Future Proves Past

What is time travel?

Wiki’s definition describes time travel as “the concept of movement between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in space by an object or a person”.

Time travel can be achieved artificially or naturally.

An in depth discussion of this topic would take volumes, and days to describe. And even such an endeavor would be an impossible undertaking.

Many people have a hard time wrapping their mind around topics that are unfamiliar and difficult to grasp.

What Are You Going To Believe?

Keep your mind open. Don’t be a victim to your own ego.

Just because humanity has not yet figured out how to travel through time doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Or have we? …

Before the Wright brothers invented the airplane, people thought it was impossible to fly.

Tesla had invented a time travel device. It is believed that Trump’s uncle, John Trump, had rescued Tesla’s work before the cabal came in and ransacked his impoverished apartment upon his death. (For a few video clips of John Trump speaking about free energy, please refer to the post called Take a Moment).

Theories of time travel include mechanical means, mental means as well as my personal favorite, the bending of space time in order to go from one point to another spanning across vast distances almost instantaneously.

Which leads to the topic of wormholes otherwise known as time portals.

There is a myriad of information out there about theories of time travel. I encourage you do your own research and explore this topic.

Movie after movie has been made about time travelers. Take A Moment (πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ feat. clips of an interview of John Trump) and revisit movies like Starman, Back to the Future, and The Time Machine, to name a few.

Star Wars is very real.

And remember, the third arm of the See Hi Yay is indeed Hollywood. The agency works closely with filmmakers like Spielberg, Lucas, and Cameron giving them access to real information. In turn, they get the big budgets they need to make their true to life movies like Close Encounters, E.T., and Avatar : all entertainment encoded with programming of truths stranger than fiction.

Concepts like our present transportation systems, space travel and your handheld mobile device, once deemed to be merely science fiction are now the essential gears of our societal structure.

It is merely a matter of time that we are able to surpass Einstein’s theory of relativity and zoom ourselves past the speed of light.

Perhaps humankind has already achieved this reality and it has been hidden from us by the (non)elite dark forces.

Many whistle blowers have come forth, revealing various types of privately funded “secret space programs” that entail off-planet civilizations, wars and realities. (Be careful who you follow! There are many fakes and frauds claiming to be super soldiers fighting for interplanetary justice when they are just delusional wanna be Mandalorians. There are super soldiers who are very real with real life experiences in these almost unbelievable programs. It takes time and discernment to research, learn, absorb and incorporate this kind of knowledge if you are new to it, so go slow and be patient.) Disinformation is ramped in this area, since their Biggest Fear: Public Awakening will reveal truths far too strange for most people to handle.

I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that time travel and humankind’s off-planet presence is very real.

And the way of travel for these secret space programs is through time.

Traveling through time simply means you are going at warp speed, through portals that bend the fabric of space to bring you closer to your destination without you having to travel the long tedious distance.

Undisclosed time travel technology exists on a level that would really blow the minds of the human population.

Q mentions the phrase future proves past 32 times on the board so far.

What does this mean?

There are multiple meanings, one of which suggests that humans from the future came back in time to our present and are helping humanity shift the timeline from Dark to Light.

If time travel is a reality, surely humans either now, or in the future, have figured out how to travel through time. And surely, if one can travel through time, then one would want to help an enslaved humanity free itself from the current shackles of our slavery.

We have been around much longer than what all these cabal-controlled institutions and controlled media has been programming us to believe.

Unplug and relish in The New, Unprogrammed You.

Though The Truth Is Not For Everyone, those that reject knowledge and close their minds are simply not going to make it.

The rabbit hole is your portal to the truth.

And only the truth shall set you free.


“No matter our race, color, religion, or creed, we are one America”.

– President Donald Trump πŸ¦…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Thank you BOOM! Via Dan Scavino Channel https://t.me/ScavinoChannel

The Good, The Ugly and the Bad! CLINT! (the good)

From our favorite General! Follow General Flynn on Telegram https://t.me/RealGenFlynn

I AM ALL GIRLS: NETFLIX movie to redpill the masses! 

Thank you Dani and BOOM!

Kamala was one of Montel Williams side chicks back in 2001. 

Classy Vice President πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ 


No words.

HATTERS call out their bluff

Telegram channel: https://t.me/HATSTRUTH
Via Ron & Rachel from Telegram channel https://t.me/WeTheMedia

This is the direction we are heading.

Via Ron & Rachel from Telegram channel: https://t.me/DigitalNukes

Do you believe in Qoincidences?

Human Cloning & Baphomet Genetic Manipulation is real.

Thank you Ron & Rachel

From President Trump: A loan of $1.2 billion has closed on the asset known as the Bank of America Building (555 California Street) in San Francisco, CA. The interest rate is approximately 2%. Thank you Grateful!

