Cabal Takedown

How do you change the world?

First, you have to shut it down.

What started out as the COVID pandemic has turned into a menagerie of deep state depopulation attempts, white hat military operations, and a spiritual battle against the invisible enemy. 

But God is winning and we are His army.

The old paradigms are going, going, gone.

Let the dead bury the dead. We will never be the same again after the quarantine is over.

There is so much change coming.

Are you ready? I am.

So many people are experiencing frustration, doubt, wonder, worry. But let’s go back to what the Bible tells us: Fear not!


That’s right. Walk by faith not by sight. For what you see are just optics for a massive criminal cabal being taken down while we sit comfortably in our homes, away from the office, away from each other (for the time being), and away from the old ways of living.

It could be much worse. 

Wearing a mask in public and this ridiculous social distancing is just a small inconvenience for the wonderful things that are coming. What are these wonderful things? We will talk about them in a minute.

First, let us examine what really happened in these last few months.

The cabal, through their minion demon Bill Gates and friends, constructed to release a deadly virus called COVID through their communist country China for whom most of these bad actors work. Yes, that’s right. Pelosi, Schumer, HRC, BO and the rest of this shitshow is owned and operated by China. And we were one step short of becoming a communist country until Potus stepped in.

Communism is waiting in line to buy your limit of two packages of rice.

Communism is waiting for the government to give you your food money.

Communism is getting chased down the beach for taking a walk and getting arrested for not wearing an unnecessary mask.

Are you awake yet?

This is what the evil Luciferian cabal wanted for us.

Sheep no more!

Now they are scared shitless.

Trembling like rats cornered in an ally, they are all about to eat dirt and fall forever.

So they create a virus to take us out to feed on us. Don’t buy it yet? Open your mind. These people are monsters, they are demonic, they worship Lucifer and are sick to the core. They rape, pillage and eat us. Yes, cannibalism is real. Fear Is real. They feed off of fear, flesh and blood. Adrenachrome is just a part of this sick equation. Hollywood is their channel to programming your brain. All of the mega stars are eating us.

You know that TV you’re glued to?

Turn it OFF!

These sick freaks have poisoned our food supply, our air, water and pretty much everything God gave us to enjoy as His children, they have taken from us.

You can read more about the origins of COVID here: The Pedovirus.

Their goal was to depopulate the world and it backfired. The white hats in charge diminished their plans, neutralized many possible bad outcomes and we are winning.

We keep hearing Potus say how he wants us to get back to work and so do we! The demons once in control wanted to make it impossible for us to go to the polls in 2020 to vote in person (mail-in ballots end up in dumpsters – they found some near where I last lived in Hollywood). But that is not going to happen. Like Wile E. Coyote, their plans always seem to backfire.

These people are stupid. 


The next step is try to give us mandatory vaccines (also designed by lizard Bill Gates) which will never, ever fly. Those who accept the mark of the beast through vaccination   attempts will be permanently sporting a small nanite that will be trackbable and destructible at any time in your body by frequencies. Some people will, like sheep, just go do what they are told. Those who are awake will just say no.  And the separation of wheat from tares will continue.

So why are we sitting at home, not working, and waiting? What are we waiting for? Do you really think there is  deadly flu waiting to take us out? …

There is alot going on that we do not and cannot know about, like rescuing children from underground tunnels. You can learn more about the children here: Saving The Children. Or the ongoing operation that is putting these pedophiles and bloodsuckers away: No Mercy.

We are in a waiting period so let us be patient.

Schools are shut down.

The entire world has to change. Our education system needs to change. Our schools were built upon Freemason ideals of the heretic defectors from Babylon who worship evil.  (Read more about how we arrived at this juncture here: Blood Currency.) Our schools serve only to funnel and select those who will serve them. Most of the information taught in our educational system is pure garbage. The truths of real history, mathematics, science and knowledge have been hidden and suppressed so that the vermin who mistakenly call themselves the elite can control us.

Healthcare systems are shut down.

Despite what the fake news media is telling you on your tv that you should have turned off a long time ago (never too late!), the hospitals are empty, and they need to change. Why are they empty? Because their plans to kill us were by the grace of God, thwarted. Potus prepared for the worst, and here we are still alive and one nation, under God.

To say the least, our entire healthcare system needs an upgrade. Our doctors need to be re-educated. Among other alleged “therapies”, ones that are designed to kill you like chemotherapy, needs to be thrown out the door and new healing technologies need to be implemented. Medicine as we once knew it is over. We need the cures which the evil elite have kept for themselves. Imagine a world without cancer, AIDS, autism, Lyme’s disease, epilepsy, the list is endless. So are the new and improved possibilities.

Potus is going to release the cures.

Transportation is shut down.

