Biggest Fear: Public Awakening

At some point, we have to all come to the realization that this whole Cabal Takedown thing is not going to be a quick and easy ending. Happy? Yes. Quick and easy? No.

What we are witnessing is the unfolding, deconstruction and restoration of systems. The magnitude of this is beyond simple human comprehension. So don’t feel frustrated with the plan. Just trust it. Walk in faith, not by sight.

The cabal needs a blood sacrifice in order to usher in their overlord satan. That is their ultimate, sick goal. For a very long time, this has been fulfilled in large part in the form of human trafficking for these very nefarious reasons.

I ask you all kindly to please revisit my article that is very crucial at this time called Blood Currency. There is a video featured in it by Jim Nichols called Atlantis Rising. You cannot deny yourself the information in this video. It is of utter importance to view and digest. It explains what Potus keeps calling The Invisible Enemy.

The cabal will stop at nothing to get the human blood sacrifice they need. Since Potus has put an end to their supply chain of humans, they stepped up their game and created the plandemic. First put people in fear, then they will do anything you want.

The cabal’s vaccine Moderna featuring Lusiferace (which you can read more about in the last few weeks of blog posts as well as my article called What Is Going On?) are designed to kill the fearful population running to get in within 3 months to 5 years. This is information they do NOT want the public to know. And just in case that doesn’t pan out, the cabal is using fear to control the mass minds tuned into their programming to lead them into the next diabolical event: a fake alien invasion.

That’s right! This is what is next on the cabal’s agenda. A fake alien invasion where they create havoc upon multiple cities around the world, using their own technology (think Elon Musk style stuff) and after all the damage is done the will have their Blood Currency.

Wars, famine, diseases, all man made plandemics for their food supply both materially and energetically.

Stay Informed and Be Grateful features one of my favorite people, John DeSouza talking about this very topic. Make sure you read the article and view John’s input as he is the real deal and also, The Real Life Mulder 🛸.

So what are we going to do about all this?

What can we do?

Keep talking, keep informing others. The more people know, the less effective their plans will be. The more people will survive what is coming. Truth is what saves us. Lies are what kill us.

Remember: your awakening is their biggest fear.

We must not stop.

Share this information with only those who are at the level of being able to hear it. For others, please read Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of The Great Awakening and maybe even The 12 Steps of Late Awakening. One more that might help you is The Truth Is Not For Everyone. Don’t mean to overload you guys, but better share what we can, while we still can.

At some point, expect an internet shut down. It’s bound to happen. It may not. But at some point, we may be out of communication in the future. Not now, not anytime soon in my opinion.

We still have time to inform the sheep.

And the White Hats are working around the clock. You can be sure of this. And know that we have help from higher dimensional realms. 😉 For God is with us and He has sent many angels to oversee this operation as well! AMEN!

And most importantly, pray.

God is always listening. 🙏🏼♥️✝️

Whose side is Modi on? These pictures are from a video that I can no longer find. Check this out!

Here is a mini thread of posts about Not a Lady KAKA – her dog walker is assassinated in broad daylight on a satanic holiday – Qoincdince? I don’t think so. Make sure to read the thread on this cretin tranny in the post called The Qold Winter. Shim is super vile. Super disgusting. I have met this creature in person and it’s really not human. Not one bit. I felt like taking a bleach bath afterwards.

Another dog comm! Four times two: 8? hmm.

Here is an article about the KAKA dog walker death:

But wait! There is MOAR: The death of the dog walked happens to be on… SURPRISE! A Satanic HOLIDAY! Another blood sacrifice! LOOK!

These people are sick. End of KAKA thread.

From Bunnyfwend – a gallery of good information. Chris Rock is done. Sold out. Finished. Netflix is bad news too.

These MV’s were and have been in California as well as other states. Do you think this is just for fun? This was ongoing during Potus first term. The military is in place patriots, and they are here to protect we the American people, so Hold The Line!

Thank you BOOM!
The Princess Bride has many clues: watch the video in Happy Valentine’s Day


Via Gene: “We’re all ‘domestic terrorists now” 🙄


Via 7Alon: Trump blasts Fed for being ‘wrong so often,’ says 2021 will be ‘one of our best’





via BOOM!

Thanks Brian!😂 💥

SuperMike’s Meme Picks

Brian’s Brave Memes

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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~ Dilara 02.25.21

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  1. As always a fantastic post. Thank you for posting my comment on yesterday’s post ☺️👍❤️ I’ve was able to wake up several people lately. 🙏🏻 Some of my best friends are not getting it so I stopped trying. They think I’m a little crazy. Don’t care what anyone thinks. POTUS is with us. God is with us. Jesus is with us. Nothing can stop what is coming. Alien invasion would definitely wake people up.

    ❤️🇺🇸✝️. Melanie

    • Yes, but the fear mongered mask wearing stupid will not awaken and get into moar fear. TOO BAD. GOD WINS. They have strayed from God. Praying for all. Thank you for your well through out and heartfelt comments. God bless you Serenity!

  2. You are right. God wins!

    God bless you Dilara. Have a fabulous day. WWG1WGA.

    You might see me one day on social media or in a news article. Standing up to the government control ,hint.CDC hint FAA. 😉😉😉😉😉. Refusing to wear a mask and social distancing. God is telling to be patient. When I’m called to do the right thing. 🙏🇺🇸💜💪✝️

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