Everything Is A Frequency

First there was the word.

The word. A sound. A vibration. A frequency.

God is the one and only ultimate creator – the Almighty Father. He spoke this entire universe into creation.

Thus, every single thing in this entire existence, is at the bottom line, a frequency.

Frequencies determine what vibration we carry.

Frequencies also determine our existence in the ladder of the Dimensions of The Human Soul.

What To Expect When Moving Into 4D is a must read and watch for all truth seekers.

We are a very pivotal point in human history where the wheat and tares are being separated. Those who don’t Do Your Vaccine Homework! are choosing HOSEA 4:6 and they are lowering their frequency by succumbing to The Parasitic Invasion.

The Walking, Shedding Jabbers are in for The Rude Awakening. They will not be part of our reality soon enough.

Imagine a world without dumbtards!

Coming soon to a reality near you!

Stay The Course patriots!



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Pediatricians Remove Info on Mask Risks, Dangers for Kids via Dr. Joseph Mercola https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/09/20/pediatricians-remove-info-on-mask-risks.aspx?cid_source=telegram&cid_medium=social&cid_content=mercola&cid=nonlead_20210920


Drunvalo Melchizedek: The 4th Dimension and ETs


If you haven’t read the article or seen the video called DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, you are missing out! Listen to the amazing Dr. Horowitz explain frequencies and moar!



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~ Dilara 09.20.21

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  1. Totally! Everything he created was voice activated code. And on the seventh day he rested. It was done and it was very good.

    At the cross, Jesus released the re-creation code, Regenesis. “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He spoke this not once but continually throughout the crucifixion process, as shown by the Luke 23:34 text implying a repetitive action.

    Why? Because this was the redemption code, executed from the execution/death instrument of the cross unto resurrection life. We are alive today to partner with Him in the culmination of this Word, frequency and Power structure released through the voice of our Redeemer.

    Blessings and continual revelation of the Living Word!


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