The Tale of Two Trannies: Orca and The Prince-mess

The most difficult part of our journey, in my opinion, is now. Although The Best is Yet To Come!, this whole Hold The Line! business is getting a bit wearisome for many patriots. 

As the density of those clinging on their comfortable matrix for their dear lives gets worse for us every day, going out into public amongst the Mad Masked Karens and Fearful Franks has now become a tedious task. Heavier than a box of petrified shit rocks, their energy is dragging down the planet. Which is exactly what the cabal wants.

In this incredible time in human history, it is easy to get frustrated, irritable and even angry at all the morons out there who refuse to listen, reason and simply wake the f*** up. How We All Feel is a testament in prose to the collective challenges of being aware of information that is right in front of their faces, yet they refuse to see.

But you have to remember this one golden rule: Protect Your Energy: #HoldTheLine

Thats right. You don’t have to mingle with the masses, try to help them or even talk to them at this point. Their brains are not able to process what you may have to say. They are too busy clinging, fearing, and hating. Do not engage with these zombies. Your job (if you are reading this) is not to wake up the sheep, but to wake up the other lions around you. 

Don’t see them around? Be patient. Your pride will always find you. 

Seek and ye shall find.

I am done talking to anyone who can’t understand me. You do not need to waste your time speaking Cantonese to someone who only know Italian. You’re taking to a brick wall. Move on. Remember General Flynn’s advice to Trust Each Other

Drop the Disbelievers! and move forward!

While we all wait and wait and wait, understand that first part of  the plan is over. This huge social experiment and MI operation to disseminate information to the American public and world at large is still in progress. Lin Wood reminded us recently that it ain’t easy bringing down a 12,000 year old cabal. 

And that is The Truth, And Nothing But..

12,000 years is by no coincidence a yuga cycle. The Vedic texts offer a lot of wisdom about this cosmic timeline shift for humanity. I recommend for everyone to learn more about the Vedic teachings as our Indian brothers and sisters have had a deeper understanding of this earth’s history than truly most cultures present on this planet today. India is 250 million years old in civilization! Learn from truth and real history. The information is out there but it is up to you to find it. And it’s not usually on the internet. If you are using search engines to #DoYourOwnResearch, stop right there.

Books. Remember what those are? Pick them up and read them. I read incessantly. I read the most books in my entire elementary school and had a record upon graduation from the 12th grade. Since childhood, the library is my favorite place.

Knowledge is power.

Ignorance is slavery.

Don’t be a slave.

Choose freedom. 

In other news, today Orca has hit the media with shim’s ankle bracelet (see Benjamin’s Notables below) as well as tranny manny Markle. You can read more about these vile vermin in my article called Trannygate .

That’s right.

Much of Hollywood – the Clowns In America’s third and dirtiest arm – are not what they seem. Transgenders, clones and/or baphomet inversions. I’ve met so many of them and they all make you want to gag. It’s a feeling you get through says: something is wrong w this, uhm, person. 🤮 The camera doesn’t show what you feel in person when you are face to face with these scum.

Please take a moment and revisit my article called Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation.

Most of the world is not going to be able to handle this information. They are too programmed and in denial. They can’t even understand anything outside of what the MSM feeds them. They have allowed their egos and emotions to replace what little logic they possessed to begin with. 

Conquering Cognitive Dissonance isn’t even an option for these tares anymore.

The good news is, we won’t have to deal with those who won’t unplug from the matrix. Why? Because if you keep putting poison in your mind body and soul, eventually it’s going to kill you faster. As if the vaccine, the tainted swab tests containing the nanites, and the different types of bio weapons that the cabal is using against humanity especially right now, isn’t enough to take out a good portion of the population, there is moar in store for us. Agenda 21 in full force.

Remember that the cabal needs a blood sacrifice in order to satisfy the ushering in of their overlord. Check out Blood Currency, the The Pedovirus and Saving The Children.

These creatures like Orca and Markle are just demonically possessed transgender inversions hiding their true nature from the programmed masses who worship these false idols. 

From Orcas six toes to his swinging mandingo mass between the legs, Markle too might as well start doing the Michael Obama thrust since Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. Their jig is up. It only took six percent statistically of the entire human population to know these sick truths for the ball of karmic retribution to start rolling. Six percent. That six percent was the original anons that took to the chans and platforms when Q appeared. A brilliant plan. Carefully executed to spread the truth. And guess what? We passed that point some time ago.

