Human Cargo Ships Busted!

Why are all the cargo ships still docked at sea?

Have you heard about Blood Currency. Blood Diamonds or Cannibalgate?

According to a few different sources, there is human cargo on ships (think Evergreen) and our military has been going through the containers, to each ship and cleaning up this Cabal Takedown while we wait for Supernatural Justice!.

Add to that multiple recent adrenachrome busts in the major metropolises of California (The Bay Area and Southern California), the picture seems to become more clear every day.

While Those Who Cannot Hear the Music and have rejected knowledge HOSEA 4:6! are in the dark and cannot even realize that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿, anons like you who are reading this information and have been staying up on the real news and not sucked into the The Fable of Cable are realizing that ARRESTS ARE HABBENING.

Unfortunately, there was a glitch where you could not view the cargo ship video I had shared, so I am posting it here for your reference. Here is the missing video from the broadcast above:

Look at how there is no one on the docks. That would make sense that the The Military Is In Control!

And today, this article seems to be saying exactly what my sources told me they were up to weeks ago!

Navy Seals Raid Cargo Ship Full of Smuggled Children

So there you have it everyone.

No wonder Hollywood Arrests! are going on with Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunter’s Moon!

I will be talking about this with Julia Treat tomorrow who offers us an in-tune, intuitive perspective on What Is Going On?

We are going to be seeing the fruits of our patience pay off soon.

Tonight, join me and Jimmy Mac, a retired LEO – one of Philadelphia’s finest on my podcast called A Fistful of Truth. Jim and I will discuss due process and real time insights as to why we don’t see what’s going on and how operations work!

So stay tuned, stay calm, and trust the plan!

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