NEW SHOW! Secrets Of The Celebrities!

Join me on my podcast, A Fistful of Truth, and tune in every Tuesday to my new show called Secrets of the Celebrities.

What are they hiding from you?


From adrenacrhome parties to Cannibalgate, from fake likes on social media to some who are still alive but the media says they are dead, the world of entertainment is really the third arm of the seeee high yaay.

If you have not already watch the movie A Thousand Pieces, this should be your homework assignment before you delve into this new series. Esepeicllay since it features one of my most favorite patriots, John DeSouza , The Real Life Mulder 🛸.

Also be sure to check out my interview with John DeSouza Uncensored!

I learned alot in pedowood, and some of it was good, some of it was bad, and alot of it was ugly.

However, a rule of thumb: never shoot the messenger.

Not everyone in Hollywood is a baby-eating scum bucket.

There are some amazing people here who are held hostage by this cabal. Most of the douchetards that took the deal did it to themselves. When the devil makes you an offer, it is up to you to say yes or no.

The Choice To Know Will Be Yours

After years of work here in this not-so-tinsel town as an attorney, I have seen it all. From the guise of the reptilian scientology to what is really underneath the Hollywood sign, to how and why these people look so good and young all the time, there are many secrets that no one has ever told you.

Once Upon A Time In Pedowood, I was exposed to many of these truths, good, bad or ugly, and now, I am going to bring it to you on my podcast, A Fistful of Truth.

From stay tuned and don’t miss this weekly episode of Secrets Of The Celebrities delivered to you fresh from Southern California.


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~ Dilara 04.27.2022

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  1. Hi Dilara, Thankyou for all you do. I have just tried to order the protein from Australia , and there is no option for Aus. I will email the company, just wanted to let you know. I tried to send message on telegram, but telegram won’t allow me to comment ???Dunno, it’s a mystery. Love your work. Thankyou. Trying to get more savvy to pay for your Spotify, never been into social media etc, will get there🙂 Love to you Jules from Aus

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  2. Hey just wanted to let you know. I tried to leave a comment on Telegram. ( You Heard It Here First) The Stings Of Scorpions. Well it said.. Comment’s not aloud. So I’ll just send my comment with email. Hopefully the world will soon know the Foe’s of this world. They fear you I would suggest. Keep up the truth!!!

    • Hi and thank you for writing to me. You know, I think it is because I close the room and then comments are not allowed. Thanks to the shill show! Try again tomorrow afternoon and I will be there! Blessings from Cali and thank you ♥️🙏🏼

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