Secrets Of The Celebrities: Is Michael Jackson Alive?

Today on Secrets Of The Celebrities on my podcast A Fistful Of Truth, we take a look at the very strange circumstances around the alleged death of the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson supposedly passed away on June 29, 2009.

But did is he really dead?

Or did Michael know about the deep, dark secrets of The Filth And Scum Of Pedowood and decide to fake his death?

Stranger things have happened here in Hollywood. Many people knew about the Blood Currency and Blood Diamonds. Although Pedowood Arrests! are indeed starting to take place, many people are still following the stars.

Was Michael Jackson framed as a pedophile?

Did you know that Epstein, Ghislaine, Disney and Mossad are all connected? And Michael knew about all of this.

In my article Ray Chandler: Child Handler, you can learn more about Michael’s accuser, Jordan Chandler. In February 1993, Evan Chandler, a dentist and screenwriter based in Los Angeles, accused the American singer Michael Jackson of sexually abusing his 13-year-old son, Jordan Chandler. Jackson had befriended Jordan after renting a vehicle from Jordan’s stepfather. Though Evan Chandler initially encouraged the friendship, he later confronted his ex-wife, who had custody of Jordan, with suspicions that the relationship was inappropriate.

Guess who the dentist, Evan was related to?


Be sure to read the whole thread I have archived from Twitter from my old account (#StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension) where this excerpt is featured in the article about “Ray” Chandler above:

Maybe MJ was Saving The Children and others who knew about what really goes on in today’s Babylon were targeted by the dark controllers of the sex and child trafficking industry.

No wonder Babylon Falling! Pedowood is Going Down!

Last but not least, I always wonder what Michael knew about the upcoming times we are living in today. Even I had heard about the sadistic experiments of the Pedowood CIA crime organization in regards to the human experiments being conducted in other countries through frequency experimentation.

Is Your Playlist Killing You?

Imagine what the King of Pop must have known!

Perhaps the video Thriller, that my generation was awed by when it first came out was more of an indication of what was to come for the dark plans of Fauci and friends for the The Walking, Shedding Jabbers.

Watch the original Thriller video here:

Some scenes from the video:

In regards to Michael Jackson’s star on Hollywood Blvd., here is what I found online: Two Michael Jackson stars represent the singer (at 6927 Hollywood Boulevard), and the radio personality (at 1597 Vine Street). When the recording artist Jackson died in 2009, fans mistakenly began leaving flowers, candles, and other tributes at the Vine Street star.

Join me for a deeper dive into the MJ case on today’s podcast here:

Here are the comments from Reddit from User: u/MJJAlive

I am posting the entire thread here in case it gets deleted from Reddit but please kindly visit this user’s comments as they are very on point! 👏🎯 Here is where to find these comments:

Is Michael Jackson dead? think twice.. some things that will you change your mind

