The Fed Is Dead

“True freedom lies in doing what you should do when you ought to do it. otherwise, you are a slave.”

Paramahnsa Yogananda said that.

Until you free yourself from the matrix, you will remain a sheep, a slave, a goyim forever.

None of Us Are Free… Yet!

Let’s just dive in as this post has LOTS of info and took me a little extra time to assemble today. My video update below discusses the events of today. What are the odds of a Tiger and The Fed crashing in the same day? 🤔

Follow The Money.

A sincere thank you to everyone who contributes daily to this effort to keep us informed.



A post from Songbird on Twitter:


I really loved what this anon had to say in the comments of yesterday’s blog post called Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming:

Thank you Serenity!
Thank you Brian.

Take a look at the Tiger Woods car crash – the car appears a light color in some photos, and dark in others on Google. And then there is this: Tiger was seen with Andy Spade lately. Andy Spade – Kate Spade – not looking good for Tiger.. The day before the accident, there was this photo on social media:

The company you keep… Choices. Money over God.

My old thread on Andy Spade

Did you know some of Kate Spade (who was, uhm, suicided with a red scarf) purses were made of human skin for the elite? And that the decapitated heads of victims of trafficking were in the purses being shipped overseas to China for dismantling? You know the cabal likes to smoke the pineal gland like crack and eat walnut sauce. Look that up. It will make you more than sick. And Tiger is hanging out with these people?

Watch who you follow is no joke.

Here is the old thread.

Via Brad from , on Telegram:

Hmmm, is this guy official? Military Surface Deployment & Distro Command. Does he know what ripples this kind of phrase sends through the universe???

The Calm Before the Storm… per CSM Rocky L. Carr  (Interesting name when Tiger in a car accident today) 🧐 (the Tweet was deleted but here is a screenshot):

Deleted Tweet.

Thank you for the Reminder BOOM!

A message via Brad from Sabmyk on Telegram:

They made us believe that consumption, sex, drugs, money, is the only sense of life. 

They made us believe that consumption is the strongest motivation to make us forget what really the strongest motivation is. 

It’s the faith. 

Faith is the only human superpower. 

Faith is the only thing that makes every of us special and unique. Faith is the only thing that makes us different to robots. It’s the only thing that makes us humans. 

Without faith we are not more than machines that can be replaced by other machines. They don’t need chips to make us machines, it’s much more easier. Media, police, schools, money and government does it too. 

Our faith is our superpower and our source of everything – of the complete universe, of everything that is, has been and will ever be. Nothing more is needed when one has the faith. 

Every child has and owns such a very unique and special source from the beginning. A source that nobody else in the universe has, can buy or own, that only belongs and can only be owned by a single unique person. 

The school is the first state owned institution to destroy and to brake this unique source by replacing it with another source. A source that can be bought and sold. A „venal general source“ that is owned and controlled by a few people. 

By controlling this „venal general source“ they decide which faith is allowed and which not – but first they need to destroy our God given faith and source.

They invented fancy names, numbers and statistics to gave their „venal source“ a good looking face and name. To prevent this „venal source“ from being recognized as what it is, its name and face has to be changed over and over again. They call this change innovation.

Without our God given faith we depend on such „alien venal sources“ that are owned by somebody else. 

Without our own faith we can’t make a single step not being controlled and watched by those who controls the „venal source“. 

Real faith does not need an alien venal source. Real faith comes from the heart. Real faith can’t be bought or sold, therefore they see real faith as a threat to their power, because they see everything they can’t own as a threat to their power. 

That’s the reason why they want to destroy our faith. 

Faith is not based on numbers and statistics. It’s based on something stronger: a feeling. 

The only feeling they can create is fear. It’s the weakest feeling. Love and happiness ist stronger, but they can not produce love by their numbers and statistics. However love wins! We’ll win! 

SABMYK (no. 5)



Thank you Kel! 👆🏼👇🏼

More on the Fed is DEAD:

Thank you Ron and Rachel. How true!


Before David Wilcock became David Shillcock, he had some good things to say. Here is an article that he had written in 2014.

