ma’am. That very quick clip of DJT dissing the lizard at Halloween is still one of my absolute favs ever. Wow! what a message if you’re paying attention, and on ‘their’ holiday- not ours. Thanks again – onward through the fRog.

    Guy E. Partin
    no Roku goto
    no ads no cost
    don’t need yer email address.
    come get some truth from
    these fine Digital Soldiers! 😉

  2. Great post, Dilara. Back in the day (80s & 90s) I went to Carney’s frequently. The burgers were good but I always went for the chili fries. It was a popular scene all my friends enjoyed late on our partying nights. There is also the SFV Carney’s which is on Ventura which is the mirror image location (also West of Crescent Heights / Laurel Canyon). 😉

    • I am SO glad someone brought this up. Can you lead me to this clip again? I would be ever so grateful. I watched it a few times and missed the whole trex moment. Thank you. I want to see this bc I think NOW I will be able to SEE it. I could not get it the first time. Thank you.

  3. That George Pittman interview is incredible! Absolutely everything that was shared resonated with me. Love. Truth. Love of self to better love others. I shared it with so many people in my life from the little awake to the fully awake. The message and actions of love and the power of God IS THE ANSWER. Have faith! This interview certainly is a testament to the glory of God. Thank you! Galatians 3:11 The man who finds life will find it through trusting God. ✝️

  4. That’s weird.. the Hot Dogs I had at Carneys never looked like that!! But knowing what we know now….Ok I had a ton of Carneys burgers and hot dogs!!! I can’t imagine as real as I sit right here…I can’t even begin to imagine what I would feel like through out t my entire being IF I had to confess that I took the Jab!!!! More hot dogs Please!!!

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