Take A Moment

It’s Sunday, even though it feels like one continuous time loop for the awakened.

What is time anyway? It is a human construct and really only part of our own slavery as humans in this finite body.

I will be writing more about time later this week.

Until then, today we anons take the day off to take a moment, reflect, recharge and review all that happens daily in the world of the Great Awakening.

If you have not caught up on your reading here on the blog, myself and group of dedicated anons who got the Twitter axe provide daily updates to you. There is a daily post on this blog since the publication of #StayTheCourse: Twitter Suspension so plenty of truth to read, reread, and digest and absorb.

One of the things you can do to help us get this vital information to others is please kindly share, share and share these posts and updates. Copy and paste the link into other social media platforms. Send it in a text message link to friends and family and are ready to hear this level of information. There is no fee, nothing to buy and no way to donate. We are striving only for true freedom here.

Wake one, save one.

A good guide for reference on how to red pill someone is discussed in my article called Red Pill 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of The Great Awakening.

In the meantime, The Best is Yet To Come! and Supernatural Justice! is on the way.

Have faith and trust this plan! God is in charge!



Sunday Movie Recommendation

One of my favorite films is Starman. I highly recommend you watch this old classic and pay attention to the details. There is so much truth hidden in the clown operations of Pedowood. They won’t be around much longer (this wretched place) and trust me, I can’t wait!

Enjoy and we will be back tomorrow with the regular format.

Here is an excerpt from the movie:

♥️ ~ Dilara 03.07.21

  • Cover art by Crystal Jones – @Jonessense on Twitter. 🙂

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  1. I wonder how Carpenter had the chance to make movies as Starman, Prince of Darkness and, especially, They Live… this last one is, as you know, one of the biggest denounces ever…reptilian mode totally exposed! Is this guy is a kind of undercover agent in Hollywood maybe? (by our side, of course)

    • Yes, he’s contracted and financed through the Clowns In America. They all are. All of Hollywood on some level, whether they know it, want to believe it or not. How do you think Avatar was made? Or any of Speilberg’s films? Too bad most of them chose money over God. That never ends well now does it?

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