United Not Divided


Not mentally divided,

We stand,

Sisters and brothers,

Mothers and fathers,

Regardless of race, religions and colors,

We embrace,

Never hate each other,

In faith and not regret,

Is where we must place,

All of our bets,



Our roots,

In American soil,

Those who came before us,

In sweat, labor, wars and toil,

All must not surmount,

To fate’s recoil,

From politically fed and funded liars,

People screaming hate,

Setting flags and American freedom on fire,

All under the influence,

Of greed-hungered defiers,


The most fearful moment,

For those with selfish agendas,

Has arrived,

Soon all of you,

Will have but no choice,

To open your eyes,

And wake up to,

Their centuries of lies,



Not spiritually divided,

We stand,

Reach out to those that have strayed,

Upon whose minds the masters have played,

Love is what conquers hate,

Black, white, yellow or brown,

Rich or poor, big or small,

The time is never too late,


Only we can stop these,

Games of Clones,

Return to sender,

Controlled media-minded,

Celebrity drones,

Materialism destroys,

Whilst spiritualism grows,



Undeniably undivided,


The American People,


Extending our hands,

To those who most need,

To understand,

That we are One Nation,

Under One God,

Yes, we Can!


Peace and strength in Unity,

Heart to heart in humanity,

Say no to the sides,

The left and the right,

And all the extremes and in-betweens,

We are the People,

We are the light!


~ Dilara Esengil

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved


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  1. My FAVORITE part: ‘Setting flags and American freedom on fire, all under the influence, of greed-hungered defiers’! LOVE 💕 it! Well done Dilara 😊🇺🇸💙🦅🗽

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