Blood Diamonds

Ever heard of blood diamonds?

Their real meaning is much different than what big tech will tell you.

Since I had posted the thread below about the cabal’s Blood Currency and how diamonds fit into their sick agenda, the internet has been scrubbed with some very damning information.

In my thread below, you can learn about the connections with the cabal’s favorite way to dispose of bodies: turn them into diamonds of course!

According to the cabal controlled Smithsonian, “diamonds are made of carbon so they form as carbon atoms under a high temperature and pressure; they bond together to start growing crystals.”

Did you know that human ashes can be turned into … diamonds?

Take a look at this video here:

Want to know one of the sickest secrets of The Filth And Scum Of Pedowood?

They like to turn their most prized victims (in part, since they enjoy the delicacies too – see Cannibalgate) into gems, especially diamonds. And they flaunt it to each other at parties with a secret wink. Disgusting vermin. Scum of the earth.

Emeralds are another favorite.

Did you also know how Elon Musk and his dad “happened to get rich”?

Take a look at this article about their accidental find of an emerald mine. Pffft.

Elon Musk’s father planned to fly a plane from South Africa to England and sell it once they got there.Their plane got diverted, which led to a chance meeting with Italians who wanted to buy the plane in cash. With his new riches, Errol also bought half of an emerald mine.

Do you believe in coincidences? That this Mossad operation happened to fly over this mine and get rich? More pffft. More Zionist funded debauchery! This is why we are Saving Isreal for Last.

These people are stupid.

They really thought we were going to believe all this nonsense.

Blood money, blood currency, and blood diamonds.

All of these people are in on it and they are all guilty of crimes against humanity.

I know the counter intelligence game is very confusing for normies of people who have never worked in military intel or even regular law enforcement. Don’t be frustrated if you cannot yet grasp this sickness and evil of all of this. What you are now watching with Elon (if it is even really still the original Elon), is simply a show.

Their time is up.

Everything is being exposed. It’s only a matter of time before They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

I encourage everyone to do their own research and be Sheep No More!

They thought you would follow the stars.

They think you are stupid.

Their Biggest Fear: Public Awakening.

Realize that these false idols and their sick club are all one and the same.

Things are about to heat up big time and it’s what the anons have been waiting for!

So Unfollow Them and enjoy the show!

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Check out the latest post from President Trump! The Diamonds! Blood diamonds!

Blood Currency! See my thread below about these sick people!

My thread from Twitter about Blood Diamonds and the Almat Group


Via Dr. Stella on Telegram. Follow her here and check out The Parasitic Invasion

This current energy is extremely powerful & the universe does not understand your small 3d dark humor. It works in energy & by how much energy is in the process, which potentially brings in manifestation to instant manifestation. This can be used for the greatest good or be a tragedy like this story here. Lesson to be learned — there are so many things that are attacking human beings right now, it’s best to take extra care & protect yourself, loved ones & neighbors & definitely do not manifest your own demise. ✨🙏💜✨

Via Telegram Channel Thank you Bill! 😅

Via Telegram Channel 👇🏼

Wake up Patriots!!!

You are being misled by channels like CJ Truth.


Space Force’s 45th Space Wing changed its name & logo today – Space Launch Delta 45!

Thanks BOOM!

Truth. Remember You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿

Predict NO ONE will EVER live there again. Once a Swamp, Always a Swamp.  We can take an Air Boat to see the Lincoln Memorial.

Don’t forget this shitstains!

Via Selcuk


Via Danielle on Telegram

Many people have heard the heartbreaking story about Nikola Tesla, and how Thomas Edison stole his work and caused him to go bankrupt. All the while Tesla has been pretty much erased from History Books…

But how many people know about Antoine Bechamp, and the massive fraud of a man that was Louis Pasteur? Not many I’d bet, as Bechamp was too erased from history. The reason behind this is actually much more sinister then one can imagine. 

During his lifetime, Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) was a well-known and widely respected professor, teacher, and researcher. He was an active member of the French Academy of Sciences, and gave many presentations there during his long career. He also published many papers, all of which still exist and are available.

And yet, he has disappeared from history.

On the other hand, Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) is one of the great rock stars of medicine and biology. Of the two – Bechamp or Pasteur – he’s the one you’ve most likely heard of. His is one of the most recognizable names in modern science. Many discoveries and advances in medicine and microbiology are attributed to him, including vaccination and the centrepiece of his science – the germ theory of disease.

Louis Pasteur was actually a liar, a coward and a fraud. Pasteur renounced his own theory on his death bed.

Germ Theory was all wrong: “It’s the terrain, not the germ.” quoted Louis Pasteur on his death bed…

It’s not the bacteria or the viruses themselves that produce the disease, it’s the chemical by-products and constituents of these microorganisms enacting upon the unbalanced, malfunctioning cell metabolism of the human body that in actuality produce disease. If the body’s cellular metabolism and pH is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no illness or disease.

So in other words, disease associated microorganisms do not originally produce a disease condition any more than a vulture produces a dead rabbit or rats produce garbage.

The diseased acidic cellular environment was created by a toxic diet, toxic environmental exposures and a toxic lifestyle supporting the morbid changes of germs to bacteria, bacteria to viruses, viruses to fungal forms and fungal forms to cancer cells in the body. This classical error of referring to symptoms as the disease is perpetrated to this day in all medical schools trickled down from the professors (whose bread is buttered by the pharmaceutical industry), to all med students with the intent of brainwashing the young, up and coming physicians to a kill mode mind-set and to be legal script writers and butchers who perform unnecessary surgical procedures.

