A Fistful Of Truth Is Now ONLY On Rumble!

When A Fistful Of Truth listeners went to listen to the latest episode of Secrets Of The Celebrities, it was gone!


Just like that, The Censorship Nazis Strike Again!

Though we all know by now that indeed Censorship Is Real, this was the final and last blow by, I’m sad to say, the White Hats who are trying to control An Uncontrolled Narrative.

How Do You Make People Aware of An Alternate Reality?

While we all completely understand that Crumbs Are Easy To Swallow in Waking the Collective Consciousness, this cognitive war game has gone too far.

Sheep No More !

Though it is necessary to deprogram this deeply hypnotized population from The Fable of Cable, (see The Century Of The Self) it is simply going against God to stop the truth from being spoken.

Plus, We The People Demand Freedom From Stupid Sheeple!

We should be allowed to learn at our own speed and spread truth amongst each other.

Hey White Hats! Why don’t you offer me a job instead of censoring me?

I need work!

I don’t care what your plan, show or color of the hat you are wearing is, Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming and that is consequences.

In our Creators’ universe, from his rules of physics to one’s spiritual faith – the equation is always the same.

TRUTH is what powers the mechanisms of our reality.

Nature does not operate outside of these fixed, standard principals.

And when you go against them, and try to control what axis of our reality which is based on God’s rules and regulations, eventually, it’s going to catch up with you, in this lifetime, and karmic retribution will indeed kick your ass so hard that you will find that you are not in control of anything.

This is the ego of mankind: to believe that a human being can control the minds of other human beings.

“You can fool all of the people some of time; you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

Abraham Lincoln said that.

And we are the people – you reading this blog, me typing away relentlessly in hopes of getting TRUTH out there and only truth, that will not be fooled anymore!

After all, isn’t this what we are fighting to begin with? Lies, deceit and thus more suffering?

It was Jesus Christ who said “Then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

Buddha agreed by stating that there are three things that cannot be hidden – “The Sun, The Moon, And The Truth.”

All prophetic wisdom predictably dictates the rules by which humankind can prosper. Show me one saint who instructs people to lie to their brethren and then lie some more in order to lead them from Dark to Light.

As an attorney and someone who has worked in the criminal justice world for the first decade plus of my career, I understand how apprehension, arrest and conviction of criminals works. You don’t just go knocking on their door and ask them to turn themselves in.

Sun Tzu reminds us in The Art Of War that All war is based on deception.

But there is a fine line between deception and suppressing the truth.

I am a civilian, an American and a child of the Most High just like you.

I have a right to freedom and liberty and free speech like everyone else in this country, in this world, by God’s rules, not by any human’s rules.

Although in order to protect the members of a society, we have, as a civilization attempted to fashion just and morally inclusive laws that stem from originally the Bible (surprised? know your history!), we have lost our way. We have become complacent in our search for justice and meaning. We have allowed The Invisible Enemy to enter our homes, mold our moral fabric and ultimately, most have sadly invited the devil into their minds.

What Are You Going To Believe?

Whoever controls the media controls the mind.

Jim Morrison said that.

And H Anon and Snack Anon talk about it on the latest podcast that got FFOT suspended, censored and gone from many audio platforms who are all in cahoots together against humanity.

You can find the these two episodes of the two part series under censorship (and much moar content here) on FFOT’s Rumble channel.


  1. Secrets Of The Celebrities Feat. H Anon: What Is An Inversion Part 1+Celebs Selling Homes, Arrested? https://rumble.com/v2n6c12-secrets-of-the-celebrities-feat.-h-anon-what-is-an-inversion-part-1-celebs-.html
  2. CENSORED PART TWO! Secrets Of The Celebrities Feat. H Anon: What Is An Inversion? Part 2 +++ https://rumble.com/v2n5s54-censored-part-two-secrets-of-the-celebrities-feat.-h-anon-what-is-an-invers.html

And make sure to the listen to the emergency podcast announcement below.

To be sure to receive notifications of new posts, kindly subscribe to the Rumble channel and enter your email here on the blog as *they* are doing everything they can to control your mind.

If The Lights Should Go Out the only way you will be able to stay in touch with me will be by checking to see if you are subscribed to Rumble and this blog. (They are unsubbing people from all my channels slowly so they don’t make it obvious).

In the meantime, my eternal gratitude for those of you who will not bend, will not break and are still holding this line for God Almighty.

Godspeed patriots.

God is in control.





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  1. Looks like i will be canceling my spotify account . Just another account of many I’ve unfollowed cold turkey. No problemo . I will however continue to follow you Dilara. ❤️ from Northern Canada.

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