Blood Currency

I am going to divulge into a topic that will be essential to understanding the bigger picture of what is really going on.

Before I begin this endeavor, I would like to ask you to kindly set aside your preconceived notions of most everything. Pretend that you are child and clean your slate to the best of your ability of anything past. Keep your mind open as you read the rest of this article and hopefully watch this documentary. Your absorption of data depends on your willingness to learn. Use discernment. I am not here to argue with you or convince you of anything. I am here to share information that is key to our survival against the invisible enemy Potus keeps referencing.

I recently viewed this documentary (available on Amazon Prime) by Jim Nichols called Atlantis Rising. It was so well made and contained so much of the information that I had been compiling over my lifetime, that I found it best to review his production rather than attempt to explain this vast topic myself, as it is readily available for everyone to view on their own. I highly recommend that you put this less-than-one-hour watch on your immediate to-view list as time is of the essence.

Here is a screen shot from the Amazon Prime Video platform for your easy reference so you can locate and watch this well put together informative video about the current cabal:

Messages Image(1460777599)

The information presented in this film on which my writing is based is requisite in understanding what is happening now and what these evil bloodlines actually believe. The information expressed in this video is surely not what I believe in; I believe in the Almighty Heavenly Father God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth. As with any enemy, however, it is important to understand what they believe in in order to conquer them and win this battle.


(All information below is taken from the documentary Atlantis Rising.)

According to ancient Sumerian legend, a race of technologically advanced extra terrestrials colonized earth nearly six thousand year ago, establishing sophisticated civilizations around the globe, starting in Mesopotamia. Michael Tsarion’s research presented in this film explains how a great galactic war forced the Annunaki to seek refuge on Earth and originally occupied Atlantis and Lumeria.

These advanced beings had amazing supernatural technologies that included genetic engineering, mind control, weather manipulation, interstellar space flights and nuclear weapons.

Tsarion describes the Annunaki as an evil reptilian race (note that not all reptilian races are referred to as evil, but the ones who took over the earth, are) who created humans as a slave race. The hybrids they created from their DNA and the human race were known as the Elohim who rebelled against their masters. Eventually a conflict erupted between the slave race and their masters that turned earth into a (nuclear) wasteland. Accounts of this can be found in the ancient Indian text, the Mahabrata  which I have personally been studying for years.

Plato’s account of Atlantis clearly states how in one day, the entire Atlantean civilization was destroyed.


In an effort to regain control of the earth, simply speaking, the Annunaki engineered human looking reptoids to infiltrate our society. This way, their reptilian masters – the leader being the Pindar – could manage the population while hiding behind their humanoid creations.


Starting to sound familiar?

These beings understood how energy works and how it can affect human consciousness and activities. Symbols and sounds are used in manipulating energy (cabal controlled and operated fake news media, music, entertainment, fashion, art to name few). This technique they used is known through The Kabbalah. 


In the 6th Century B.C., Nichols explains that King Nebuchadnezzar exiled a large Jewish population to Babylon where they remained for at least half of a century. A faction of this exiled population, Jewish heretics, decided to adopt the Bablyonian system of magic and sorcery rejecting the God of the Old Testament. Their god is Lucifer. Note the child sacrifice to their demonic god Baal in this picture.


(We need more ventilators. Save the children.)

Enter the Luciferian age and agenda.

These heretics continued their occult, cabalistic teachings and spread them worldwide. The Kabbalah which is based on teaching of fallen angels is further explained in the documentary which I highly urge you to watch. Nichols does a great job of revealing the history of this occult system that can be best understood by viewing his stellar documentary.

The Holy Grail, according to this group’s practices, is not a golden magic goblet or a physical item. It is the idea that matter can be physically altered by incantations, ancient Hebrew letters and numbers.

Tesla understood the workings of this theory but was not using it for dark reasons.

In Nichol’s own words (paraphrased), the enemies of the renegade (ring a bell?) Annunaki  placed an energy grid around the earth to keep them quarantined here.


Here is where it gets mind blowing.

In the 16th century A.D., Queen Elizabeth I, the bloodline of the Tudor family (which means teacher) is a direct descent from the Annunaki bloodline, the evil reptilians. She was in charge of the effort to remove this quarantine and appointed a man named John Dee, one of the Jewish heretics who channeled dark energies to gain this knowledge and start a New World Order using black magic. John Dee was the founder of the British intelligence agency MI5 (later MI6).


And guess what John Dee’s code name was?


The price for this black magic was blood. 

“Blood is spiritual currency.”

Let that sink in.

The Red Cross. Adrenachrome. War after war. Bioweapons. You name it, these cretin have no shame. They stop at nothing to gain our blood currency.

John Dee offered up the entire human race as a blood sacrifice for a great black mass in exchange to escape this earth quarantine. Creating matter from energy was required for the lift of this prison planet for the reptilians as well unlocking the properties of silicon.


Silicon Valley.

