March Forth

It was in 1789 today, March 4th that the first Congress under the United States Constitution convened in New York City.

As rumors of today circulate amongst the patriots, we all know that Potus is not coming back today. Instead, anons are keen and know that today may be a day for the opposition to conduct another False Flags.

The other possibility, which I believe to be premature for this time, is what John DeSouza has been warning us about, a fake alien invasion. See the article called All Eyez On Potus and the section featuring John DeSouza. John explains that this false flag event may be in the near future (potentially later this year) as the cabal gets desperate to control the little mindless sheeple wearing masks and doing as they are told.

Additionally, some mistakenly think that Potus will be inaugurated today. Lol. That actually makes me laugh. That’s like a sentencing before and arraignment. We haven’t even gotten started yet! You know what date I have in my mind for the inauguration? April 30. Why?

April 30, 1789 was the date George Washington is inaugurated as the first president of the United States. It would be more than biblical for Potus to use this date in 2021 for his inauguration. But this is only my personal opinion.

This entire shitshow is to provide the cabal with energy – human loosh – which is what these diabolical possessed cretin need to survive off of. If you are having trouble understanding this phenomena, please revisit the yesterday’s post and watch and learn from all the links listed in the very first part of the blog. You are not going to be able to survive what is coming if you are lacking information. The information I have posted is vital to your survival.


Reject not the knowledge that has been put before you.

Unless you want to perish by the Lord’s words.

Dr. Horowitz explains how the Department of Energy is in on this diabolical plan to suck the life out of the human race. They need the blood sacrifice, the Blood Currency. My recent article called DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral based on Dr. Horowitz’s brilliant presentation is a must watch if you want to know the absolute truth from this genius man who has spent his entire life, chosen by God Almighty to help bring us from Dark to Light.

Here is the video clip from the 3.5 hour talk and presentation that you should surely make time for and share with others.

You see, those with hatred in their hearts and those who lack and reject the information (the screaming brainwashed, mind-controlled TDS cry babies and the morons who cannot escape their predictively programmed small brains and lives) are not going to make it. They are going to implode. Heart attacks, suicides and more. This was constantly reiterated to us by Potus. The The Invisible Enemy is hard at work to control your mind.

How is this going to play out? When people are confronted with the truth, about what is really going on, they will not be able to handle it. This is why we were told over and over again, the total picture would 99% of the people in the hospital. That is why this is taking sooooo long. Why do you think all those hospitals were prepped and empty? The pandemic was planned and executed obviously by the cabal. But think moves and countermoves. At one point, it slipped that this was a fire drill (last March when the world shut down). Think about it. The White Hats are using the enemy’s moves to prepare for what is coming.

I believe there is only 144,000 of those who are really, truly awake (not just diet woke) and able to usher in the Great Awakening. As Dr. Horowitz explains, it will be up to this group of individuals, acting as vessels of God Almighty, to help sing a new song as the Bible tells us. I will discuss this and the science of cymatics and water resonance with human DNA in a later article. There is so much hidden knowledge (and what the cabal has termed as “forbidden knowledge” – making it taboo so that no one even dares look) that people, especially those of us in the Western world, are ignorant of. If you think you are 100% awake, that is your ego talking. Only God and Christ and angels of the Heavenly realm of Almighty Father God are in the know. The rest of us here in this human existence have forgotten. Even worse, we have allowed the invisible enemy to pollute the temple of our minds and lock us into a mental prison in order to best serve their evil agenda.

Wake up!

Take off your mental shackles! Their Biggest Fear: Public Awakening! Wether you are a prisoner of your own indoctrinated beliefs ranging from your diet, your daily habits to your education or even religious (oh such a touchy one for those in the box) beliefs, you have to keep your mind open to the truth which has been hidden from you for eons.

What Are You Going To Believe?

Are you going to continue living in fear and worry about what other people think of you?

Laughable at this stage.

