The Walking, Shedding Jabbers

Ever watched The Walking Dead?

They are telling us exactly what is coming and what is happening, right in our face.

The apocalyptic zombification of the walking, shedding jabbers is habbening as we speak, breathe, eat and sleep.

They are choosing the mark of the beast, all on their own. That is the requirement: you have to choose the devil, he cannot choose you.

All of these people getting the vaccine are literally changing their DNA. We have provided you all with enough proof in all of these blog posts of doctors across planet earth telling us exactly what this fake “vaccine” (which is not really a vaccine) does: alter your God given DNA and make you no longer human. Now, all these jabbers will be needing moar vaccines, moar pharma and even chips implanted into their bodies in order to survive, and be controlled.

That’s right.

Kiss them all goodbye, especially since they have recently started shedding the virus unto us.

For the price of a doughnut, these zombies are being mind controlled enough to go get their DNA altered for some sugah bread.




The Parasitic Invasion is real folks.

It is up to us to be Sheep No More.

You are going to have to make a choice soon.

Live amongst them and risk the health issues that await those of us who didn’t buy into their NWO Agenda 21, or get ready to set up camp away from the matrix.

The Truth Hurts. These people are not going to make it. Their masters are not interested in allowing them to thrive; they are being used as slaves of the matrix.

Walking Dead

Break free patriots!

Recognize what is coming. Although The Best is Yet To Come! and we need to Hold The Line!, we also have to be smart about our survival.

Just like those of us anons and patriots are aware of the information we were provided by paying attention and not rejecting knowledge are unwilling to take the vax, we must also continue researching and learning about what these jabbed zombies are cabable of spreading to us. Let us not remain in denial nor in the dark. Remember what Jesus said:

We have had enough deception.

Choose to go from Dark to Light.

Some people are upset that I said this is going to take four more years in a recent post. It is. It’s going to take at the very least until 2024 for Potus and friends, other cooperating countries (over 200), to defeat this cabal. If you think this is going to happen any sooner than that, you are lying to yourself.

Until then, You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 and the fake Biden clone-actor-hologram will continue to keep the mindless mutton calm so we can go about our day without them getting in the way. This will go on as long as the White Hats need it to. There is not datefagging allowed.

It’s all about keeping people calm so we can operate under the radar. That is what is going on. And even though it may not be what we, as patriots and just citizens of the USA want, justice will one day be publicly served. But not until we are done with the sweeping, and cleaning. Which is taking time. This is a worldwide organized pedophile demonic crime network. These things take time.

Finally, the jabbers and stabbers are now a threat to those of us who are not vaccinated. They are literally beginning to shed the virus. And they are being told we are the problem. It is only a matter of time before they get violent towards us as their mind control is steered that way. Be prepared patriots for the zombie vaxxers. They are coming to a neighborhood near you soon. In fact, they are probably next door, or in your own home. Use discernment. Protect yourself as much as you can, and at some point, you may need to separate yourself from them. Embrace this possibility as rejecting knowledge only ends you up in HOSEA 4:6.

Read the article about prions in the brain in this blog for more information on what awaits their brains.

And be wary of the masks you are wearing. Don’t wear the ones with worms and Say NO to the Anal Probe!

And if you are still wondering if this is even possible, a zombie apocalypse, check out the CDC’s site on Zombie Preparedness.



From Ghost Ezra on Telegram

People often say, why not just jolt the sheep awake. The wakeup process is very serious and delicate. You are dealing with some big serious lies that will be uncovered. Nasa, Cia, Disney, WW2, 911, Antarctica, Vatican, Mockingbird Mossad Media, Dumbs, Central banks, Fed,  Synagogue of Satan, Black Triangles, The earth, Royal blood lines, Frazzeldrip, Vril, Adrenochrome, and much more. Now imagine all this being downloaded all at once. People would be in padded rooms or cliff jumping. Yes, even conservatives who don’t wear masks fall into this category. This has to be unwound delicately for your own sanity. It’s coming out drip by drip. Nothing at this point can stop it. You may not understand the process, but you’ll end up respecting and appreciating it greatly. The battle is won already, this is Operation Wakeup. Pay attention to everything, but don’t let anything consume you. Everything matters, and is connected in some fashion. You can’t tell people, you must show them. Decades of brainwashing is slowly being unwound.