Via Kel: So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump. 💥💥💥💥

Via Donnie: Entire Federal Reserve System Crashes❗️


Is Modi a Globalist or is part of this WH Operation? Whose side is he on?

White House Closes Permanently? Via Pamela:

Former Vodafon Boss Blows the Whistle on 5G Coronavirus 👇🏼

My video update today:




Bill’s Hall of Infamemes



This song is hilarious. One of my faves. The lyrics are hysterical.

🤣 “I’ll piss on your Polo and your Pavarotti” 🤣

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~ Dilara 02.24.21


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  1. I agree that faith is our superpower, we are the ones connected to God and there’s lots of fake humans on this planet that aren’t, which makes them parasites. Everyone needs to strengthen that connection, which also provides more protection of your energy and sharpens your perception. The split is coming soon, probably once Trump returns. Then it’ll get pretty interesting. Thanks for the updates!

  2. Hi D, Do you follow Candace Ownes by any chance? I follow her on Twitter and Telegram. After reading about and I follow Simon Parkes on is website talking about the cleaning out the Dumbs under the White House and Congress that started I believe around the 29th of Janury. Then came with blast and flames. Following a few others posting photos of smoke at the Ronald Reagan airport. Simon mentioned that Ms. Owens had tweeted about something going on in DC with her house shaking. So I checked her Twitter and Telegram. This is what her Telegram pages says;

    February 10 2021
    10:29 p.m. Just heard a massive explosion in D.C. Our entire home just shook. Anyone know what that was?

    10:34 p.m. Not WH related, for clarity. Tons of fire trucks in street. People now outside.

    10:34 p.m. RT thingingurl; Hey #dc was that thunder? Or some explosion?

    10:39 p.m. Can’t confirm, but my neighbor is saying the fire trucks were called ahead for a gas leak. Don’t think they were able to resolve it in time-hence the explosion. Feel like some homes maybe could have been evacuated before then.

    10:44 p.m. Husband went outside-spoke to fire Chief. Apparently explosion was a manhole cover blowing. Claims we are all about to lose power. Firefighters have been out there because they though there was a carbon monoxide issue. (How those two things are related, I don’t know)

    10:44 p.m. (Candace RT) Manny Fidel; Big explosion across the street from me. There were huge flames before I thought to take a pic. I think it was a circuit breaker (?) because my lights were going nuts right before the bang

    10:54 p.m. Here is a more official account for those following. DC Fire and EMS Update CO incident 1300 block Vermont Ave NW. Still have elevated readings. Also investigating smoke manhole outside structure. @pepcoConnect on scene. In the process of ventilating the building.

    You know the Military is working those Dumbs under DC. From what Ive been reading you can only pick up so much of the body parts and place it in a body bag. Then the process of clearing out the rats, I mean the real rats not the Cabal. Fumigation with flame and chemical to stop the cause of disease happening??? I know this sounds harsh to some, but if the Cabal been using those tunnels for years just think of the amount of (no good word for it) body waste.

    I just can’t wait for this to end… The collateral damage of these children, the numbers grow daily. It just sickens me knowing what the Cabal does to them. The Cabal are breed generation after generation it’s literally beaten and raped out of them from infant to they are no longer the grantee but the grantor

    P.S. I have see the smoke coming from the manholes in Cali too.

  3. Hi Dilara,

    Thank you so much for all the research and work that you do helping spread the word.
    I am just a small town Canadian girl.
    I am replying to you because im not sure if you have heard of Russell- Jay: Gould
    He found out about the banking system many years ago and actually captured the flag after the 3rd US bankruptcy n 1999. He served time in prison cause of not giving up. He is the post master of the world. Among many other things. (Chief Supreme court judge?)
    I am wondering if you have heard of him or if your taking into account any of his work.
    I really appreciate all the work you do an would like to thank you again for your time.
    Have a wonderful day Dilara, and many blessing s to you and yours


    : Russell-Jay: Gould. – YouTube
    : Russell-Jay: Gould, Hero of Our Planet: Truth-Wins. : Thanks for the video-sharing. : Love &: Kindness to the World.: Ru…

    Sent from Outlook


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