All arts and sciences became compromised to reflect this agenda. Sir Francis Bacon played an important role in this. Under the Queen’s rule, the entire world has been infiltrated with this NWO agenda, including the globe’s entire educational systems. The fraternities became a funnel for who would be chosen to serve their demonic masters. Skull and Bones and the masonic agenda has been at large ever since. These hidden masters behind the masonic agenda are an invisible enemy. 

Giving you chills yet?


Nichols continues to explain how America, under the reign of the Lizard Queen, was not founded upon not freedom and liberty but as place to carry out the reptilian criminal agenda.

George Washington, though a Freemason himself, did not agree with the underlying evil of this reptilian rule and set out to limit and destroy their plans. But he was not successful. All freemason presidents who succeeded Washington were illuminati, until Abraham Lincoln who was, sadly, taken out by this regime.

The Nazi bell project as well as Cern were created to manipulate space time in order to open a portal for these reptilians to escape as well as usher in their Satanic overlord, Satan.


These agendas were merged into agencies like NASA and the CIA. Operation Paperclip was born as a result.

Remember how we talked about silicon as a requirement for this reptilian order to escape their prison? Silicon microchips can actually activate viruses. Viruses can kill people. So can other weapons to serve their blood sacrifice. Yes, it is true. Silicon recovered from the Roswell crash plays an important part of this puzzle.

The singularity (the point in time when AI surpasses human intelligence) is the ultimate goal of the Annunaki to introduce a cyborg upgrade of their human (sheep) slave race.

This is the end of my analysis based on the Nichols’ film.

In the search for answers during our collective Great Awakening, we have all come across tid bits of the information regarding the reptilian agenda. Some of us call these cretin fallen angels, others call them demons, lizards and so forth. I call them disgusting. My gratitude to Nichols for putting this all together in one concise presentation which you should watch after reading this article.

Most people reading this are not black magic worshippers nor heretics from the time of Babylon.

American patriots, it is time to stand up against the beliefs and systems of this occult and help our Potus defeat this invisible enemy.


What if this elusive enemy that Potus is referring to is what Nichols describes in his documentary? We don’t have to buy their belief system but remember the quote of Sun Tzu at the beginning of this article: know thy enemy. 

The enemy practices and believes in all this dark sorcery shit.

Let us continue to help Potus combat these demons.


Through the power of prayer.

Their biggest fear is our awakening.

And if you are reading this article, you are surely no longer asleep.

The truth is out there has more meaning that we could ever imagine. And yes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

I believe in the Almighty power of God to defeat this evil, but we have to ask Him and ask Him constantly. And thank Him for his saving Grace!

This week is by no coincidence the week before Easter, the resurrection of our most beautiful, beloved Christ.

Do you think it is a coincidence that Potus and his team has chosen this week to complete the operations going on to save children – blood currency – trafficked by the evil reptilian cabal and send them packing to their final destination?

Think again.

Timing is everything.

We must join together in prayer and set our collective intention through prayer on helping Potus defeat this invisible enemy.

For this is a spiritual battle in the truest form.


Spiritual wickedness is the invisible enemy.

These people are sick.

We, the People, are the cure.

Messages Image(4189654766)

When the world is soon exposed to these horrors, we will need to pray more than ever.

Start now.

Easter is coming.

Christ is coming.

Sheep No More. 



Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

Not all images are property of the author.

Thank you to Jim Nichols for his excellent presentation.

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  1. Dilara-this is outstanding and places a lot into a clear perspective.
    I’ll be sure to share.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Excellent and I will retain as reference. Truly, we’ve been lied to. Which brings me to present day and (former) Dr. Birx. Very disturbing behavior with her excessive blinking, odd facial expressions and suppressing the urge to cry. When she gave birth in 1983, she had excessive bleeding, but begged her husband not to allow them to give her blood. Later, that batch was tainted with HIV. She was working in that field, so she KNEW about the tainted blood supply. Today, she admitted that her granddaughter, 10 mos.,had a 105 temp, and missed work, citing “not wanting to infect Trump and Pence”. She has 2 daughters: the married one of the infant is a Social Worker in MD (hot spot), the other does funding for nations in DC, some with HIV causes. The entire family lives in the same house, including Birx’s 90 yr old mom. Birx told Trump “she has lots of cargo in and out of that house, they practice social distancing”. Her Social Worker daughter lists that house as her work address. So, kids in and out? Birx wiped her nose while on the podium, then smeared it on papers behind Trump. This is a highly volatile situation that cannot continue. It’s distressing to see this, and find out disturbing details with simple searches. Please tell us your thoughts. Pray for President Trump.

  3. Thank you for all your research! So interesting! I attempted to locate that video “Atlantis Rising..” it looks like Amazon has taken it down. Very unfortunate. I wonder why?

  4. Many thanks Dilara just listened to your video chat with Linda paris and looked up your blog on blood currency. Tried to obtain thou amazon prime the Jim Nichols doco Atlantis rising but alas I live in ‘100% PURE’ evil deep state infested NZ where we are heavily censored, over governed, over ruled and so completely controlled that sadly very few people can wake up. The content was not available in my location !!! If u know of another avenue please share, thank you again, carol

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