Welcome Newbies To The Great Awakening: All You Need to Start Your Journey to Truth

New to the Great Awakening?

Fear not!

We have been at this truth business ever since Potus took office and then some.

To get familiar with the information that is being presented to you, many topics that may seem curious and true are discussed on this blog. Use the search bar to search for any terms that may pique your interest or behoove your curiosity. There is plenty of information to keep you falling down deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

Also make sure to subscribe to the blog below and follow my podcast on Spotify called A Fistful of Truth. I am also a big fan of everything Linda Paris who can be found on multiple platforms on http://WWW.MCALLISTERTVONLINE.COM.

Here is a list of some articles that may help you on your journey.

Enjoy The Show (Part 1)!

✍🏼 The New, Unprogrammed You

📖 Conquering Cognitive Dissonance

✍🏼 What Are You Going To Believe?

📖 The Rarest Pepe

✍🏼 The Expansion of Human Consciousness

📖 Are We There Yet?

✍🏼 Waking the Collective Consciousness

📖 Once Upon A Time, In Q

✍🏼 Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Dont’s of The Great Awakening

📖 Eyes Wide Open

✍🏼 Saving The Children

📖 Blood Currency

✍🏼 The Pedovirus

📖 Cabal Takedown

✍🏼 Dark to Light

📖 The Invisible Enemy

✍🏼 Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation

📖You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿

This is just a little bit of the hundreds of posts on this blog. Enjoy the journey and take it easy if you are new. This stuff can be difficult to digest so take your time and stand firm in faith. ✝️🕉🔥

Always remember to do your own research and Be Careful Who You Follow.

Stay United Not Divided.



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Also, thank you all for your comments. I love hearing from all of you – it’s one of my favorite parts about this blog. Your feedback and insights and unity. God bless you all. Love you all. 

~ Dilara 09.08.21

🙏🏼 ♥️ ⚖️

You can follow me on GAB: @DilaraEsengil or Twitter @EsengilDilara (my old account is suspended #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension) but I’m mostly here on the blog. ♥️ 

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  1. Hi Dilara, You’re doing a great job — so is Linda! I’m author of the 2006 book “Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation” — on Amazon. The FBI and Secret Service interrogated me when I was writing my book. I included a chapter about it in my book. I went down the rabbit hole long ago and knew on the morning of 9/11 that planes can’t fly through skyscrapers and simply disappear. I worked in TV news production for affiliates back East in ’75 and ’76, and later worked as a reporter for Aviation Daily in D.C. in the early ’80s. Later, I was a spokesman for United. My wife and I live on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and recently bought a bunch of music CDs and movie musicals from the Golden Age of Hollywood at Amoeba. Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. are disgusting! Would love to meet you sometime. Keep up the great work! – Dan

  2. The Yig – Glamis n Mystery’s Part 1 & Part 2

    The Yig is a fascinating person, I first found out about her through learning about Somerset Belenoff.

    Notice that Glamis is pronounced “Glams” the i is silent.

    There is a small place called Glamis in Ontario Canada (no castle), it’s up by the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station.

    There’s a story about Trump at the end of Part Two.

    Part One

    Part Two

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