They can’t sleep! Good!

Hello Patriots!

We are on lockdown in DC and some are saying it is to keep the democrats IN! Arrests ARE going on and will be in a massive scale! See ARRESTS ARE HABBENING.

You don’t just announce that you are coming in to take away the enemy. You wait, plan, coordinate and attack according to the Art of War!

The Cabal Takedown is going to be epic! The Pedovirus, Saving The Children and Blood Currency are all important reference points for those who are new-er to this blog and information. I am trying to stay on top of daily highlights as much as possible, in the event that the most platforms go down, you can always come here but I am not sure if WordPress will eventually start censoring.

The scumbag stars are freaking the F out in Hollywood. I know! There are very few good ones and they are mostly not working. The ones that are guilty are shaking in their pants! No one will tell you this but I will! They are bugging the F out and they know that our big bad military is coming for them and there is simply, no escape and no deals! Eat dirt vermin! I’m LOVING IT!

If you want sauce, go get your own. I’m giving you accurate information while protecting lives. You will see in time when it all goes down. They are f*ccccckkkkkd!

Posts and Threads

Saving Israel For Last. Bibi’s time is coming. Look at these faces of filth.
Um, no one is saddened. Good riddance.

From Lin Wood:

Lin is Holding The Line! God bless you Lin! We are with you!

One more post from the board:

Videos and Podcasts

This is a approximately 20 minutes long and audio only about the Inauguration Canceled! Military In Charge! Swamp to be Fully Drained of Luciferian Demons! 👇🏼

Thank you Brad for these link and this one from Scott McKay this is an hour long broadcast but good listening material:

My brief update for the day:

Here is a short video from BOOM for what is about to come:

Other Stuff and Funnies

Stay the course!


🙏🏼♥️🇺🇸 ~ Dilara 01.16.21

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  1. Oh shit!!! I’m stuck at a damn Volleyball tournament. Im missing everything today! Thanks for the update! xxxooo

  2. Dilara, I second that. You are an American treasure and I cherish and appreciate you! Praying for our President, all patriots, and our country. God bless you and thank you!

  3. BEST! You! and all your positive vibes. (GOD knows I NEED THEM more than you know.) You speak the truth. You share the truth. You are a light and a beacon of HOPE for me – here in “occupied New York.” GOD WINS. How great he is. Again thank you for your posts and videos and links. Keeping me positive. Much GRATITUDE. Godspeed.

  4. Thank you! Forever GRATEFUL for you, your truth, your videos, your light, your links, your comics. You are a light in the darkness. I appreciate ALL you are doing and it pumps me up, here in “occupied New York.” I know GOD WINS. I am staying positive with the help of GOD…and angels like you. Seriously. You are an angel to me. Thank you. Godspeed.

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