Not everyone will make it to the imploding stage. Some are already on their way. Those who ran to get the Moderna (Gates) vaccine are in for a shortened lifespan and God knows what other myriad of problems coming their way. The bad news is, as of now, there is no way to take back your DNA. Idiots. Making their God given DNA turn into cabal controlled time bombs for explosion. Good riddance at this point. Seriously, if you are that controlled, that stupid and most important you reject the knowledge out of your lame ego to shoot yourself up with a synthetic drugs that alters your genetic composition, made by Bill Gates and friends, you get what you deserve.

Save yourself.

Remember, Your Voice Matters and truly, nothing, and I mean Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Now on with today’s news!



Thread via Benjamin A. Bock from QTip on Telegram

G’Morning! No there won’t be a Trump inauguration today, as much as we’re all patiently waiting for that day. Remember that Trump was chosen by the military to do a job. Dates were never revealed, as that would go against a military sting operation. It will happen, be patient and hold the line.

Looking back at some Deltas from today, Q Drop 835 is one of the first times Q started teaching how to “decode”.

Anons have evolved. There was a time when even anons would look towards dates (Dec 14, Jan 6 etc.). Not anymore. Like today, Mar 4th. We already know that the Deepstate likely has a false flag set up with Antifa. Define TRAP.

Q839 mentions Antifa, and we know they will be up to no good today. 

Q already told us Biden was going to be in the WH. “Is there a benefit (think public optics) to allowing your enemy to open the front door? & “WH Suicide”.

Q Drop 837: We are fighting for you.

Q Drop 838: BOOM!

Trump will be back to lead the country soon. Hold the line. In the words of Q, “Enjoy the Show!” 😉🍿

Thread Gallery Videos:

A thread of links and facts about GESARA from Telegram channel

GESARA is an acronym for Global Economic Security And Reformation Act 

NESARA is the USA version

What might  Nesara Gesara include?

Below are 19 specific items, but expect more.

1. Restore Constitutional Law in Republic of the United States of America.

2) Allows Republic military law enforcement to physically remove or eliminate any obstacle impeding GESARA law.

3) Allows the Republic Congress to implement the natural Constitutional Line of Succession.

4) Eliminates all “states of emergency” thus declaring peace for every land abiding by GESARA and it’s alliance.

5) Forces the US military to immediately remove troops from all sovereign nations who no longer will accept them to reside on their soil. That includes Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and the Philippines. (It’s happening)

6) Zeroing out of student loan, credit card balances and bank debt relief worldwide. (Some if this has already happened while the new banking system was in Beta… Have you checked your credit report lately?)

7) Activates the Republic’s Treasury Bank and Republic Treasury, along with a gold backed USN currency printed and overseen by the Republic of the United States and not the Federal Reserve which will now be marginalized until eliminated. (Buy Gold and Silver!!)

😎 Federal Income Taxes will be abolished, as will the old tax code; and new easier, simpler and global tax code will be implemented on non-essential items. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items, are exempt from the sales tax. (Already started with the payroll tax executive order)

9) The IRS, FEMA, Shadow Government, Lobbyists etc will all be jailed, arrested or worse.

10) Creates a new 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government.

11) Increases benefits to senior citizens and makes them permanent.

12) International Monitors will be present to prevent illegal voter ballot stuffing or fraudulent election activities of special interest groups.

13) A new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals will be issued into public circulation.

14) Eliminates birth certificate records to be used as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

15) Restores financial privacy globally.

16) Resets all judges and attorneys back to Constitutional Law.

17) Ceases all aggressive, government military actions worldwide–including the Middle East.

18) Establishes peace throughout the world as monitored by the UN Security Council. (Peace treaties have been signed & more are in process!)

19) Releases LARGE sums of money for humanitarian purposes across planet earth.

25) Enables the release of thousands of hidden patents for suppressed technologies currently held under the guise of national security–including free energy devices, anti-gravity, and sonic healing machines. (Bye bye Big BAD Pharma)



For more information please visit:

End of this thread.

Just in from Dan Scavino on Telegram, he just sent us a comm!

So much going on in this photo! Any ideas anons? I have a few…

March 4 is a Trap! 
Q knew
Is it a trap for [them] or is it a trap for us?


And speaking of the great, fake alien invasion, today THIS!