Jesus Christ told us. The truth will set us free.

And what is they most terrified of?

Biggest Fear: Public Awakening

What Will It Take?

Unfortunately it’s going to take a very long time for these blockheads to even start excepting an alternative view to their fixed realities. 

And if they reject the knowledge, send them to HOSEA 4:6 and kiss them goodbye. Choices are a bitch when you act like one.

Hollywood is imploding. The Orca and Markle leaks are planned and part of this show. Check out the ankle bracelet on this thing. People are jumping ship in this town left and right because they know that their worlds, paychecks and most likely their false idols are about to become annihilated by the truth.

Time for some BOOMS!

Let’s take a look!


New endorsements from Potus!

Things that make you go hmm. You’ll Never Guess Where Fauci’s Daughter Works! It All Makes Sense Now. Fauci’s daughter, Alison Fauci, is a Twitter employee… Share with your family and friends. @realjaynamy on Telegram
Via Sharon L. 👆🏼👇🏼

Thread by BOOM BOOM BOOM! Evil Spirits on Earth

Thread Gallery:

Thread Links:,the%20120%20years%20of%20Moses.

End of thread by BOOM BOOM BOOM!


Orca is another one. She is one of the top handlers in Pedowood. Word from the birds were that Weinstein ratted her out. Geffen too. Oh boy. This movie is getting GOOD! Judgement Is Coming, Pedowood!

Manny Markle 👇🏼

And make sure to watch the video about this thing in the previously mentioned Trannygate post:

Via Telegram channel, a few posts about Megan via Oprah. Unexpected turn of events. Anyway 🍿


Massive Global Hack Breaches Microsoft Business Accounts

New Oprah human trafficking scandal breaking on Msm post Markel interview

From Alan Fountain on Telegram (follow him here 👉🏼, Oprah, Harry & Megan Gaslight the World as Scapegoats to Distract World From Satanist Pedophile MONARCHY Fall From Grace!


Via Sharon L. Thank you! SO TRUE!
KEK! 😅


Wise Words from a Yogi on Daily Progress

With all the reverence of your soul invoke God’s presence, for He is the essence of everything. Ignorant or wise, we are His children. Pray to Him to make you realize that you are immortal. Follow the highway of meditative communion that leads to Him. Live each day in reverent accord with God’s laws, and He who guides the destiny of the world – including your own destiny – will plan your tomorrow for you according to your acts of today. Work for the establishment of His universal law, one freedom, one brotherhood, and communion with the same Almighty Father God. Make each day a step upward on the ladder of your realization of His wisdom and joy.

Amen. 🙏🏼✝️🕉❤️

~ Paramahansa Yogananda


Bill’s Hall of Infamemes


The Falcon. One of my pencil sketches from the series Birds of a Feather




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  1. i cling to the thought that there is a reason why things (truths) are being revealed to us. The sorting of choosing a side is so blatantly obvious. I myself do go thru days of held in frustration along this journey as i am surrounded by many who refuse to see or fail to see and want no part in truth or reality. I do draw additional strength in your words of encouragement, and reminds me i am not alone in this spiritual warfare. So many biblical scriptures coming to fruition, 2 verses of which seem to stand out the loudest to me: Romans chp 1 vs 28: and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. Romans chp 11 vs 8, according as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear; unto this day. There are no coincidences. We (patriots, anons) all receive and have the same understanding of the truths being revealed. These truths you and many others share are confirmation of this. I look forward to your posts and thank you for your dilligence to such an important time. WWG1WGA! Bobby B.

    • Thank you Bobby for taking the time to give us feedback and heartfelt insight. I am not the only one here working. We are all for one and one for all. Together we will get through these times. Help share with others and stay in touch with us. I may not always be able to answer but I read all the comments and bless all those who stand with us, and pray for all those who are lost. God is moving. God bless you and #WWG1WGA ♥️⚖️🙏🏼🇺🇸

    • Hi Gretchen so good to hear from you. Thank you for all you do and we stand United Not Divided! AMEN! ❤️🙏🏼 Thank for helping us share the blog. We are here daily working together amen.

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