Say NO to the Anal Probe!

Did you know that China is now sticking the swabs up our asses?

Literally, this is how they are testing anyone from America visiting the CCP. Who on EARTH would want to visit CHYNA right now? Are you CRAZY?!

If you are, stop reading here. This is not the place for you.

If you want nanites in your ass, seek immediate help in cult deprogramming. In fact, I’m sorry, there is truly nothing that can help you so just bend over for the g-damn cracker.


Now, let’s get on with today’s updates!


A few message from POTUS!

And then THIS! (via QTip on Telegram)👇🏼


Take a look at the surliness report in NZ. Normal? I think NOT! Jacinda the JACKALOPE w/ the swinging Michael NoMoreBama tranny cock will have to answer for his crimes! If you need to see the swinging junk yourself of JACK-cinda please visit the post called As You Wish for a full frontal.


Scientists saw a 620 mile wide phenomenon above earths upper atmosphere. It rained electrons instead of water.

Constant Earth changes. 

More Light Incoming. 

Enjoy it.

Via Brad from the Telegram channel of:

Make sure not to miss the #MandingoMike video on the blog post called: Trannygate

LOL! Thank you Jimmy Mac (@AmericaHasBallsAgain) on GAB

Notice the Latino guys hand. Notice where it is and the smile on Gaven’s crooked face. Oh ya, he’s always been gay. AND LIES ABOUT IT! MANY OF US KNOW! WHY LIE?!
All of them GUILTY and VERMIN! Birds of a feather! They are all finished. You are watching a show 😉

Remember this movie? Look at the street sign….

You know who else is GUILTY? This one. This vile vermin.

Dave Grohl. Sold-out satanist.

He is good friends with some very bad people who do the dirty work for the cabal.

Sell out. Shame on all of these famefags. Unfollow Them

Grohl is on the wrong team. Judgement Is Coming, Pedowood

You wanna know why?


Dont’ believe me? Let Steele tell it to you scum.

From the movie A Thousand Pieces




Peter Doshi: Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective” vaccines—we need more details and the raw data

A message via Kel from Lin Wood:

I was born in Wake County, North Carolina at Rex Hospital in ‘52.

Harry Truman was President. I love Truman’s quote, “I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.”

I believe our nation and the world are in the midst of “The Great Awakening.” I believe it started in 20/20 when we began to see things more clearly. 

Do you feel that you are waking up to the level of evil and depravity in the world?

Do you feel that you are waking up to the number of liars in the world?

Do you feel that you are waking up to the massive corruption in our government, politicians, and corporations?

Do you feel that you are waking up to once again realizing the importance of freedom, the wisdom of our forefathers, and the value of our Bill of Rights?

Do you feel that you are waking up to a new or renewed belief that Jesus Christ is the King of Kings?

Many are awake now. Many more still need to wake up. We must ALL wake up and face the TRUTH. 

Then and then only can we recognize and reject the lies. 

Search for TRUTH. Find it. Then live it. 

I do not know ALL of My Followers personally but I know without a doubt that I love each one of you. You inspire me and lift me up when I am down. I seek to do the same for you. 

Thank you and God bless you. – Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


This man had to escape from a hospital whose staff tried to kill him. The hospitals get PAID lots of money for Covid diagnosis, vaccines as well as DEATHS. Its around 29K for a diagnosed COVID death per dead patient. Do the math. Thank GOD this man was spared to tell the truth! TESTIFY! Thank you Juan for sending this to the blog.

Video in this link 👇🏼 (42 seconds) features: Bill Gates Says Vaccine The Final Solution

Doctor who mocked coronavirus vaccine refusers dies days after getting jabbed, via Selcuk:

And… here is POTUS telling us we are going to open up the country by EASTER! Wooohooo! Via Ron & Rachel:

Look at Lil’ Demon Fauci in the back. Little Vermin.

Joy Reid Is A MANIAC! Share Blue MEGA MEMES! WHAT HAPPENED TO NANCY? The latest from Linda Paris


From David – I love this one! LOL

SuperMike’s Meme Picks

Juan’s Meme Gallery

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes


Photo Art by Daniel


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~ Dilara 03.05.21

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