The Filth And Scum Of Pedowood

That’s what they are!

They are sick, deformed and they are part of a huge child trafficking ring. They use kids for sex and food. I have said it many times (The Pedovirus, Saving The Children and Cannibalgate) and will say it again: pedowoood is guilty.

They are all going to get it.

Judgement Is Coming, Pedowood and They can’t sleep! Good!

So get ready patriots because at some near future point, They Will Not Be Safe Walking Down The Street.

Their shitty little fake worlds of ego are going to crumble soon.

They will never be famous, but infamous.

They will be remembered only for their crimes against humanity.

For Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Good riddance demons.

#NoOneCaresAboutCelebritiesAnymore (use that hashtag – they absolutely hate it!).

Linda Paris and I had a great discussion about these scum in her interview featured in my article called The Snarkiest of All.

All of these douchebag egomaniacs and false C-HIGH-A (sorry you have to use different spelling for WP to not flag the articles) controlled idols are all dinosaurs of the past. Vile cretin no one will even want to remember or talk about. Ignoring something makes it die, did you know that?

So go ahead and Unfollow Them.

They are shivering and shaking in their panties. All of them.

They are freaking out.

You know why? They are losing money and fan bases. They know their time is up.

Their Biggest Fear: Public Awakening!

So wake up people! Sheep No More!

Get with it and stop supporting theses scum.

That’s what they are and soon they will be treated that way!

Tick tock, your time is up!

Judge Them By Fire 🔥✝️

🔥 ⚖️ ✝️ ⚖️ 🔥


Don’t forget who we are saving for last! Everything is being done under the radar! This beast of a creature is going down too! From last January – Due to criminal charges, Netanyahu resigns from 3 ministerial portfolios

Texas governor bans mandated COVID-19 ‘vaccine passports’

Native American Sweat Lodge Construction and Ceremony—a Personal Account


Some of you are confused by General Flynn praising Alex Jones. It’s the same reason he praised Tracy Burnz (same original camp).

They are controlled now by the white hats. What started off bad, didn’t necessarily turn good, but they had to make the deal.

Alex Jones is a clown op and shill. Most people who are not familiar with how disinformation works are sucked in. Just like they were all sucked into MSM. Flynn’s position and IQ trumps these clowns every day. Flynn is a maven of counter intelligence and how to control opposition. They stand no change against our beloved General. Their little brains cannot quit comprehend the bigger intellect of this man. Remember, Eagles Don’t Soar With Pigeons and they eat them for breakfast.

Here is the video today from Flynn. AJ is now his bitch. The typical operation of counter intelligence involves working with the enemy. Just like any beat cop on the trail of a dealer, there is always a supplier. You use the low level dealer (AJ) to get to the supplier (the head of the hydra). You play your cards. You are watching a show. The purpose of this video is to push the real vaccine that Potus and Flynn have been talking about: HCQ. Using AJ’s misled fanbase is beyond genius. You can read more about HCQ in my article called The Parasitic Invasion. Get some. It can save your life. The jab will end you. The HCQ will give you immunity to The Invisible Enemy.

Statement from General Flynn about HCQ!

Still not convinced that AJ made a deal? Let Stone tell you the consequence. Live like a bitch, act like a bitch, make a deal like a bitch. AJ is one of them. Guess he didn’t like the alternative! Fat shill.

From the movie A Thousand Pieces. See link 👈🏼 to my article on how to watch this masterpiece! Featuring FLYNN!😂💥🇺🇸

More idiots. Baldwin is a huge pedo scum bucket. Those who scream the loudest, fall the hardest. BURN! They have been telling you all along. They are not fully human. Don’t let your programming get in the way of the truth! The easiest way to cope with an alternate reality is to dismiss it as conspiracy theory. Your own mind is enslaving you if you don’t open it to other worldly possibilities. What Are You Going To Believe? Welcome to The New, Unprogrammed You.

Make sure you watch Team America and have a laugh at these clowns!

Cain..Tubal Cain!! Full Version by Nicholson1968

Thank you Franky for this post! All of the 007 series is based on Luciferian John Dee and the shitshow! BURN!

My video update today



Norcal Surf by MM


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~ Dilara 04.06.2021

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  1. Your video with deplorable McAllister was amazing! Such great info as people are so taken by these fools in Hollywood. I have never been a fan of most of them. My poor husband is going to be so upset when he finds out Jennifer Anniston is done and not a female, They did a heck of a job on her deceiving us. I am enjoying your blog as it is so full of info and Linda has done such a great job in her research (I’ve been watching her for a few years now). You two together will be unstoppable! Go girls!

    • Thank you! I’m a big fan of Linda and she is 10000% truth no filter and no concern for anything but the raw realities! Many men will not be able to take the reality. Too bad for them! Lol. Thank you patriot! God bless you!

  2. Another great blog post! Skin walker pod cast was awesome. I now officially have a crush on Linda Paris! What can i say? God bless!

  3. Dilara, I LOVE your blog! I am sharing it. Thank you for not candy coating any of this or trying to be politically correct. I am sick to death of that shit. I am INFURIATED about these sick pedophile adrenochrome vampire c*nts. I am glad to hear someone else’s anger is as strong as mine. I loved your show with Linda Paris. That show is how I found out about you. She is wonderful too. I hope you guys do more videos together. That was definitely in her top 10 of all-time best videos. My entire family is still asleep despite my desperate efforts to wake them up over the last 15 years. Most of them got the vaccine. I am beyond disgusted. I hope this whole thing blows up in their faces very soon. I hope the emergency broadcast happens. Satanic MSM has to be taken down or the idiots will never wake up. They are all brain dead. Just wanted to let you know you are awesome! And thank you! Amy

    • Amy…… entire family thinks I am NUTS!!!!! I have tried and tried to red pill my family AND NOT ONE OF THEM LISTENS TO ME!! SO DAMN FRUSTRATING!! All have gotten the jab too:( just makes me sick! I love Dilara and Linda too!! They are the best!! Glad to know that I am not the only one that has family members (including my husband) that are sheep!!! All i can do is pray for them and let it go…….hard to do sometimes! Blessings to all of you here!!

  4. Me, too, sweetheart…24/7…..Falling asleep thinking about you, honey….Listening to another track from Ottmar while I’m drowning in your beautiful pools of love and your sweet smile…..I love you with all of my heart, angel….Sweet dreams, my darling….xoxoxo

  5. Robert David Steele is persecuting Kevin Annett who is a proven advocate to save indigenous children from trafficking.
    Why is that?

  6. shared on Linda’s Telegran 😅 💗 we like Sheriff Alex Villanueva “When he invites the rest of the nation’s homeless to California, that is the death wish.” Sheriff Villanueva gives concealed carry permits bc L.A. crime rate is so dangerous. i have no time to enforce mask mandate bs.

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