Fake News


Fake News,

You always lose,

The battle for truth,

In the end,

My delusional friend,

We will bury your bones,

Next to your home,

Seven feet under

And then,


Let the Reckoning,


Centuries of lies,

Pulling your media veil,

Over our now-opened eyes,

No more will we drink,

From your fountain of poisoned,

Crusty, infected,

Self-inflicted and cold,


People who live and die by,

False Snopes,

Of lazy, mind- controlled

Blinded hopes,


Fake News,

If you were a car,

You surely would never,

Get very far,

Behind your invisible wheel,

A train wreck of a ride,

Even an idiot,

Wouldn’t steal,


Such a smooth criminal,

You once thought you were,

Mixing up facts,

With fictional blurs,

Riding our thought waves,

With imaginary horses,

And falsetto spurs,


Wake up to the Light,

You are a creature who was born right,

Darkness has no chance,

Against illuminated sight,


Open your mind,

Take control of your life,

Don’t buy what they feed you,

Your thoughts are your own,

You’re beautiful and correct,

With your minds own,




Now that we know,

The truth,

You’ll never be the same again,

All the stories you tried to feign,

Flushed now down,

Your dirty drain,

Rest in Peace,

I’d like to say,

But then again,

I’ll save that peace,

For a real friend,

Fake News,

You don’t need to pretend,

This is the beginning of,

Your End.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Copyright 2017, Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

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