A Thousand Pieces

If you haven’t yet watched this stellar documentary, get your butter ready and make this your Sunday night movie.

JFK had vowed to splinter the C – hiiiii – yay (yes, even WordPress likes to censor this and other trigger words – you should see what I sometimes go through just to get a post up!) into a thousand pieces. Since then, his legacy has been carried on by our beloved White Hats, including some heroes featured in this film.

From Jospeh Flynn on behalf of his brother, General Flynn to Cathy O’Brien to one of my personal favorites, John DeSouza The Real Life Mulder 🛸, this film features some amazing and courageous patriots who have come forward in their pursuit of The Truth, And Nothing But.

Here is where you can view this excellent account of real life patriots who are with us here in this movement:


John DeSouza has kindly offered a discount code that will give you 20% off the rental prices for this must see production. Just enter the code: desouzagift at check out when prompted for a promo code.

Any qoincidence that we are seeing wind comms from our fave letter of the alphabet? From Q-Tip on Telegram:


Remember, It’s Going To Be Biblical !

Happy Palm Sunday and enjoy the show! 🍿

~ Dilara


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  1. Greetings Ma’am you may remember me OSTO.SPACE before the big social media purge of 6/2019 General Flynn followed me twice. Found me first – the first time. I have screen shots to prove it – anyway you told me a story once about your late husband and his music and well – being a lifelong musician myself I have written many kinds of songs. Now I write “disclosure songs.” This is a link so you can listen to this brand new very special one that just popped out of me – which really means it didn’t just come out of me I was a conduit for it . https://vimeo.com/530084545 it is called “Like You Never Cried Before” – this is a decent demo – I am working on a master version now. I always enjoy your emails. Always tons of solid INTEL and a consistent message that God wins in the end. – best regards CosmicGuy and OSTO TV on ROKU TV

  2. I’ll order the movie! Here are 2 new memes if they work for your blog topics…

    Love you! ~Christina SongBird4Trump

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