What Happened At The Standard Hotel?

There is so much going on!

Join me for an uncontrolled narrative.

We are the news now!

Make sure to revisit Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunter’s Moon!, More Choppers Over Celebrity Homes in LA! , Human Cargo Ships Busted! The Human Meat Industry!

You want proof that these sick people are going down?

I can’t say it any better here, so it’s best you just dive right in to some of the juiciest content in this movement so far.

Also make sure to tune into A Fistful of Truth.

This Cabal Takedown is happening and you have a front row seat to The Best Show On Earth.

So grab your popcorn and indulge in news that will show you what is happening.

And oh ya, It’s Going To Be Biblical.

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Future Proves Past

Lest we forget – BO and “Wendy”/”Maggie” – Why is the STANDARD HOTEL Shut Down! ?

The Day Before Obamagate

Let’s not forget these Q Posts! With all that has been going on with STANDARD HOTEL Shut Down! and Standard Hotel NEW YORK SHUT DOWN and The MEAT PACKING DISTRICT! QOINCIDENCE?, one has to realize that these shut downs are YUGE and indeed, Future Proves Past.

Make sure to read my article and old thread on the sick inverted Ray Chandler: Child Handler. The Standard is very important in this epic Cabal Takedown.

You Have Moar Than You Know



CDC Hits New Lows With Two Manipulated Studies via Dr. Mercola




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Cancer Healing In China


Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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Dr. Thomas Lewis and Dr. Michael Carter http://www.healthrevivalpartners.com

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  1. Ms. Dilara! Major props on the Tick Tick Boom sighting….! See email when you can re: Long Beach / Border….Ciao beautiful!

  2. I’ve gotta say this re: Sgt. Mike Fanning’s interview. A lot of those people he mentions involved in the CP USA planning of the “Orchestrated” Riots here in LA are still active in LA politics. I have a relative who is very active in local politics close to LA. Just because you no longer see former city officials on or in the news doesn’t me they aren’t still involved in your government. I’ve seen it first hand! Truth, I’ve personally witnessed the outcomes of situations change because some u know makes a phone call and viola the cuffs come off and it’s “have a nice day!”
    And the person on the other phone was an ex elected individual, a private citizen did that! So I mention this for this reason…if the “white hats” are in control and are truly Exterminating this Vermin it’s gonna have to a mass extermination from Washington DC all the way down to Small town USA. Cause if All the Cancer is not removed, I Promise You, it will Come back. So, if you don’t know Father God, a little family reunion is probably a great idea and get to know your Savior Jesus Christ while you’re at it and if you’re able to do that well make room for the Father’s Spirit you’ll feel that. Become very familiar with the latter cause as I see it…We really are watching a show..But if even one person or entity if you prefer involved in any of this Cancer even on the lowest level is allowed to or is mistakenly still breathing after all is Said and Done……Father God is the only one that you can turn to….cause without complete extermination of all the cancer that inhabits our planet….We’re fkd!!!!
    FIND GOD!!! Ciao…

  3. Hi Dilara, I just stumbled upon this info for the Standard Hotel. Just sharing.LIST OF NAMES CONNECTED TO THE STANDARD HOTELS

    ● Andre Balazs (Owner of the Standard Hotels and connected to the Rockefellers)
    ● Jay Z
    ● Beyoncé Knowles
    ● John Belushi
    ● Britney Spears
    ● Errol Flynn
    ● Dennis Hopper
    ● Helmut Newton
    ● Jim Morrison
    ● James Dean
    ● Billy Idol
    ● Victoria Beckham
    ● Heath Ledger
    ● Sienna Miller
    ● Balthazar Getty
    ● Scarlet Johansen

    (Vacant 1992-2002)

    ● Keck Family (Standard Oil / Founders of The Standard Hotel)
    ● Perry Mason
    ● Bank of California
    ● JP Morgan – Standard Oil
    ● Jeffrey Epstein
    ● Bear Stearns Group
    ● Standard Holdings
    ● Colombia Development

  4. Just found you here. I like how you have this set up, and references! Great job! So where is Rachael Chandler now? I have heard that more and more are coming to Jesus because of all this evil! He’s exposed this, He will end it.

    • YES! Jesus is THE way and THE truth. AMEN! Ray Chandler has been singing like a canary in custody. 🙂 They are all getting it. We will see the justice when it is time for us to see it AMEN!

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