The Good, The Bad and the DECLAS!

Good afternoon patriots!

As we head into the weekend (what is a weekend?šŸ˜…), we are on the brink of an epic Cabal Takedown. We are hearing about Potus’ declas and the information is about to expose them all!

FISA Investigation updates from the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Assange having been pardoned I am sure had something BIG to do with all of this. And let’s not forget Putin’s transfer of data in the soccer ball (with the chip inside that had a motherland of info!) to Potus earlier in the term:

We have it all!

Here are the updates of the day:

Threads and Posts:

This was from 01.14.21 but still relevant. Twitter employees are leaving and blowing the whistle on Jack. Here is a phone number to call if you are a tech whistleblower (using the Signal app):

There is going to be outages. Be prepared. Here is a warning.

GOOD NEWS! Dan Scavino you deserve this! The Medal is from the DOD for Distinguished Public Service by Daniel Scavino Jr. Congratulations Dan! We the patriots love you!

Update as of 3:28PM PST (when I received these files) from Jimmy – thank Q!


Via @BenjaminABock (on Twitter)


They are putting you in FEAR of seeking and receiving the TRUTH!

Vaccine Updates

We all know that the vaccine has different meanings. If you are confused, please read What Is Going On? Since the publication of that article more proof and news has surfaced so please #DoYourOwnResearch. Yes there are sterility and impotence issues associated with the Gates vaccine. All about Agenda 21. You have the right to choose. You always have a choice. Choose God not the mark of the beast!

Here are some funnies about the vaccine via @swellbs (on Gab and formerly Twitter):


Stay the Course!

~ wwg1wga dilara 01.15.2021

Features Image Credit: Courtesy of the Artist known as Ferguson! Please let me know if you would like to remove this image from my post.

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  1. Wow , im sitting here in Canada where basically no one even cares or thinks of any of this . Im gettin a side eye dirty look from my gf as i write this …. crazy. Im not sure if Canada will ever wake up . Love all of you Yanks!

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  2. Hey D, I read your blog. Funny thing you mentioned the arrest start in Oklahoma City. I was following a plane out of ADW and It landed in Oklahoma City. I sent @BenjaminABock the info along with screen shots of the flight. Could be something or not. But what was strange the flight never put up its arrival point until about 5000″ prior to landing. I watched the entire flight in process.
    PS thank you for you info
    I’m still believing in POTUS and the plan

  3. Thanks again D for all you updates. Just wanted to let you know that the Ct State Police have been called to the State Capital… A friend of mine is good friends with a number of state troopers. These Covid case number in Ct just don’t make sense. They say our cases are rising, but if the number are in fact so, why hasn’t to Governor Lamont had a news conference or pulled back restaurants and bars??? The Army Nat Guard across the lake not a peep since the 6th. No bomb tests or training you can drop a pin here… I do have a question tho who is this Mike Adams he’s made a complete 180 turn. Is he one you talked about in your video? I’m sure you are getting 100’s of questions daily… Get some rest the clock is ticking…
    Once again thank you

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