Dismantling the cabal from this Telegram channel:

Astrology from a patriot Risa from my hometown:


A message TODAY from General Flynn! Here we go! Listen!

General Flynn’s message to Hold The Line! and don’t expect the world to change TODAY!


Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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Stellar Art and Message by Crystal Jones

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~ Dilara 03.04.21

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  1. I really like that they’re going to start having problems. There’s some sort of deranged insanity when I see people posting Instagram photos with their vaccination cards, it’s perhaps the peak of virtue signaling… I’m with you, every day I have less compassion for them, mainly because they’re ignorant and a danger to anyone awake…. a mental plague, a diseased mind is a nasty weapon. Thanks for the updates!

    • Ben if you have a minute check out the very old Dr. Who series called the Invisible Enemy you can find on the very slow to load site called Daily Motion. It explains ALL of this!

      • I’ll check it out! It’s going to get good this year. We are definitely ascending, lots of celebrities and particularly Biden now have totally blacked out eyes, I couldn’t say if it’s everyone who sees that but it’s going to get easier for the awakened to see the other side. They’re literally meats suits being used by demonics and others. Thanks again for the updates!

      • The only social media I’m on is LinkedIn to basically watch a few people I knew in the military, my profile is a joke of sorts, and then also Instagram. Instagram I keep clean though and will just be posting videos on how to make essential oils and my fishing and art exploits. I can get on telegram…. just been busy getting gardens in so I can avoid government mandated soy protein.

  2. Hello fellow Patriots! Hello Dilara. I just wanted to say thank you for all this great information. I’ve been very busy working but I’m sure looking forward to reading up and catching up on the videos . It’s very time consuming for sure. Worth every second. Your devotion to the truth is helping humanity. Thank you! Today I struggled a bit. Watching this insane mask mandate. Long days on a plane without breath. We need to breathe damn it. Headache and sluggishness. I become angry. Then i take a step back. Pray and talk to Jesus. Please help me get through this hard time. He tells me to trust him. Have faith. Help someone in need. Be kind. Spread the word.

    WWG1WGA,. 💜✝️🇺🇸🙏🌌

  3. Hi D, just an update on Connecticut. this morning 1:15 am we had an 1.9 earthquake in West Hartford shook felt as far as Farmington Ct. People calling saying they heard an explosion, REALLY!!!. Found it odd because Comcast 2 days ago lost WiFi but not Cable T.V. in CT. I know theres (1) DUMB in North West Ct, but maybe theres more then one???
    Take Care Everyone

      • D, Thank You BTW,
        Did a little digging on earthquakes, I’m sure you felt them living in Cali.

        No. Worldwide, over 8,000 earthquakes of magnitude 2.0 or less occur every day, and nobody ever feels them. Earthquakes can start to be felt over 3.0, but even then they are very weak and rarely cause damage. To put it in perspective, all the earthquakes that cause major damage are usually in the 7.0-9.0 range. These quakes are millions of times stronger than a 1.9 quake would be.

        Plus I also read that unless you are up and about during a 1.9 it wouldn’t phase you. So why were people calling the local police at 1:15 a.m. saying they felt the ground shaking an heard a load explosion??? Other then there was an explosion. When I lived in Woodstock Ct on January 12th 2015 we had a 3.3 at 9:45 p.m. I slept right through it and I’m an extremely light sleeper. The ONLY reason I new something happen my kitchen stovetop back rack everything had fallen onto the stove top, I was puzzled how it had happen. I didn’t know until I had turned on the news. I asked my Landlord lives in the same duplex they were up and felt nothing…

        I live on a lake in Southeastern Ct and there’s 2000 Acre Army Base on the otherside of the lake. The Army is always blowing things up with bomb “all the time. Boom!!!” They give off the horn tones 30 sec later you hear the boom. But when they start messing with the BIG stuff the horn tones go off for 1 minute then BOOM you HEAR and FEEL it. They had to have been using some big shit.

        I found something in my researching, I’ll give you an update in your next blog “with a do not notice publishing it on blog… PRIVATE.”

        So I would have to say something is up with out a doubt.

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