SUDDEN IMPACT! San Francisco Streets and Military Deployed!

I just got back from San Francisco and there was quit a bit of emptiness to the streets! Join me on my telegram channel where you can view and see for yourself the ghost town that it has become!

What Is Going On?

There seems to be construction everywhere and tunnels are being unearthed! In addition, there was very little traffic and businesses were almost completely empty. Even if more people are working remotely, people still need to eat and I didn’t see anyone out and about. The City I once lived in for many years seems to be null and void of all (human) life. Of course, although it has been many years since my residency of this 7×7 Bay Area once-metropolis, San Francisco seems to have lost its aliveness. In fact, it really felt like an abandoned town from another time. Much like the empty and shut down city of D.C., the civic center offered little or no signs of life and even the homeless population seems to have suddenly disappeared from it’s recent takeover of almost all California cities.

A related article from the fake actor playing Newsom can be located here about a plan to clean up the homelessness in our Golden state.

Could this be part of the plan?

I believe this is all being done under the guise of stories (and thus, actors) that the sleeping public can find mentally admissible.

Conquering Cognitive Dissonance is not for everyone.

Hence, You Must Show Them.

All of what we are watching is a carefully orchestrated, highly intelligent and incredibly genius plan to awaken masses of distracted people who just cant seem to stay United Not Divided.

Then again, it’s difficult to unite with people who are literally killing themselves with the What’s REALLY In The Vax! Realities and Fatalities are real!

Just as in any other major city, stations to get your mark of the beast and instantly become The Walking, Shedding Jabbers are dispersed throughout SF. I was able to get some footage of these public nuisances and check out what this complete Karen does. It’s epic!

They are all gonna regret the day they were born, if they make it to the land of regret. Most won’t even get past the realities of the vax death rate. Check out this clip sent to me by a patriot friend here in California of all those righteous jabbers who have dropped dead after doing this to themselves:

I have posted some videos of my observations on my Telegram channel (to join, please see links below) where you can view these videos and see for yourself.

The military has indeed been activated and the National Guard is being slowly placed into the public eye! This is some of the BIGGEST news yet but many are not paying attention. I had talked about this in previous interviews with various hosts – while we know The Military Is In Control!, and that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿, we understand that this process has to be very carefully handled. Here is the link to the following Telegram post I left about this deployment:

For your easy reference, here is what the message states and the corresponding article that supports my conclusion:

The National Guard has been ACTIVATED and DEPLOYED to start the military presence and takedown of this cabal. If you cannot see what I see, do some more research. If you are new to this information, this may not make sense to you. Everything is being done in plain site so as not to alarm the sleeping public. All of this is a show, but this is how the military is being “deployed” into public view, under the guise of this plandemic. Watch California and Watch New York! This is habbening! We will be seeing moar and moar military being “deployed” by the Biden actor.

Corresponding Article called National Guard deployed to COVID-19 test sites in Ventura County as omicron surge quickens

Remember, nothing is going to happen overnight so as not to disturb those that are not ready for the truth. I know that frustrates many of us, including myself, but we have to make this about the whole, and not the few who are seeking the truth like you who are reading this article.

The implementation of the military into public view will be gradual so as not to cause any upheaval. Additionally, much of this has already been going on in plain sight. I discuss these details and much moar on my podcast daily, so for a better understanding and bigger picture, tune in daily to A Fistful of Truth.

Hang in there patriots! We have come this far and truly, don’t ever forget that The Best is Yet To Come!


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~ Dilara 01.14.2021

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  1. I didn’t catch if anyone had asked you but you kinda answered it when you said it
    Was rather empty!!!!
    Is the shit gone as well!!!
    Welcome back!! Here’s some Truth For Ya………I missed you!!!

  2. Was that Van Ness? At rush hour? And did the homeless just evaporate from Civic Center?
    We know something is happening, but what on earth is it?

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