John DeSouza Uncensored!

I am honored to announce a new vlogcast on A Fistful of Truth featuring John DeSouza uncensored!

JOHN DESOUZA is FBI Special Agent (RET.) Investigator for 25 years and collector of the real life “X-Files.” Today, he is revealing these stories: ufos, FBI investigations, unexplained mysteries and the paranormal.

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John DeSouza is today releasing these true stories and changing our understanding of reality as a leading Investigator in the paranormal and in exopolitics.

“Only now can these books be fully comprehended because we have entered the epoch when the new normal is paranormal.” He is also the Bestselling Author of  THE EXTRA-DIMENSIONALS, THE PARA-INVESTIGATORS and THE CLEAR-HEARERS.

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~ Dilara 02.21.22

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  1. Since this moved a friend to tears just now and was a tonic for her soul today, daring to share… please reserve judgement for I am human… just sharing hope and love this brings me forwarding on to you…

    watching / compiling / listening to this tune over and over when needing comfort… inspired me to make this – my first “music video” (these past 2 days) with mini movie clips mixed to ABBA’s most amazing song of 2021: “Ode to Freedom” And happy 2-22-2022 day!

    A 3min music video-thank-you to all daring to stand up against tyranny

    I daresay God directed this…

    much love,

    kk xxoo!!

  2. Thank you so much, Dilara and John, for your commitment and your uncensored podcast…
    911 had been a long time coming, and fortunately, we did not wait indefinitely, to see the protagonists of this diabolical
    orchestration be prosecuted, judged and now executed… It is a sweet “consolation”, in comparison
    of this ignoble treason, and the perpetual War on Terror which followed…

    Those who did see something are told they didn’t see it, or hear it, (or breath it), and “how absurd it all seems without any
    proof.” They are told what they saw, and told what they didn’t see and didn’t hear, and that they must
    not “tell a Soul what they know is the Truth.”

    It is an irrefutable fact, that directed energy technology (DEW), was used to transform the WTC buildings into dustification,
    into pulverisation in midair, on 9/11/2001, and this fact, is overwhelmingly proven, beyond any reasonable doubt…
    The popular chant, “9/11 was an inside job,” is, scientifically speaking, no different from the chant that “19 bad guys with box cutters
    did it.” (Mossad’s team, in WTC, preparing a demolition control…) was a pure diversion, to distract us from the DEW’s hypothesis…
    Obviously, the 911 “thermite narrative” created by the “Architects and Enginners for 911 truth” does not differ, hardly, in this respect,
    from the absurd and delusional final reports from the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) World Trade Center Disaster Investigation…
    And it’s a frightening deception… There are strong empirical evidences, that debunk the famous “thermite hypothesis” : the finding and measurement of tritium (hydrogen isotope), is a key signature, of some unusual and anomalous nuclear reaction, without ionizing radiations that main stream. Main stream Physics, doesn’t comprehend the mystery of cold fusion, an anti-paradigme,
    that send us to a transmutation process, called Low Energy Nuclear Reaction.
    The free energy to the world, nearly 100 years ago, was a true a present for the Humanity, in order to
    acquire an energy independance, for everyone on Earth… But that energy has been implemented for destructive purposes…
    However, until we innerstand, just, how powerful this technology is, as well as, how powerful the interests are to control it…
    This technology was used, to destroy the World Trade Center complex, on 9/11/01 and was a demonstration of a new kind of free-energy technology, in front of the entire world. As more people around the world recognize this, the less power the controlling interests will have.
    And if the entire world knows that free-energy technology exists, individuals can openly build their own devices and share their
    designs with others. It won’t be a secret, tomorrow…

    For me, I was already awake, but I must admit that this heinous crime allowed me to get rid of any cognitive dissonance…
    The despicable narrative emanating from the MSM, attested to their horrific collusion with the Sabbateo-Frankist cabal…
    The mass media are, in fact, the only existing Virus on Humanity and Earth, exhacerbating the PhArmaggedon, instilled by a
    disheveled VIRUSocracy… To see the twin towers collapse at the speed of gravity, without the lower floors containing the collapse,
    seemed unbelievable to me. I would even say that it suggested, at first sight, a process inherent to a controlled
    inherent to a controlled demolition…
    But apparently, this did not bother many…

    That a kerosene fire was the primary cause, of the destruction of the Trade Center was a scientific heresy uttered by the NIST…
    Structural steel only starts to melt at 1482°C, and iron at 1538°C. The fires started by the aircraft crashes, even with the help of fuel,
    could not have exceeded 1000°C, i.e. approximately 550°C below the temperature required to melt steel or iron. The presence of
    molten steel or iron therefore implies that the steel in the buildings was melted by something other than the aircraft impacts and
    subsequent fires.
    But apparently, this did not bother many…

    To see, an airplane penetrates the building, as if in butter, without disintegrating, is also a phenomenal ineptness…
    No need for holograms, the connivance of the MSM with the deplorable cabal, allowed, in advance, the manufacturing of these faked
    CGI videos…
    There are videos, where we don’t see, planes hitting the towers, And according to these underlying angles of vision, we should have seen them, especially if they were reals or holograms…

    With the cabal, there is never a coincidence, I learned incidentally, shortly afterwards, that the sinister B.Clinton was going
    to sign the project of the Humanity, Nesara/gesara which would have allowed us, to pass to the golden age, precisely this day there,
    at 10:00 am, whereas the attacks took place at 8:46 am and 9:37 am…

    Thank you for your “overview” of Cydonia and its fantastic reliefs… I am always fascinated by what Planet Mars reveals to us…
    I will not speak about parhedolia, because it is a vast and fascinating subject in itself…
    As for the Moon, I was, I confess, polluted by mainstream astrophysics, I studied, at the time, in the framework of a PhD, by pure passion, and I obviously had to study, among many other things, the equations of stabilization of the Moon by gravity gradient… I reassure you, it is a purely theoretical modeling… Which does not necessarily fit, with the nature and the history of the Moon…
    But rest assured, I also learned to deprogram myself and to distance myself from my peers, too imbued with their so-called knowledge…
    And from now on, I will interpret it under the angle of the electric universe and plasma physics, rather than under the angle of universal gravitation… The physics of the standard model of particles and the Big Bang, is completely false…
    When we will be definitively rid of the last residual elements of the cabal, we will have plenty of time to work and learn more and more…
    As for the UFOs, UAPs, I have seen so many, and so close, that their existence is no longer to be demonstrated, as far as, I am concerned…
    Thanks you so much again for your investigations and passion.
    I would read your books passionately, because you are a person, very pleasant and particularly competent…

    • Wow, so beautifully written! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback here on Dilara’s blog – – we learn so much from reading all the additional Reader’s input; Dilara’s (guest) commenters. 🙏🙏🙏God Bless.

  3. Awesome Awesome Dilara and I am so very very happy that the truckers in your state are heading to the capital in your country and I heard they are going to make a move into Canada. TRUMP AND THE PATRIOTS ARE IN FULL AND UTTER CONTROL…. I love you Dilara take care and yeah keep me updated you are such an wonderful lady.

    Sent from Mail for Windows

  4. Dear Dilara!!!!
    A Beautiful duet – – the efforts you made here with producing this podcast segment of you,
    and John, compelled this thank you note. Beautiful dialogue, how you both shared helping to reconfirm with several takeaways!
    Specially with, “Devolution,” being played out with all of this … God Bless, you, John, and all of us human~kinds. 🙏🙏🙏

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