A message from Danielle on Telegram

In these times of uncertainty, doubt and confusion,

I would like to invite and remind everyone of these four agreements.

Please stay in your heart ❤️ 

It is there that you will find access to these agreements that garantee peace, harmony and respect for eachother.

The Four Agreements shows us that there is a different way. 

By breaking free from the societal structures and expectations, we can make new agreements for ourselves.

This is exactly what is required to get to a different dimension of interacting, connecting and co-creating with eachother. 5D is nothing but a state and space of respect for the differences in all of us. Differences in perspective, well being, understanding, lifestory, needs, purpose…in everything. This defines yourSELF.

Communication is our way of interacting with ourselves and others.

The portal to the dimension you choose.

When you choose to talk down, judge or deny yourself or others to be yourSELF you enter the 3D drama dimension of the victim, prosecutor, saviour dynamic. 

It creates divide, duality, pain, suffering, contest, protest but most of all….it is a self fullfilling bermuda triangle that is hard to get out of.

This is our challenge!

Break free from the triangle.

Choose your words, thoughts and dimension carefully. 

I invite you kindly to use these agreements as I will choose to use them in my interactions with you.

I thank you 🙏❤️

The First Agreement is to be impeccable with your word, and never use it against yourself or others. What does “impeccable” mean? In this context, it comes from a Latin word that means “without sin”. Being impeccable with your internal language means not judging or blaming yourself. Simply having those thoughts means you’re sinning against yourself. You need to change this, and start telling yourself how great you actually are, and giving yourself some TLC.

A key point is that we should remember is that the words we choose to use are powerful – they can liberate or enslave you and others. How many times have you told yourself you’re stupid, or no good at something? Every time you do this, you are making an agreement and choosing to stick by it.

Your words transform the way you think, and affect the opinions of others, so choose them wisely.

The Second Agreement says that you won’t need to take things personally if you have a strong sense of yourself.

When people are rude to us, it can often stay in our mind for too long, and we constantly repeat the words in our heads. When you take things personally, you begin inadvertently agreeing with the slight and making it yours, even if it had nothing too do with you.

The reality is that nothing people say or do to you is actually about you – it’s all about them.

When you get upset by something someone said to you, it’s about your own fears and experiences, which makes it essential to deal with this.

Overcoming this issue means you have to know who you are, because then you don’t need to have other people’s acceptance, and nothing they say will hurt you. Everyone looks at the world from a different viewpoint, and you should also recognize your own perspective in this.

The Third Agreement tells us that instead of making assumptions, we should ask questions instead.

We often jump to conclusions and make assumptions that are wildly wrong. If you say “hi” to a friend, and they don’t reply, you would perhaps make the assumption that they were mad at you without any real evidence.

When you have trouble understanding something, you assume you know what it means. When things become clear, you can see that it means something else entirely.

We also make assumptions about ourselves, such as whether or not we can do a particular task well. We might think we can, fail, and then feel bad for overestimating our abilities. In reality, we may just have needed to ask more questions to make it a success.

You need to replace assumptions with questions instead. This can be difficult, but it’s the only way to get the answers you need.

The Fourth Agreement shows you how to put the first three into practice.

Dilara Esengil, [9 542 views, Apr 27, 2021 at 10:51:04 PM]:

This agreement is to always do your best, even if your best constantly changes.

If you were told to always do your best as a child, it was actually sound advice. Doing your best depends on the situation you are in, and is not a one-size-fits-all thing. On certain days your best will be world-beating, and on others maybe it’s just a struggle to get something positive done, but you do something.

To do your best, you should do things because you want to, not because of external motivation like a paycheck. 

You do things from the ❤️

Doing a job that you dislike just for a salary is difficult and joyless, and is sometimes the reason you will end up frustrated or feeling purposeless.