  1. A tabloid reporter predicted that MJ had six months to live, and six months later he died.
  2. TMZ, a tabloid media source was the FIRST to report MJ had died. They reported it before the coroner and before Jermaine Jackson made his public statement. (While we’re on the topic, isn’t that weird too? Is it normal for a family member to make a public statement instead of the doctor in charge?)
  3. TMZ released the 911 call first. How did they get it? They also released the “A Place With No Name” unreleased song clip.
  4. The 911 call didn’t sound overly panicked and Michael Jackson was not mentioned by name. (It’s possible he didn’t mention the name because 911 might think it was a hoax and not respond.)
  5. The 911 operator HUNG UP on the caller saying to call back if they needed anymore help. That is 100% against 911 policy. They have to stay on the line until the paramedics get there.
  6. The doctor who administered it to him was a heart doctor who gave him CPR on the bed and didn’t call 911 for 45 minutes.
  7. There is, in existence a SINGLE photo of MJ dead (or dying.) Taken by a tabloid reporter through a DARK tinted window of the ambulance. No other photos of him got taken, no photos at the hospital, no photos anywhere. (ETA: Upon further research there appear to be three photos taken in close succession, but how was the photo so clear and not blurred? And why does MJ look so healthy, alive, and young?) Brian Oxman, Jackson family spokesman and attorney, stated in a video that the ambulance picture is fake. If what he says is true or not, we don’t know.
  8. There were no drugs found in MJ’s home until the second search. (after family members have been there.)
  9. LaToya signed the death certificate, Dr. Murray would not sign it.
  10. La Toya has been interviewed by Tabloids (for money) where she’s said MJ was murdered and she would reveal by who if the police don’t. Joe and Katherine have also stated they believe there is foul play. Why wouldn’t La Toya just go to the police?
  11. Hours after MJ’s death Joe Jackson in an interview pimped his new record label and said the kids were doing “great.”
  12. During the memorial Kenny Ortega said MJ had been there dancing less than a week ago. But at the memorial MJ had been dead for two weeks.
  13. Every Michael Jackson-fan knows how much he loves the story about Peter Pan. Michael has stated that he feels like he’s Peter Pan and Liz Taylor is his Wendy. He also named his huge ranch after the story, “Neverland.” A famous line Peter Pan is saying in one of the movies are: “To die will be an awfully big adventure!” In This Is It, Michael is having a speech to the staff, dancers and producers, talking directly to the camera and says: “It’s an adventure. It’s a great adventure! *laughs* There’s nothing to be nervous about.” Kenny Ortega, director of This Is It and longterm friend of Michael, quoted another interesting Peter Pan-line on his verified Twitter-account a couple of months after Michael’s disappearance. “Smee: Captain! The ice is melting, the sun is out and the flowers are all in bloom. Captain Hook: He’s back.” Coincidences? I think not.
  14. Katherine Jackson was shopping for sleeping bags in Target the day after MJ dies.
  15. At the end of the This Is It-film, after the very,very end of the credits, there is a tiny little scene where MJ says the following: “Let me breathe in my own time and then I will come back in. I have to button my shirt, move around a little bit. Snap my fingers, then BAM!” Now it could mean nothing, but it’s an odd thing to put at the end of the film considering the context.
  16. No staff from hospital has said MJ was there including cleaners, receptionists other patients. NOONE saw him.
  17. MJ’s crypt has no name on it.
  18. Why did so many of MJ’s longterm friends not show up at the memorial at all, but those who ended up speaking and performing either never met MJ or hadn’t spoken to him in years? (Queen Latifah had never met him, Brooke Shields hadn’t spoken to him in years. Liz Taylor, Mac Culkin, Diana Ross, all declined showing up to name a few.)
  19. At the memorial, at the end, not only does it say: “I’m alive and I’m here forever” on the screen, but there is an image of MJ behind the camera in the Liberian Girl-video. This is a video where the plot of the video is basically that Michael Jackson is directing this video unknown to everyone else until we see him at the end. Also, at the burial, the image of MJ on the program is from the Liberian Girl-video. Strange, no?
  20. Joe Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, and Frank Dileo have all stated on filmed interviews (where you can physically watch their mouths moving as opposed to the printed press where anyone can write anything), that they heard about MJ in the hospital from a fan. A fan? Really? So do a lot of Michael Jackson-fans have Joe, Jermaine, and Frank’s telephone numbers? Why on earth would you hear that sort of thing from a fan?! In another interview at Neverland, Jermaine claims CNN called him and told him about MJ in the hospital. Really? Jermaine is that tight with CNN that they call him to tell him about matters in his own family? He also said that he called Katherine, their mother, who was in the car on her way to the hospital. How come she didn’t call her other sons about their siblings passing?
