We The People Are The Cure

No one made them do it.

You have to choose to hand your soul over to the devil.

And he is a master of deceit.

Woe to those who spent little or no time developing discernment.

Enter through the narrow gate, said the Lord.

He didn’t say walk right through the large open garage doors and cut the line.

Which is what The Walking, Shedding Jabbers have done.

Instant gratification to live in their forever-shackles of their self induced matrix will always leave them as sheep and never will they experience truth or freedom.

And for many of these not-so-smart people that is just fine.

They simply do not want their reality disturbed, no matter what the cost.

Instead of Conquering Cognitive Dissonance, the sheep choose to continue herding themselves to their own slaughter.

In another reality, I would be perfectly fine with all of them just dying. Yes, I said it. No one wants to live in a society of vile people who choose lies over truth. Sadly, The Invisible Enemy is a disease of the mind. The deeply programmed masses, as evidenced in The Century Of The Self have all been infected deeply and now beyond the point of no return.

They Have Eyes But Cannot See.

We have seen What’s REALLY In The Vax! and learned that The Parasitic Invasion is real. Despite the fact that Many People Will Leave This Earth in what can be called The Great Deluge, we can’t afford to lose the 70-80% of humanity that has chosen to literally kill themselves.

Prima facia, the Deep State Agenda 21 to decrease our human population seems to have worked.

Or has it?

Potus is a businessman. Do you really think he is planning on losing 80% of society and hence the workforce?

What do you think would happen if (over a period of time and not suddenly) most of those who got jabbed dropped dead?

We would have many problems.

From garbage collection to dental hygiene to daycare and food production – our lives would come to a screeching halt.

No one would be at the repair shop to fix your car.

Getting a loaf of bread would become a daily or weekly endeavor.

Pumping gas may not be an option. Imagine the traffic alone or lack thereof.

How would society function?

Could it even function?

Tune into my new podcast this evening on A Fistful of Truth to find out what I believe is bound to happen.

The answer has been right before our eyes this whole time:


Take a look at all these posts:

Do you want to know what that means?

It’s mind blowing.

They will need our DNA – our blood – those of us that are unjabbed to survive.

That’s right.

We are the cure.

They are the ones who are sick. They have no immunity yet and the winter hasn’t even arrived. You wanted a red October. Well, here it comes. The Qold Winter is on the way and so is the next slow down. Not a shut down as you may be anticipating. You can listen to my podcast called the Slow Down where I discuss the way in which the next part of this operation and never ending movie from hell will be deployed.

Find out why they will need our blood and DNA to survive in to You Heard It Here First on my new episode of A Fistful Of Truth here and pass it on.

So some shilly mschills can reshill and grab on to real information that they wish they could spew.

Stay the course!

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  1. Snack Anon is an excellent addition to the decodes. Lori Lightfoot is Grady from Sanford and Son.

  2. I’ve seen that the military is waiting on the Quantum computer or their damn Time Machine to tell them when the safest time for them to tell us a whole bunch of shit! Who knows! But love your info and your style I’m like Fuck it if these ppl don’t want God in their life we’ll fine they just got it and what is the gene1p30 that they are deleting w their gene therapy!Maybe it’s the God gene that Bill Gates was talking to the 3 ltr group in an auditorium w those officers about this gene The video I saw of this was from 2005 or 6 🤬

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