A few weeks ago I went to the Sunset Strip here in pedowood and provided footage of the STANDARD HOTEL Shut Down!

We all know What Happened At The Standard Hotel?

This was after Helicopters Hovering Over Hollywood Under A Hunter’s Moon! and Human Cargo Ships Busted! took place.

ARRESTS ARE HABBENING! and The Military Is In Control!

As Ghislaine Maxwell the wicked sea witch of the underworld goes on “trial” this week (she should be facing a military tribunal but sometimes, You Must Show Them), the world seems to have already forgotten that Epstein didn’t kill himself. Wouldn’t it be lovely if he made a special appearance at Maxwell’s trial?

Or better yet, if they bring out Ray Chandler: Child Handler in the middle of her testimony?

Always remember that You Are Watching a Show 🎥🍿 and it was quit a ways back when we were told The Stage Is Set.

Now, it’s time to connect the dots.

Remember this?

See article called STANDARD HOTEL Shut Down!

Now, take a look at THIS!

The Standard DTLA (Down Town Los Angeles) is boarded up and CLOSED!


I believe there is way moar to this than meets the eye! For more original video content, keep scrolling as I have posted all the footage I took here below this article. Pass this on patriots! This is exciting stuff for anons and truth seekers worldwide!

Not only is this more proof that these vile vermin are Going To Gitmo, but it is further evidence of a massive military operation underway.

Realize that a lot of this massive Cabal Takedown is being done in plain sight.

The military is operating right before our very eyes.

When you leave your house, go to your job (those of us that are still employed) or even get your groceries, chances are that you have passed by a military run operation that has to do with everything from Saving The Children to The Filth And Scum Of Pedowood.

Under the guise of daily operations, you may not notice unmarked vehicles or disguised military operations going on undercover.

That’s right: undercover.

Just like cops stake out bad guys, this operation is a full blown global stake out of a criminal cabal. While in the dark of night More Choppers Over Celebrity Homes in LA! hover low and keep us awake (but happy!), children are being saved while executions are going on at Gitmo.

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Yes, we want to see all them brought to justice. But first, we have to let the military do their job. There are still many facets of this operation that we don’t and will most likely, never ever know.

But that is why we were told to Hold The Line! , Trust The Plan! and Be Careful Who You Follow.

Now sit back, grab your snacks and tune into this real, live footage of what is really going on in Los Angeles!

Remember, You Have Moar Than You Know!

Stay The Course patriots!

The Best is Yet To Come!


Part 1 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Entrance off the LA Freeway to Meat Packing District/DTLA👇🏼

Part 2 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Entering DTLA Meat Packing District 👇🏼

Part 3 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Strip Clubs and Meat District👇🏼

Part 4 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Conveniently Located Train Tracks in Meat District👇🏼

Part 5 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: DTLA City View 👇🏼

Part 6 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Skid Row 7th and Julian area DTLA 👇🏼

Part 7 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Wells Fargo Building and Standard DTLA👇🏼

Part 8 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Entrance To The Standard DTLA Masonic Entrance 👇🏼

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall

Part 9 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: ALL BOARDED UP!👇🏼

Part 10 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Boarded UP!👇🏼

Part 11 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: California Club Next Door To Hotel which happens to be located at 538 Flower Street which in turn, via Green Dot Anon, represents, in Jewish gematria all sorts of bad stuff. Look it up. You will see how this is all related. There is also a wine club on the bottom floor of this club called “528 Wine and Spirits.” It never ends… ever.

Part 12 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Hidden In Plain Sight👇🏼

Do you see it?

Just one example.

Nice Blood RED writing – for the sacrificial symbolism! Cannibalgate and The Human Meat Industry go hand in hand. This all based on Blood Currency.

Part 13 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Zion National Bank👇🏼

Part 14 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Oh Look! The Canadian Consulate is right next door to with these bloodsuckers! You can’t make this shit up! Talk about an infestation!👇🏼

Part 14 of the Standard DTLA Shut Down: Tik Tik Boom – Now Dark to Light? 👇🏼

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?


Don’t forget whose on trial this week! And who she’s buddies with!

Oh wait! Did you remember when Elon was shaking hands with Bill Gates – Jeff Bezos buddy? Take a looksy! My article called The Best Show On Earth features my old Twitter thread detailing this insanity:

Also, check out my blog posts called Blood Diamonds, Dark to Light and Biggest Fear: Public Awakening for more on Elon and pals.

This from 7Alon, look at the Epstein connection to the STANDARD and AUSTRALIA!

What does this mean? Connect the dots! Who knows where the bodies are buried? Every day is Flynn Friday when it comes to this epic Cabal Takedown.

The Epstein connection Downunder

Epstein and Maxwell are Mossad intelligence using children as honeypots to leverage control over powerful people through their ‘little secret’ of child rape. 

Epstein’s island was where children were ritually abused. It had a temple and underground rooms where children were tortured

Child trafficking operates as international operations on a scale hard to imagine and horrific to comprehend. Our children have and are being used as a crop to fund evil agendas. 

Keating has been seen leaving from Epstein’s NY apartment.

Photos show Ghislaine and Murdoch together 

Lindsay Fox trucking tycoon partied with these two Mossad agents when they visited Australia. The head of a huge trucking conglomerate linked to child traffickers. 

How many other Australians will appear in the evidence at Ghislaine’s trial starting 29 November❓

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Here are these two monsters appearing as what some dickbag who was on the payroll to falsely declare “The Most Influential People” and sold that phrase and idea to the American public. (Watch The Century Of The Self to see how the media came to completely control the American mind). Hope this duo is tortured to death like their victims. There are no rules when you break them with our children. You murder rape torture and eat kids, you pay in ways that don’t have any rules. I am sure their endings are epic on a karmic scale.


Here is more on Balazs – oh what a character we have here!é_Balazs

And this

He probably has an Eggstein dick. Did you know that s high percentage of sexual predators have deformed genitalia? They take it out on their victims. A lot of pedophiles are in this catagory. Choads.

Look at BALAZS and JFK’s Honey Caroline Bisset Kennedy at the Supperclub NY May 5 1998 – what is going on here folks? (via Green Dot Anon) Why is the same man appearing with Abromovic in a picture with Caroline?

And he happens to have “restored” the Chateau Marmont – where all the dirtiness of Pedowood takes place from blackmail to “suicides” to clones that are transported to this location via underground tunnels. Yep. And added bonus? It’s right down the same street (on the Sunset Strip) from the West Hollywood STANDARD HOTEL Shut Down!

I hope they have this character and that he’s Going To Gitmo and straight to hell in a handbaskst. Vermin. A doctor too – imagine the cabal connections here. Just looking at his mug makes you want to take a few showers to get the grime off.


Standard Connections from Green Dot Anon

Look at this crap! You can actually visit the Standard Hotel website and actually purchase this shit.


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Selcuk’s Meme Parade

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes 

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  1. Yeah, it was very easy to see the “SATAN” pattern on the Standard collage. I wonder if the fact that the main “Standard” marquee being upside down is to convey the message that they have no standard. As always, nice work Dilara. 👏

  2. I believe the woman judge Allison J Nathan in the Ghislane Maxwell case was a member of the secret society Quill and Dagger and guess who else is purported to be a member? Andre Balazs who I believe is the owner of the Standard Hotel.Oh, and the prosecutor of the case is James Comey’s daughter….Nathan was also an Obama appointed judge and looks like she is up for a promotion from Biden to a higher position. Don’t think we can expect much justice in this courthoom…but we never did did we?

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