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Do you realize that Hollywood and any form of entertainment cannot exist without you?

You are the reason they are rich and famous. And most of them are part of the club. Or at least they know that they are working for the club. That makes almost all of them all guilty under RICO. They don’t know it yet, but since Trump’s administration and Q team have it all – all their texts, all their comms, their photos, their videos, and hence their expressed thoughts and actions – they have it all.

And guess what?


That’s right.

No deals for any of them.

If you took the devil’s deal, you’re finished.

If you listened to Robert Steele’s advice in #AThousandPieces (you can view the clip here on my post called ARRESTS ARE HABBENING). He clearly states “We have every detail. Take the deal [if you were eligible] motherf*cker, or you gonna die.” (His words, not mine, but not to be taken lightly).

It’s true. They are not going to make it. Revisit my article The Pedovirus and take a look at what these cretin have done. And what the price is by Almighty God.

Which brings me to this young lady’s post. Once upon a time, I worked in marketing too. I understand how they “buy likes’ and have “like banks” that they sell to each other through cabal controlled Big Tech. So for example, an artist who has a financial backer (aka handler) will be asked to pay for the initial followers in order to make it seem like they are popular. Dirty deeds now being exposed. I know all of this. And much moar. It’s time to unfollow them.

Thank you Juan for bringing us this gem. She’s right! Stop supporting them. Stop buying their shit. And stop following them! They don’t give a CRAP about you. I have been around these people and I know! They call you sheep. Get it into your head: all these false idols are being taken down by you via God Almighty.

Bravo to this brave, awake and beautiful young lady. Take her advice.

@AudiGaudi on TikTok

There are plenty of others that you can unfollow – namely non Hollywood famefag digital assets and controlled opposition – fake MAGA losers and PAYtriots that we will get to another day, another article.

For now, you have some work to do. Unfollow it all. Take away their power and show them whose in charge.



Yes. Unleash them! Judge them by FIRE!

Thank you Grateful (Kel).

That’s right.

Via Selcuk from QTip on Telegram

From Bunnyfwend – Marilyn Manson just got #MeToo’d. Not surprising. Follow her on Twitter @Jonessense

You can visit Dr. Stella at http://www.frontlinemds.com
Via Ron and Rachel thank you!

Thread by me now banned on Twitter: Pedowood Burns

Here is a saved version of my thread telling the truth about how Hollywood works before the great #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension.

To watch the movie A Thousand Pieces, please visit this link below and enter the promo code “desouza20” for 20% off the purchase price. Thank you to John DeSouza for the code. You can read more about John and reach him on his sites in my article called The Real Life Mulder 🛸.

View A Thousand Pieces here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/athousandpieces – a MUST see!


From Study, pedowood revealing themselves even more. Little cretin. Art of War. All going down. Dummies.


Via Ron and Rachel, Robinhood Made Nearly $700 Million By Selling User Data To Hedge Funds:


A Peruvian Court Rules Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller Family “CREATED” Coronavirus Pandemic – The True Reporter



Via Lin Wood, please also see my article called Saving The Children:

“We are in perhaps the largest battle of good v. evil in the history of mankind. 
Who we fight against, how we fight, and who we fight for will define our humanity.”

~ Lin Wood

From Jimmy Mac, a video about

DC Vlog- The Vice President’s (Empty) House, and the neighbors the Clintons, Obamas, Ivanka & Bezos


Are you tired of people not listening to you? Heed to the words of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Move on!

It’s Not Over Yet!


When are we gonna hear from Q again?

Via Juan. Thank you for always making us laugh. Even though it’s true. And sick. But still hilarious!


Beautiful photography by MM.


Get your whisky glass. Or whatever.

Cold by Chris Stapleton

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~ Dilara 02.03.21

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  1. This is going to be real interesting on Super Bowl Sunday in Tampa, FL because the Halftime Show is the “WEEKEND” who is the ONLY performer and allegedly spent his own money in the amount of SEVEN MILLION to create the show the way he wants 👀 Pray for disclosure and for God to use this man for GOOD.

  2. Interesting. I don’t like new music or the Superbowl, but I pray for good things to come. The Weekend has a sing called Starlord, in which he suggests that those who made him famous have created him into a monster. A very funny parody song and video was made if it by Rucka Rucka Ali, who has made very funny parody songs ridiculing Obama, and others. This parody focuses on a YouTube guy who he claims became a “Starlord” or unstoppable when, this man (Carl Benjamin but he goes by Sargon of Akkad) tangled with an angry feminist. Sargent is British but pro-Trump and always making videos showing the insanity and corruption of the left. It’s funny.

  3. Loved the music and videos. The comics make me smile. I know what’s coming and it’s going to be a bumpy road. I’m still convinced our Almighty God will save us. Also thinking about the Super Bowl last week. Dreaming and hoping to see some arrest live! Now wouldn’t that be something? I stopped watching football the day they started to kneel . God Bless you Dilara .

  4. Dilara -I love the saying, “It’s just the tip of the iceberg.” I follow threads that lead me to one thing or another. I was thinking of our income tax…due April 15 and wondered why that was the day. (Coincidentally, it lead me to the Titanic also sunk on April 15, 1912..two years after the Federal Reserve was secretly conceived…or contrived on Jekyll Island. I listened to this excellent lecture by G.E.Griffin 1996 and he clearly breaks it down and tells the story of the corruption. He starts his lecture with a quote from the 1st C. BC Greek Stoic Epictetus: “Appearances are of four kinds: -things either are as they appear to be, or they neither are nor appear to be, or they are but do not appear to be, or they are not and yet appear to be.” I thought this (last) one to be the most fitting. THANK YOU for you. I love to research and learn educate myself. Thank you for all that you do! https://redpilluniversity.org/2020/09/04/creature-from-jekyll-island-a-second-look-at-the-federal-reserve/

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