Fraud Superstar

My name Freddy,

But you can call me “Bro”.

My relatives and community,

Call me as the Fraud Superstar,

Cuz I’ll pretend,

To be your Bro,

And then take your money, your honey,

I’ll be her Romeo,


I make all sorts of fraud while you sleep,

While you snack,

While you fill up your stupid,


With treats and no tricks,

While you’re not looking,

I steal a big bag of,



How easy it is to make fake you,

You know nothing about how to skew,

The King,

The Ring,


Of all Fraud,

The accidental wanna-be,




I drive fake Mercedes,

Eat with fake girlfriend,

Out at the club dancing,

By myself,

You can’t find me,

Cuz I’m your Bro,

I’m fraudulently free,

To lie cheat and steal however I please,


Cell phones, cigarettes,

Uber at best,

I steal your credit card number,

And file with the rest

Of my victims,

Get some,

And learn how,

To be born,

Like me,

The one to go too far,

When I told your granny,

That I’d wash her car,

But instead I stole her girdle,

For my fertile,

Fake girlfriends mother,

Ya you know her,

You’re her brother.



Copyright 2017 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

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