DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

Good evening patriots!

As we were all tuned into Potus’ speech today at CPac, we will have a breakdown of what is going on tomorrow on our regular daily blog post.

Tonight, however, we have a movie recommendation that every truth seeker must watch.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has been speaking out against the cabal and their death agenda through weaponized medicine and death care system (not health care as we have been brainwashed to believe). He is a pioneer doctor, scientist and has a heart of gold.

This nearly four hour talk about health problems, industry lies and government corruption. This man is a brave warrior for almighty God. He is the real deal.

Please make time to view and share this amazing video. If you can, archive it.

God bless you Dr. Horowitz.

The best 3 hours and 38 minutes you will ever hear from a super intelligent, humanitarian physician.

I have a thread on Dr. Horowitz from my old Twitter account. Here it is (though it doesn’t do justice to the actual video above so please kindly make time and room to watch this incredible information!)

Enjoy the show.


~ Dilara 02.28.21

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  1. It’s about to go down. Lots of people are feeling better with no external reason which is a good sign. Even the bots who defend NASA on LinkedIn don’t respond anymore, so the Matrix is definitely crashing. Thanks for the updates, not sure if you’ve watch Michael Tellinger’s work from South Africa, it’s interesting.

  2. Great video by Dr. Horowitz. I’m taking his advice and focusing on HEAVEN.
    Thank you Dilara

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