Yesterday, I posted an article called STANDARD HOTEL Shut Down! which features the complete shut down of the Satanic Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip in Pedowood.

You Have Moar Than You Know!

This in moar evidence that The Military Is In Control! and that these vermin are being dealt with, praise God! 🙌🏼

Stay the course patriots and pass this on! Share this information as this is YUGE!





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  1. So many connections! What great reporting! And my mind started connecting the dots and all I could think of was “HELL’S KITCHEN” – I wonder what they cooked up there back in the day that made it get its name – even though they create a false fable narrative about that name like what was done in the novel, 1984 with the Thought Police and re-writing history. The HighLine was the old tram way that led from the MeatPacking District north to Hell’s Kitchen. There are NO coincidences.

    Portals: To add to the wonderful Maria’s reporting – the High Line walkway goes along the west side and The Standard Hotel is built over the High Line and forms a portal/passage way that people walk through – JUST Like the one in Hollywood. It’s a portal too. And, to add, the Whitney is a few blocks away that houses the “contemporary” soul-less LOOSH enduring art that all the “elites” clamor after for money laundering…btw. Thank you! The dots are all connecting. Thank you! ❤️✝️

  2. Although, I do appreciate your emails and all that you do, your e-mails have to much going on. Please keep them simple. Sometimes I go looking for a video and have to search for it. A lot of times, I just give up. Simplicity is the way to go.

    Thanks, Jinnett

  3. Hi D,
    It’s just unbelievable how the dots are connecting. I had found this link during Covid, [The Standard] mocked, more like bragged about Sex and The City, with someone in drag…

    Ive seen all the S&TC HBO episodes, not something I’m proud of just blind at the time. An I remember the Squad + Big going to the STANDARD Hotel. How many times….. Kim Cattral saying “No Carrie I’m in LA staying at [The Standard] darling.” Now you see how they put it right out there right, in our face. shame Shame SHAME… People just wake up and smell the bullshit Pedowood has been dishing out to us all these years. It’s like putting a GIANT PUZZLE together. We all know that Cattral had a big thing with Bill Clinton… How many photos of them together over the years, I remember!!!

    The plot thickens as they say. This digging is better than any novel I’ve ever read. Finding the clues and jumping all over the sites. I’m just waiting to hear one on those Helicopters to come down and pick up someone I know near by. Funny thing is, I haven’t seen that person, only her husband.

    I know that Wikipedia has it’s sketchy site…lol. They have a list of all the Hotels and up and coming hotels to be built around the WORLD. I’m sure that plan has been put on HOLD. Hotels. Now we know why POTUS called [AS] Liddle Adam Schiff and not LITTLE ADAM SCHIFF, scum bag. Theres a reason he [AS] keeps screaming SHUT DOWN GITMO… Hopefully his time has come and gone.

    Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to watch a movie on tv without looking for clues? Who’s a man, woman. The symbols of the cabal. My boyfriend watches waiting for me to say “thats a dude” lol. He replies back, ” I knew that was coming.” I just laugh and put my headphones on and keep digging, hahahahaaaa 😉

    Thanx D, Linda and Maria

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