Many People Will Leave This Earth

What did Potus really mean when he said, over and over and over again:

“It’s going to go away!” ?

You Have Moar Than You Know.

He was telling us that the plandemic, The Pedovirus is going to end; that The Parasitic Invasion would result in Realities and Fatalities.

He was telling us that The Invisible Enemy was being cast out of our society, once and for all. The cabal would get their Blood Currency and GTFO of our world forever.

The Draco Agenda is real.

I went back and looked at what POTUS was saying during the beginning of operation Covid19. As I was glued to every single word he spoke, I remembered the notes I took from each presser and speech. I felt like I was in the most important class of my life and that what Potus was saying would be so important years down the line.

A few days ago, I went back and found an archive of his quotes during the entire COVID mess. Thanks to the fake news media CNN, they have provided an archive here of POTUS’s statements:

Of course since anyone who works for CNN doesn’t have half a brain to understand what is really being said, they mock that which they can never even begin to comprehend.

Checkmate: WE HAVE IT ALL

Just in case the internet goes haywire and our friends at the Cabal News Network take down their timeline of Potus’ quotes, I am providing them here in a gallery format where you can peruse all of what was being told to us. The world was in such a panic and even anons who were told to Trust The Plan! had no real idea what was about to happen.

Gallery of Potus’ quotes during the announcement (and thereafter) of the plandemic

Check out this particular quote:

The Truth Is Not For Everyone and The Truth Hurts but only The Truth Is The ONLY Way!

Two thirds of humanity leaves this earth according to Revelation.

They did it to themselves.

It’s Going To Be Biblical alright.

Looking glass must be so much more advanced than what we know, this level of chess can only be played by a higher, more intelligent power.

So keep holding that line, and keep your appointments with the Almighty.

The storm is not even here yet.

There are going to be changes on this planet that only those who walk with Christ will be able to endure and surpass into The Birth Of A New Humanity.

Remember how Potus kept referring to the year 1917?

And it came to pass, when they had brought them forth abroad, that (the Lord) said, Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain. Escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed. Genesis 19:17


Godspeed patriots.

Pray for them and stand firm in your faith for Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

In Navigating The Storm: Be Still And Know that He is God.

Ultimately, this is God’s show and in the end, He always wins.



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Will the real DJT please stand up? This is getting comical!

Thank you Bill for this composite. This was from the rally in Arizona in 2022.


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  1. Thanks Dilara, that was a good reminder of what Potus said ,i saved the quotes as well,,have a great day,,Thomas

  2. What a BLOG-FUL to wake up to in my in-box – great Way to start my Day! Thank you. I am so grateful for YOU. Let it be gone! Go away! What a great SHOWING of the words. Yes, sometimes you have to SHOW THEM. And you ARE with all the posts/highlights. Thank you for your time and your truth…and the EVER BEST MEMES and comics. It all brightens my day. Jesus is the Way! Grateful to be on this journey with you. Thank you for your guidance, your truth, and your information. 😘

  3. Hi Dilara,
    Love the podcasts look forward to hearing them.
    Do you need a special invite to comment on your telegram group, i understand if you only give so many there are some really great members who give some good advice and help.

  4. Thank you Dilara. Wonderful blog and “I am ready” for it to become a new world of life for us.. And honestly, I could care less anymore about those that “move on”. Bless you for your work and love of mankind. Btw. Is LA still even viable anymore. Thank You!

    • Thank you Phillip! Yes, it’s still viable. People are still living their lives outside the city walls. Everything is just fine. God bless you and I can’t wait either! We are sick of them!

  5. Dilara,
    I am a follower.
    What was Starbucks doing with the coffee beans, please?
    You had mentioned it on the Monday Matters with Maria.

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