The Best is Yet To Come!

That’s right!

This is just the beginning of showing them. Once the public sees with their own eyes (and thick programmed skulls) what has been before their very eyes to begin with, oh man. Then the party is really going to get started!

But for now, we sit and wait. Like we have been for so long. Remember, we were once asleep too so have patience with those who are still hitting the snooze button. You don’t have to hold their hand or explain it to them, but you should at least point them in the right direction.

More and more mutton will be coming your way with millions of questions. It will be frustrating. Trust me. So the key is to let people find their own tribe. Different knowledge levels require different treatment and information. You can’t teach an (average) third grader differential equations until they understand fractions first. Keep in mind the they will still be Conquering Cognitive Dissonance and may not be ready for The Truth, And Nothing But. Our job is to Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of The Great Awakening and #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension. Overcoming censorship right now is one of the biggest challanges, but patriots never give up. We know how to #HoldTheLine!

Imagine how these people are going to feel when they realize what we already know! Imagine the outrage, the lash back, the embarrassment. The tail between their legs. Oh my, it’s gonna be epic! Executions for treason, confessions, the fall and arrest of all these pompous disgusting idiotic demons in Pedowood and public office, public humiliation, justice. It’s all on the way. Trust the plan! God always and forever wins. And vengeance is always, always, always His.

And don’t forget, the best is yet to come! 🥳 🇺🇸 ⚖️

We ♥️ you DJT!

Thread and Posts

I’m staying away from posting anything on Twitter unless it is screenshots. Accounts all disappearing left and right. We will be back, as Potus said, in some form, but until then, the blog is it.

For now, we have a group of amazing anons bringing you this information here and really, however and wherever else we can. This blog will provide daily posts of non-conventional news that anons are used to and keep up with for the most part. Some of these anons have become so mainstream that they are no longer anons; they have become the MSM of the movement. Not us! We will not give in to controlled narratives, money or famefagging.

The truth is all you will see here. Just raw posts and information daily. We encourage everyone to do their own research. This is, after all your awakening. Every one has to wake themselves up. No one can do it for you. So keep your Eyes Wide Open and don’t forget that They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

Here are some relevant posts of the day:

From the board.
Anons pay attention to this detail! You are watching a show!
More anon posts.
No words. And the public still sleeps. Comfortably numb all of them.
Now this is the kinda lady I wanna hang out with! Forget the rest!

Links and Articles

Today’s breaking news: Operation Lost Angels. Missing children in Los Angeles. There is actually many more operations that just this one. I am aware of a few of them.

Interesting that the link above says “33” children have been found. That is a masonic number and I believe that much more children have been found – that this is just a soft release of the vast numbers of sex and child trafficking that has been under siege by Trump’s administration.

Below is an older document that I previously posted on Twitter and was put in thought jail for a few days. This is just a snippet of what the worldwide child trafficking operation was doing with adrenachrome supplies and how they are harvesting it. Horrible.

And in other news, Microsoft plans on bringing back the dead (like they already haven’t been doing this). Thank you Brad for this link:

Microsoft files a patent to bring back dead loved ones as AI “chatbots” from their digital harvested data, having seemingly learned nothing from Black Mirror:

Kind of reminds you of the CDC campaign of zombies that they have already created with their matrix satanic programming. Remember this? It’s an actual working link (for now) on the CDC’s site. In your face about how to prepare for a “zombie apocalypse” (their words, not mine) :

From the CDC’s website. Yes, they are serious. This is what the vaccine (Moderna and Lusiferace will do). Get ready!


My Video Update 01.24.21

There is a weird reflection in my glasses from the sunscreen in my car. Just noticed it lol.

Last night, I watched The Golden Child, the old 80’s movie with Eddie Murphy and OMG 😱! You have to sit down and watch the entire thing from beginning to end. Trust me it completely worth it knowing what we know now. Here is a short clip but there is much moar in the movie:

The Golden Child

Prayers & Poetry

Thank you Jeetu for this post 👇🏼🙏🏼♥️✝️🕉

So true! Potus knows this! Winning!

This video took place on 01.14.20 I meant to post it on this date in 2021 but I had a personal emergency that day. So here it is. A powerful prayer and prophecy from Apostle Maldonado.

There is a shakin’ coming! He predicted this all pre COVID! About a two minute clip:

Apostle Maldonado 01/14/2020


They are just soooo gross!
Via Bill @swellbs on Gab you can follow Bill for hilarious content there.
Will there be an end to these Bernie memes? Probably not! 😅

And my fave:

Tune of the Day

The Church on of my fave 80’s bands. Reptile. They knew.

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~ Dilara 01.24.21 ♥️🇺🇸

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  1. Always love your input. Going to read all of it eventually!
    Starting with the red-pill advice because maybe there is something else I could do differently.
    I realized long ago that people are on different levels…tho I think when it hits the general population in a big way, that might save some explaining! Lol…But going to focus on what to share, where to find it, and being kind….and understanding. Its a lot of shit to take in!
    I thank you for your efforts, always awesome. God bless to you and yours! Derek

  2. Dear Dilara,
    Sending you every warm blessing, as usual.
    All Your latest updates here are so deeply appreciated. And this one, no less. Thank you also for your insights re: the heavy “twattterrr” purge, and your Helpful guidance towards the unadulterated Truths are eternally the light of day! Aloha, n

  3. Love your blog and updates. I was banned from twit the same day as Potus, Flynn and many other Patriots. God Bless and Great Work>je

  4. Hey Dilara and all you guys!

    I’m asking which way will be used to expose all those horrible crimes to the people. TV’s are all handled by the deep state, and it’s the same for newspapers too. In addition, on the web so many fake news will not help the people to understand any “truth”. EBS maybe will be used? It’s a big problem trying to expose anything if ALL media are against you…
    In Italy it would be impossible do this!

    Thanks in advance!
    (My English sucks, sorry! 😀 :-D)


    • Nope. On Twitter Im @EsengilDilara but not active. Locked it up. On GAB if the world ends only lol @DilaraEsengil but won’t touch it otherwise. Here is where you can find me and the patriots that help me daily through this storm. Godspeed!

  5. I’m glad you mentioned the exopolitical stuff. People need to be aware of just how much damage a human with a diseased mind can do in the galaxy….. like a spreading plague. Earthquake data is the easiest way to prove DUMBs, there’s P(pressure) waves but no S(shear) waves because a nuke doesn’t produce S waves. You can actually Trust Science with that one…… vaccines, I’ll pass.

  6. Hi Dilara! When my sleeping family members begin to wake up the shock may kill them.. they cannot get past their long term liberal loyalty no matter what… at least not right now! I took took your advice & stopped trying!When they open their mouth, my insides scream(the silent scream???) Many thanks for this blog-it keeps me keen!

  7. You always work so darn hard on this stuff! I so much appreciate what you do my dear friend! Anybody out there who doesn’t take this author seriously, you’re going to miss the biggest opportunity in your lifetime, or in any lifetime for that matter.

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