Trains, planes and automobiles. The transportation industry needs to change. Oil and gas are archaic. We should be driving around in floating cars by now. And tele-transporting on airplanes that don’t smell like old diapers and take days to circle the globe. In fact, you can look forward to space travel sooner than later.

Food supply has been shut down (on some levels).

Our food supply is dirty and disgusting. It has been poisoned with chemicals, hormones, pesticides and disease causing population control. Even worse, human remains have been found in our supply chains. Yes, it’s the truth. They have been feeding us each other. Some of this may or may never come out, but it is the truth.

Banks are shut down.

The fed is dead. There is a global currency reset coming (GCR) and much, much more. The Babylonian, draconian money system to keep us in slavery to them is finished. Their power, control and dominion over humankind has been through money.


These are just some of the industries that have been shut down so we can start over.

Perhaps this is just a drill in which to prepare us for an upcoming event. Remember the  first and foremost rule to survive these times is to fear not! And trust the plan. We are in for the rides of our lives if we keep our hearts pure, our heads in tact and weather this storm together. A new humanity and renaissance awaits, free from big pharma, free from poisons, free from mental, physical, financial and spiritual slavery. Yes that is we the people are to these monsters: sheep, slaves, human meat suits – that’s what they call us.


They call our lives the game.

This is not a game.

This is their endgame. This is, in fact, the end for the cabal. 


Cabal Takedown.

Coming soon to a reality near you.

Stay The Course.

We are almost there…

Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

*Images are not property of the author

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  1. Wonderfully written!!! May you always keep Winning Bigly!!
    Blogs such as yours and some other good folks should be recommended reading material for a new world so that we do not ever repeat our mistakes of giving power to sick sociopaths and psychopaths. God bless your beautiful soul.

  2. I am really looking forward to these people getting the justice they deserve. There’s going to be a huge upheaval when people are shaken awake finally. The last ones to know are going to be the biggest problem. But the future definitely looks bright in spite of all that! God is in control! We will win this. As usual, outstanding article! What can I say?

  3. Absolutely brilliant.
    You’ve said it all.
    They’re everywhere.
    And have been carrying out the plan for hundreds of years
    Thank you

  4. Excellent Dilara! You think and write MAGAnificently! COVFEFE! In the end, WE WIN! Praise GOD Almighty! Thank you for your blogs – so great!

  5. “Specialized ventilation modes are included in the CARESCAPE R860 that help transition neonatal patients off of mechanical ventilation. Modes like Volume Support help support spontaneous breathing and nCPAP, which stimulates the baby to breathe..” Pence standing next to one in Wisconsin, look at “George” today. Interesting.

  6. This is a fantastic article!! This should be sent to EVERY American!!! I’ll do my best to spread to as many as I can!! God Bless You!!! You are a great writer and I can’t wait to read your other articles!!
    Keep up the excellent work!!!

  7. GIrl .. you are freakin AMAZING!.. I do not even know how I found your blog.. Ironically we follow each other on twitter…and i retweet all your news.. I’m sure you know.. or maybe? please let me know how I can help or become a part of your work. i’m red pilling like crazy on fb and twitter..slightly on ig ..but now i joined patron too. I know NOW a part of my life’s mission is with the truth. I was blinded by my dreams.. literally moving to hollywood for only that.. i got sidetracked for years from designing my own boots and then hobby turned career for 12 years!.. finally back to my original mission.. and how crazy is it that this cov lockdown happened only days before my plan of taking my savings to the headquarters and signing with SAG.. even though I was eligible since my first audition where i landed a principle role on a major commercial with martin scorcese and tony scott and .. I didn’t realize that credit carried over.. so I was clueless doing bit parts on many shows until a good soul on crew enlightened me to go to the SAG site and enter my social!! surprise surprise!!
    Anyways.. Im still in LA, Ca.. all my family is in NC.. ive been thinking for months about going home for a bit.. honestly. i really dont know what to do..after all my research I could care less about pediwood. but i know i was born with a mission.. my goodness I never even voted in my life because I felt it was always rigged!.. and even more so now! Well long story short and maybe that mission is with you and your team? i even dove into seeking advice from a psychic and she confirmed that my mission is just beginning and I was going to create a documentary .. like Fall of the Cabal..but with even more details.. because I am a deep diver.. Aqu with Virgo rising.. INTJ and an indigo child.. thats me.. I must find my way with collaboration of the same mentality to assistance in saving the innocent children and waking up sleeping souls worldwide!!
    I really hope to hear from you!!
    @moniquecapelta (on every platform!). I have no fear..

  8. When you have your pic taken with our favorite president and his amazing wife would you possibly send me an official signed photo?!! You really do ROCK 🇺🇸🗽💎 😎

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