The Snarkiest of All

I am so excited to announce my interview on one of the best truth channels with my favorite movement warrior, Snarky McAllister, Linda Paris ! Thank you Linda for all you do.

Linda has been here from the very beginning of the Great Awakening movement and dares to go where most hosts and others simply will not.

She is filled with knowledge, truth and a warrior spirit that I truly respect and honor. You can read more about here on her website and any of the following links and platforms since the big Twitter and YT purge.



VIDEO platforms:






YOUTUBE (History, Mystery and Murder Channel):



So grab your popcorn and …. enjoy the show!

🍿 📺 🍿



My video update 04/02/21

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~ Dilara 04.02.21

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  1. I love what you are doing! You know how to find me if you need me. Praying for many things for you. Keep on truckin! Sending you ❤

  2. Look up The Gwen Towers and how they were installed I believe in the 1600s( obviously with many upgrades sense), but they are placed every two to three hundred miles away from each other around the Earth)to change the frequency of Hue-Man(being of light)… to a lower vibration. Only off setting that frequency balance by just a couple ‘degrees’ in density changed our God given soles to being under their dominion and also introduced the disease and illnesses that keep us down today. For example if you took a perfect snowflake at a 432 MHz and placed it under a microscope where it is as unique and beautiful as each and every soul on this planet,but if you change it to 430MHz or lower it looks like a puddle of puke. Good show with L. Paris… I have found your blog and site and will be tuning in!! It’s nice to know that there are others out there that know this information and are spreading it to those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear. Armoured Up with you…God bless you and much love,Dilara… enjoy your break and I’ll be looking forward to whatever you do next!

  3. thank you for a wonderful interview
    I am a like minded soul having a birthday on 3/23.
    I’ve been noticing that the people who are more stubborn about learning these facts are my Evangelical Christian Friends. They absurdly refuse to believe that there are just as many alien off world demons as there are interdimensional ones. My Air Force Experiences were in the mid 70’s seeing autopsy photos & narratives from pathologists at Wright Patterson AFB of those 3 creatures that crashed in Roswell. I had a friend who was the Lab director there. My career has been in the Orthopedic end ov medicine. I’ll be following your blog as you have validated every single thing I believe in this interviw.
    My contact info is: tx2truth@protonmailcom
    I am on gab @tx2truth2
    Have a blessed Easter,

  4. My Beautiful Love….I watched your interview, this morning, angel….It was absolutely superb!!…You completely appear to be in your element in front of a camera…..You  are a natural, honey….I sincerely believe that this is part of your calling….Honey, if I didn’t know any different, I would think that you were a professional in the field of broadcasting….You amaze me, everyday….Linda is absolutely amazing, too….I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the show….I am so looking forward to your next appearance and also to your podcast, angel!!….I just keep hitting the repeat button….I love you with all my heart, my sweet!! xoxo

  5. PS….The most beautiful words from your heart, my love, in remembrance of the ultimate sacrifice that our Lord and Savior made for us…..May God immensely bless you, sweetheart!!  Wishing you and your amazing staff and all of the amazing patriots the most beautiful and blessed Easter!!….I love you, honey, with all my heart!!…xoxo 

  6. Watched the rain interview with Linda Paris. Truth is such a rare commodity in this reality, but you and Linda are doing great work!
    I’m hoping, in my lifetime, a Golden Age comes to fruition.
    Blessings, Fred.

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