What Are You Going To Believe?

In the very near future, the world is going to be exposed to truths that have long been hidden from human civilization.

The cabalistic control of humanity is over. Corruption is being exposed daily. People are starting to ask questions that no one ever dared to ask before. The real news is nowhere on television or cabal controlled media, so you better open up your mind in ways you never thought possible and make room for what’s coming.

Need a new news outlet?

When the fires were going on in Southern California, everyone took to Twitter. When some major catastrophe takes place, how do you know your friends are safe? If you cant find them on their phone, you go to their social media profiles. What do you do when you want to find out the truth? You go to news sources you can trust. But we all know that the MSM has been compromised. When tribal cultures need truths and advice, they go to their elders, their shamans.  What are other people you can trust saying?  Lies are everywhere, but so is the truth. The truth just takes a little more discernment, a little more digging.

The truth may hurt for a moment, but lies will hurt you forever.

The real news lives amongst real people. Find them, and you will have the answers you are looking for.

Not everyone is going to make it through what is coming. Most of the population is not going to be able to accept that mainstream media, academia, science and nearly everything you have been told by them is a lie.

And just what is coming?

The end of the world as you knew it.

This doesn’t mean some apocalyptic zombie takeover with decrepit blood-sucking politicians going to prison (just a part of the plan, it doesn’t just end there).

It does mean, however, that all your thoughts about medicine, schooling, vaccines, food sources, transportation, diseases, cement, space, time, history, the pyramids, the oceans, the planets are going to be challenged.

Are you ready for the truth and nothing but?

When the truth comes out, most people will not be able to keep their heads on straight.

These are the people that are choosing to ignore the reality that is coming at them, like a freight train, gaining momentum with massive break failure. Those that are still lying on the tracks, ignoring the quiet but growing rumbling noise growing by the second are headed for a horrible ending.

So what are you going to believe?

Are you going to keep listening to the mainstream media? Are you going to keep feeding yourself fast food and vices? Or are you going to step into the light and embrace the dimensional shift of thought that is coming to a reality near you sooner than you think?

What are you doing about your water source? Are you filtering your water? Still smoking cigarettes? Still drinking like a fish? Are you able to control your diet? If not, you need to start now.

The first step in population control is the food supply for a nation. Poison the food supply and presto! You can literally control the birth and death of an entire globe with exact precision.

How do you get around this? Eat clean foods. If God didn’t make it, and it comes in a box, toss it. Your body doesn’t need that crap.

Don’t believe in God? That’s a big problem right there. Call it whatever you want (except Lucifer), but there is a greater power than you that made you. Until you can reconnect with Him, you’re lost and without much hope. Don’t believe me? Wait a while until you end up in an inevitable situation where you will find yourself on hand and knee, begging for mercy from not your fellow man, but from the higher power that created you. You enter this world alone, you will leave this world alone. The only help you will have is from the Big Guy Upstairs. Don’t want His help? Stop reading this now and best of luck to you.

Your soul is eternal, so don’t feed it poison.

In a shitty relationship and waiting for that to change?  Change yourself.

Hate your job? Start learning a new skill.

Need to lose weight? Stop eating foods you know are not good for weight gain.

Can’t control yourself? Develop your will power.

There is an answer for every problem. Complaining is not one of them. Excuses are not answers either. They are you justifying your behavior to convince yourself that it’s really not your fault that you can’t stop eating donuts or smoking. Start being truthful with yourself. After all, no one is going to judge you, but you.

Then all else will follow.

The realization of the human self is upon us.  And it is here to stay.

What does it mean to be human? What are we, really?

The human body is a composition of frequencies. Surround yourself with positive frequencies. Negativity is unwelcome in a peaceful shrine.

The body is your temple, and your mind and heart should be guarded against the evil and perils of this world.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Make sure your sources for news, food, water, health and every aspect of your life are not contaminated.

Meditate. Start learning now.

Soon, every human being on the planet will wake up to the New Dawn.

The Vedas call it Self-Realization.

Americans call it The Great Awakening.

The Bible calls it the Resurrection.

And Jesus calls it love.

Love, not hate.

Love, not anger.

Love, not division.

Love, not lies.

The Truth is coming.

Love is here.

What are you going to believe?

The choice is ultimately yours.

Choose Love.


~ Copyright 2018 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved


Image Credit: The Last Judgement by Hans Memling

Song Credit:  What To Believe by Chris Jaiden

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