Sexual Harassment Man


Hi beautiful ladies,

It’s me, Dan,

You know, the hot-to-trot muscle-bound,

Rich and not-so-famous,

Old and creepy,

Sexual Harassment Man,


You know you love me,

Even though you shoved me,

Down a flight,

Of stairs,

Who really cares,

About your denial,

When I’m on fire,

For you,


You’re my lady,

Whether you like it or fret,

I show everyone the picture,

I carry of you,

That I cut out of your Facebook profile,

In my Hermes wallet,


I’ve got lots of cars,

Lots of gold too,

I can buy you anything,

But I’d rather you get,

A tattoo,


Of me,

So you can think of The Dan,

And never erase,

The memory of of my unwanted,


Of your face,



I use my power daily,

To catch and release,

And if you need that part or promotion,

You better get on your knees,


I’m powerful, robust and profound,

Your my lost,

And I’m your found,

Can you possibly imagine,

Your life without me,



In the office,

In the schoolyard,

In the frozen food isles I lurk,

Some people call me a sicko or jerk,

But that don’t matter,

It’s just one of the many perks,


Of holding my hand,

SHM for short,

I am what I am!




Copyright 2017 Dilara Esengil, All Rights Reserved

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