  21. Dr. Murray released a video on Youtube, thanking his supporters for standing by him. It’s reminiscent of MJ’s 1993 and 2004 video statements regarding the molestation charges. Except the difference is… in MJ’s videos he stressed his innocence. Murray spends about 95% of his video message giving a shout out to his “peeps.” The message is pretty vague and cryptic, and doesn’t mention Michael Jackson by name at all. Those who believe this is a hoax, believe that this isn’t actually a message from Dr. Murray, but is a message from Michael to his fans who believe he’s alive. Either way, though the intended audience is most definitely NOT his “supporters.” It’s either a PR move to humanize him, or it’s a message from Michael Jackson himself.
  22. The LAPD chief of police resigned, in the middle of the Michael Jackson case (a case that could’ve made his career), 2 years before his tenure was up. His resignation went into effect October 31st 2009, which coincidentally is only a few days after the release of the This Is It-movie. He is reportedly went into private security and re-located. The LAPD chief of police was one of the few non-corrupt people in the LAPD, could he have been uncomfortable enough with a situation involving MJ that he has chosen to step down and remove himself from the area?
  23. At the funeral Elizabeth Taylor, Macauley Culkin and Chris Tucker (all three of them long-term, very close friends to Michael) were happy and giddy. The atmosphere of all the people present was more like a wedding than a funeral. Why is that?
  24. Michael Jackson was rolled out of the helicopter covered in a white sheet (that didn’t really look like it had a body underneath it anyways). They normally have a blue, thicker material they cover the body with. Or sometimes a black bag, depending on location and circumstances, I suppose. But never a white sheet! Generally whatever is covering the body has text on it, for example “LA County Coroner” or something of that nature. This was just a white sheet with no identifying markers on it of any kind.
  25. Janet Jackson can’t remember if she was in New York City or Atlanta when MJ passed…
  26. Another thing in This Is It: Michael had created a new video for “Smooth Criminal”. It was an old film from 1946 called “Gilda”, in which MJ was put into the film in place of one of the other characters. The character MJ replaces in the film, in the story of the original movie, that character fakes his death. Michael edited part of the storyline. In the original storyline the man who faked his death gets killed. In the new “Michael”-storyline, he xscapes by jumping out a window…
  27. Larry King to Joe Jackson about MJ’s death: ”Isnt it hard to accept?” Joe Jackson reply with a sarcastic tone: ”Accept what, Larry?”
  28. LAX (Los Angeles airport) was shutdown for 2 hours on 25th June after Michael Jackson’s sudden death. A mysterious private jet departed from the airport during this time. The staff on the airport had been told to ignore the plane. This is interesting, since Jermaine Jackson made a little slip-up during a radio-interview. He said that “Michael was not with us way before he arrived to the airport.” The woman who interviews Jermaine gives him a strange look, and Jermaine quickly says he meant “the hospital”. Airport… Hospital. Alike?
  29. The ambulance that left his house had no sirens or lights. An ambulance in an emergency medical situation, always has sirens and lights.
Liz Taylor at MJ’s funeral…

MOAR CENSORSHIP – I am TERMINATED off of YouTube forever and ever. Screwtube won’t allow me to post any content here anymore. Hence, I am providing links to the music videos of interest here. Of course, Michael had many more hidden meanings in much of his content so these are only a few of the referenced items in this article and podcast.

Check out the music video (and song) by Michael here called MONEY:

Liberian Girl:

Smooth Criminal:








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  1. Very interesting and informative Dilara. I didn’t know a lot of information. Thank you for posting it.

    Blessings always!

  2. Hi Dilara. Thank you for the show on Michael Jackson. Wow!! I always suspected that something was off. You provided so much great detail. I didn’t know about the accuser’s family connection to Epstein Island. Also, there is a lot to be said of some of Michael’s siblings. That article from Reddit was also enough proof for me to agree that MJ may be alive. I have learned so much from you since I first started following you years ago. God Bless you Dilara!!

  3. HI Dilara

    I think quite a few that we think of as dead are still here. I’ve heard about the witness protection programme. Also a dear English Princess my gut tells me she is still here somewhere not just in our hearts. A lot of celebrities died in 2016 far too many or did they simply make an exit into the shadows!

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