Watch California and Watch New York! Potus Decode, FEMA, Floods, Martial Law and Moar!

Happy 17th of January 2022 – MLK Day and moar!

Today Maria Benardis and I did a live Monday Matters on A Fistful of Truth video podcast which is yet to upload (video takes forever!) to Spotify and (audio only on latter platform). In the meantime, you can view the two hours of news and moar from East to West coast on Maria’s YouTube channel here:


Maria and I report together weekly about what is really habbening!

This week’s topics include disinformation, Potus’ speech decodes on 01/15/22 in AZ, FEMA camps and what the military is really doing! Also discussed was SUDDEN IMPACT! San Francisco Streets and Military Deployed! and what to expect over the coming months as The Military Is In Control!

Watch California and watch New York!

Tune in to this new episode and join us every Monday for real news from real people who are all about The Truth, And Nothing But.

God bless you patriots, God bless you Maria and #WWG1WGA!

Happy Birthday, Dr. King


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Dr. Thomas Lewis and Dr. Michael Carter

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Dr. Stella Immanuel

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Photography by Brad

Arizona Moon 01.17.2022

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~ Dilara 01.17.2021

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  1. Hi Dilara Yes Im the one you said hello to during your podcast with Maria and I’m also the one who invited you for your interview with Spiritually Raw.I posted this poem today and your mods took it down Stillness 4/29/21

    Like the sun melts away the haze The anguish and uncertainty Will come to an end Like the waves that crash on the open sea Thoughts of despair now ride calmly upon the shores

    Just like Storms that rage across angry skies The anger we’ve suppressed rides out on the horizon Rains that fall from the heavens cleansing the heart that once cried out in pain

    Just as The Sun follows the moon to enlighten each given day The darkness gives way to the light We must come to understand That stillness comes to rescue us in times of chaos

    Michael Schmidt

    • Beautiful and thank you Michael! yes I know you are which is why I said hello! God bless you and thank you for lovely post and for supporting our efforts to walk ONLY with A Fistful of Truth! The poem is still there! I can see it posted at 11:36AM PST – are you sure? Please kindly let me know!

  2. Very sad: in Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, there is a lousy dictatorship. We’ve been fighting for months and so many fu@@in’ idiot, that they are cursed forever, continue to sleep and to adapt to these nazi-comunist regulations. My heart is crying. Very disgusted by most of my compatriots. Very, very sad and tired….

  3. Hi D
    It’s Ash
    I need a shout out for help from any of your followers
    I’m looking for a doctor in CT, Southeastern
    I just had my father admitted to hospital, for dehydrated, not eating, lose of desire to live.
    Stopping taking meds. He doesn’t want to die, He going through a rough change from moving and I knew this was going to happen. You can’t be 82 years old and have your son sell the house youve know all your life and up root him.
    OMG, I can’t believe my mother allow this to happen. He was so dehydrated I had no choice to admit him for and IV.
    He’s NOT VAX and doesn’t not want it.
    Of course they tested him for Covid and said he had Covid pneumonia, his O2 level is 98, no wheezing how can he have Pneumonia, they didn’t even do a chest x ray. Ive had Pneumonia and I know how sick and how it feel, they did a CT scan on my lungs, I couldn’t breathe this was way before Covid. He as no shortness in breath. So I asked to treat him with HCQ and Ivermectin they said its not parodical theres no proof it works.

    I don’t have Medical Power of Attorney,

    I don’t know if or Stella Immanuel @ will let me advocate for him.

    He’s deaf, and doesn’t read or write, I stuck here looking for someone to email me back
    I tried asking for Hospice care and take him home I was denied.

    I did call and left a message at my attorney’s that I need to contact an attorney to get some kind of medical advocate or medical Power of Attorney.

    I just need a doctor to let me talk for him. He’s weak and out of it, and shame on my mother for letting it get this far….


    • I am sorry Ash I do not know what to do for you. I cannot do anything from here but pray. My prayers are with you and your family. I will pray with my prayer group for you and your family and father. 🙏🏼✝️

  4. Ty D for your prayers. Dad’s doing well, Covid pneumonia is an easy beat for him doc said, they are more concerned with his kidneys due to the severe dehydration. But I’m on top of everything at hospital daily with

    I did get through to Dr. Stella. Ive got to say the service was 5 STARS. filled out her HUGE medical questionnaire, but thats a good thing tho… Within 8 ours meds shipped. I ordered on Monday received Wednesday, thats AWSOME TIMING.


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