If you love the job or task you’re doing, you’ll do your best without even trying. Your work will feel effortless and you’ll perform much better. This final agreement will help you to increase the power of the other agreements, while freeing yourself from old patterns.

Let,s make this world a better place.

Sending Love 💗💗💗 


And it they don’t, just Drop the Disbelievers!

Via BOOM BOOM BOOM, “Never forget this video. POTUS is the President of the U.S. He doesn’t need to show it.He is ruling the country and in charge of the Whole World. What you are seen is a projection of lies and expoising the evil who was governing for centuries. ❤️🙏”

Donal J. Trump is still the President of the U.S. This is not a four year election. POTUS 4Eva

Thank you BOOM!


From Dr. Tenpenny on Telegram


Please print (2 per page) these fliers with groups you’re in, and put one on the windshields at HIGH SCHOOLS and COLLEGES, and primary schools too and give the PARENTS’ one out as people pick their kids up for school–we have a SMALL WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to get word out before all these kids are jabbed:

The fliers’ link and QR code go to this page, with the best content I have curated for teens, young adults, and parents, to learn the risks and the counter argument to the media and government:

Thank you for getting the word out everywhere you can, and putting these on windshields and handing out at schools!

Vakseen Fliers for Kids & Adults – Take Action For Freedom

Home Donate! Thursday Groups PODCAST Vakseen Fliers Vaxx Non-Consent Vaksine Risks Newsletter Shop Cart These PDFs are formatted to print on a single page. These PDFs are formatted to print 2 per page. Use the Side-by-Side PDF to print both fliers on a full page; use the Double Flier to print two half-page fliers and:


mRNA vaccines may cause your body to churn out PRIONS that “eat your brain” like Mad Cow Disease

This only means that the chip is next. They will say the cards are not good enough so take the chip. Watch how quickly this idiots go from a donut and a jab to a chip and a happy meal. Idiots! ‘Ripe for fraud’: Coronavirus vaccination cards support burgeoning scams

Via Ron and Rachel:

Mass Murder: 3,486 Deaths in the U.S. Following COVID Injections in 4 Months: More Vaccine Deaths Recorded Than in the Past 15 Years Combined – Global Research

Here are all the reasons to say NO to the mRNA jab.


Via Study – Share Share Share this!

X-Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion

This is from the Telegram channel This kind of thinking needs to end. Not one is above the other. Racism is not tolerated on ANY level. Humans are ALL children of God. Amen! Sheep No More

Rev 2:9  I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

William Henry from MORPH on Gaia on what it takes to ascend. Listen.



Chickens by Daniel


Today’s Meme Gallery

Via Selcuk.

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

Follow Bill on GAB: @Swellbs


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  1. I read somewhere that approximately 10% of the vaccines are tainted…collateral damage of WWIII…needed to teach us never to trust the deep state again…those afflicted and those shedded on are karmic beings who chose to be these learning tools before their life began…to be the learning tools to teach the rest of us…so do not hate them for being stupid…love them for their karmic choice to teach us…when people say…”that’s karma, man…karma going to get you”…they don’t know what karma is as we choose it to ascend…a soul choice. Remember…don’t hate them …love them for their choice to teach the rest of us…

  2. Ms Dilara, Awesome Awesomely Awesomeness! You interview with Linda Paris this evening was your best yet. What I thought I knew about inversions could fill A Dixie cup! After your interview with Linda I had to trade the Dixie In for a 5 Gallon bucket to hold all that learned this evening. Can’t wait for the radio/podcast Nothing but The Truth! Especially as you revealed to us that you will begin by emphasizing the importance of our own Personal Health! What a welcomed and much needed subject matter after all the upside down Programming we’ve been subjected to. Congratulations Dilara, LoL I was just hoping you would have referred to “The Dicks” when talking about……The Nub!!! LoL! A salute to You my Fellow.

  3. Dilara you are a wealth of knowledge and put together with Linda Paris you both knock it out of the park along with Linda’s Snark. !! You are now one of my favorite patriot Truth tellers I will be following. And to think you live in LA too. What a great surprise it would be to bump into you💕

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