The reason why all physicians are kept in the dark by medical schools teaching Pasteur’s germ theory is that if they are taught the truth that it’s the inner condition of the patient (i.e. oxygen depravation, nutritional deficiencies, acidic pH, built up toxins in and around the cells, poor circulation, toxic emotions, etc.), not the germs that creates the growth medium for bacteria, viruses, parasites or cancer cell growth, the majority of doctors would throw away their script pad and surgical knife and focus their treatment protocols on reestablishing a healthy cellular environment, which keeps the germs, bacteria and viruses in check.

By killing the viruses, bacteria or cancer cells with their destructive weapons of war, they trigger microzyma evolution that makes the enemy pathogens stronger by creating resistant strains reaping more disease in the future. Nobody correlates their newly formed disease a year later with the past drug therapy. The result if the truth was told, a multi-billion dollar sick care industry that has been meticulously built by the global elite for a century would be exposed and crumble like the Babylonian empire of old. There is no medical doctrine so potentially dangerous as a partial truth implemented as whole truth.

[Thank you Brad.]


Notables by @BenjaminABock on GAB:

Hamas gives Israel 2 a.m. ultimatum to remove forces from Temple Mount

No Jab for Me: And Here are 35 Reasons Why:

New details emerge on Bill Gates relationship with Jeffrey Epstein…

Melinda Man Gates Warned Bill About Epstein

Blackstone Group sold by Vice-Chairman: $77.96m-May 5,6,7

Bloodied Israeli driver runs over Palestinian terrorists after they attack his car… Intense Video

Holy Arabian Sea — Check Out These Weapons…

Iron Dome In Action — Terrorist Hamas Launches Missiles At Israel

Amazon Bond Offering Upsized To $18.5BN, Its Largest Ever, Ahead Of Buyback Frenzy

@USArmy Deepfake detection

JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank among firms sued by 1MDB over $23-bn loss

Amazon To Unleash Billions In Buybacks With Jumbo 8-Part Bond Offering

U.S. Fines Honeywell $13 Million for Sharing Military Specs with China

DeSantis: We’re Suing CDC Because ‘One Unelected Bureaucracy’ Doesn’t Have Authority to Close an Entire U.S. Industry

The Case Against Gates (& his quest to vax the world)

CCP getting kicked outta Aus


Eyes on Nuremberg >>>

Has Msm finally turned on Bill Gates?

Alphabet, Inc sold by Sergey Brin: $32.74m-May 7

Amazon Bond Offering Upsized To $18.5BN, Its Largest Ever, Ahead Of Buyback Frenzy

Iron Dome In Action — Terrorist Hamas Launches Missiles At Israel…

End of Notables from Benjamin – Thank you Ben!

This just in from Dr. Len Horowitz! 👇🏼 To learn more about Dr. Horowitz, please visit DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

Pfizer, Moderna, Hearst and Schein Move to Dismiss OxySilver Lawsuit Vetting Syndicate’s Illegal Drug Enterprise


Drunvalo Melchizedek – The Pole Shift 2012 – by Pablo Arellano

Sir John Bell Admitting the Vaccine Will Sterilize 60 to 70 Percent of the Population 

Via Dr. TenPenny on Telegram:

Jay Low Ain’t Your MAMA–T-vestigation!

Also make sure to check out Trannygate, The Tale of Two Trannies: Orca and The Prince-mess, Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation, and Nubgate Part #1 & Nubgate Part #2

Another one. Enough of these gender inversions! Purely DISGUSTING! Now I know why this cretin couldn’t look me in the eyes OR shake my hand!

This is real! All about Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation

Via Susan


Poetry From the Treekeeper’s Blog

My compass,

The brightest star shining in the sky

You keep me on track as I travel

I look to you to define direction 

You regulate range and determine distance 

I am reminded as I plot the path

You are the course

I fearlessly follow you

My compass, 

The brightest star shining in the sky.


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Today’s Meme Parade

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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  1. What a post!! So much info. Thank you for share on Blood Diamond I had only heard this once. Also loved the video of the pole shift. Really interested in that knowledge. Climate cycle not change.

  2. I never knew about blood diamond. Wow! Thank you for the information as always. We are in a scary but exciting times. Thanks to truth seekers and Patriots and God loving people like us. We stick together. You have opened my eyes to so much. Changed my life for the better.
    I was listening to a telegram post from an ANON. Who knows if this is true. Like you said. Be careful who you follow. He was saying that Trump and Melania are dead and we are seeing a CLONE of Trump. What are your thoughts? I believe we are winning and we are taking out the cabal no matter what people say I still have faith Jesus Chris

    God Bless
    WWG1WGA. 🇺🇸✝️🙏🌌🦋😊🌅

  3. Dilara
    I thought your subscribers that enjoyed “THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT VIRUSES & OTHER MICROORGANISMS” would also like this.

    He believes that the motivation of the ones pushing this fallacy is money, I would disagree and say that it is part of their “grand plan”. Taking over control of our education system was pivotal to allow them teach this to us at an early age, another aspect of Rockefeller Medicine and us accepting its deception wholeheartedly.

    He tells a fascinating story at the 39:39 minute point about the unnecessary and damaging Milk Pasteurization process, it destroys the health benefits of milk and it actually makes it bad for you, if you listen to nothing else listen to this.

    Germ Theory Deception Exposed

  4. Wow, this gives a new meaning to the videos with the singer in a bathtub of DIAMONDS! Demon scum.

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