If The Lights Should Go Out

If the lights should go out,

Fear not!

Said the Lord,

For the truth to be told,

Will set us free from lore.


If the lights should go out,

Stand strong in His might,

Stay alert and be wary,

Tall and upright,

But be firm on His ground,

Through the edges of night,


If the lights should go out,

Know the only thing coming,

For the darkness,

Is a force-filled delight,

Unstoppable justice,

Of American military might.


If the lights should go out,

Remember the colonists’ plight,

Who fought for our nation,

Defenders of salvation.

Who couldn’t sleep just like us,

In the gallows of night,


If the lights should go out,

Enter the void,

The pivotal moment,

At which the the truth,

And nothing but,

Will be tactfully deployed.


If the lights should go out,

Be still, and know,

The He is God,

He is in control,

Of this entire show.


~ Copyright 2020 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved




Image courtesy of: ย https://www.facebook.com/john.sabal.71


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  1. There certainly is fear in darkness…and one one of the first lessons Christian parents teach their children-Jesus is right here with us..God calls Him the Light of the World…so we have nothing to be afraid of….Yet, as I have grown old, I have nightlights everywhere-not because I fear darkness but because I canโ€™t trust myself to know what lies ahead! Your poem pictures that the emphasis is on the LIGHT not the darkness…and the promise that we know from past history, the LIGHT will come & darkness will disappear, and we need not fear it any longer.

  2. Sorry.. but just to reiterate you have created a Telegram ‘Group’ where people join and converse. You may have to delete it ,after explaining to everyone, and then create a CHANNEL. As you said we cannot forward your info and can only ‘reply’ if you allow if but not ‘comment’ Maybe start a Dilara Esengil ‘channel’ ie diff name and eventually delete the group. Just my suggestion before too many more people join. Lorna NZ

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