My old Twitter Thread on Time Travel


BOMBSHELL: Specialist Murdered on Flight MH17 to Cover-up Ebola Biowarfare Psyop http://osnetdaily.com/2014/08/bobmshell-specialist-murdered-on-flight-mh17-to-cover-up-ebola-biowarfare-psyop/

Via Boom, The Vaccine is Truly Magnetized Β· Sfero https://sfero.me/article/the-vaccine-is-truly-magnetized

The CoVaxx-19 Scorecard: Bleeding, Blood-clots and the whole Nine Yards https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/the-covaxx-19-scorecard-bleeding-blood-clots-and-the-whole-nine-yards/

Via Gene, Vaccine mandate comes with liabilities for employers https://www.wnd.com/2021/05/vaccine-mandate-comes-liabilities-employers/

“COWARDS! New Board! New Board!” – EPIC! Scottsdale Unified School District Board Shouted Out of the Building Over COVID Restrictions (VIDEO) http://”COWARDS! New Board! New Board!” – EPIC! Scottsdale Unified School District Board Shouted Out of the Building Over COVID Restrictions (VIDEO)

Notables by @BenjaminABock on GAB

Billionaires Are Offloading Massive Amounts Of Stock https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/billionaires-are-offloading-massive-amounts-stock

War Of Words Over Inflation Stirs Questions for the Fed https://wearethene.ws/notable/219754

President Trump Will Headline NCGOP 2021 State Convention In Greenville, NC https://wearethene.ws/notable/219756

1988 An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci https://wearethene.ws/notable/219756

Gold Surges To 3-Month Highs As Bitcoin Loses $45k https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/gold-surges-3-monthhighs-bitcoin-loses-45k

Trump Nears Deal With House on Deutsche Bank Subpoenas https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/trump-nears-deal-with-house-on-deutsche-bank-subpoenas-1.1604702

World Economic Forum cancels 2021 annual meeting https://www.reuters.com/article/wef-singapore/world-economic-forum-cancels-2021-annual-meeting-idUSS8N2KO082

AT&T to bow out of media through $43 bln deal with Discovery https://www.reuters.com/technology/att-merging-media-assets-with-discovery-create-streaming-powerhouse-2021-05-17/

S0r0s Bought $375MM Of The Shares That Archegos Was Liquidating https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/soros-bought-375mm-shares-archegos-was-liquidating

Uh-Oh… Bill Gates Was Reportedly Removed from the Microsoft Board for an Alleged Affair with a Microsoft Employee https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/uh-oh-bill-gates-reportedly-removed-microsoft-board-alleged-affair-microsoft-employee/

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, founder of the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, believes change will come when hedge fund billionaires and Pope Francis work together πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

https://wearethene.ws/notable/219768 and https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/15/business/lynn-forester-de-rothschild-corner-office.html

Great Reset Timeline https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/timeline-great-reset-agenda

Sovrin/great reset? https://twitter.com/2Spaceninja15/status/1392993897035575298?s=20 and http://Sovrin.org

Bombshell Photos Reveal Years of Meetings Between Bloomberg Executives and Chinese Propagandists in Beijing https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2021/05/17/exclusive-bombshell-photos-reveal-years-of-meetings-between-bloomberg-executives-and-chinese-propagandists-in-beijing/

Reuters connected to Pfizer https://wearethene.ws/notable/219826

Ingersoll Rand Inc. sold by KKR & Co.: $724.86m-May 13






Graftech Int’l sold by Brookfield Asset Mgmt: $166.65m-May 13






Gold Surges To 3-Month Highs As Bitcoin Loses $45k



GENERATION Z: THE LOST GENERATION https://www.bitchute.com/video/riuC9o4yvgXJ/

End of Notables by Benjamin


Q&A with Drunvalo: Episode 1


A bugs life best scene

Via Ron & Rachel



Today’s Meme Parade

Bill’s Hall of Infamemes

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  1. Does any body know where I can get a model ? wrist device, updated to go to the year 2587. I am looking for a good source, no fakes. If you have a legitimate source then please let me know. My current device is outdated.

    This was an actual email from 2004 in Hell A sent to this strange man I used to work for. I snapped a pic of it, recently the image was deleted out of my device. I will never forget what it said and back then thought it was just a joke. Yet now today I do get it.

  2. Future Proves Past, California is the revival state, from March 30
    I think also that’s California, will be the crown state in the futura America…
    And I pray, that it will come to fruition…
    He has already had too many afflictions, and misfortunes…

    Personally, I always loved, sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, Yosemite National Park…

    Above all, I particularly enjoyed the geological exploration, along the San Andreas Fault, from Santa Cruz Mountains, part of the Pacific Coast Ranges, and form a ridge down the
    San Francisco Peninsula, south of San Francisco, They separate the Pacific Ocean from the San Francisco Bay and the Santa Clara Valley, and continue south to the Central Coast,
    bordering Monterey Bay and ending at the Salinas Valley. The range passes through the counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey, with the
    Pajaro River forming the southern boundary, to Pinnacles national park, the nature of san andreas fault, changes again, in Salinas Valley, near Carmel…
    I have traveled all over this region (mostly alone), and I was amazed by the geological diversity and the sensations that the treks and climbs gave me…

    I “made myself forget”, for a long period, in San Francisco, where friends ensured my incognito,
    when, after having slammed the caBAAL’s gates… To become a Living Soul…
    I also remember enchanting dives, even at night, in the undulating kelp forests off the Baja peninsula, where, invariably, friends from Monterey, when I came to Cape Vandenberg, would
    give me exalted rendez-vous, in the channel islands…

    The imprint of the delphinian dream was always deeply imprinted in me, during these dives, in the form of echolocations and very persistent trills emanating from our brethren dolphins…

    I am well all over the Universe, because I have no roots, especially since I have no family left…
    But it is tangible to note, how much, I am in love with the Pacific West Coast, and more particularly with the area of San Francisco bay…
    There is no hasard in life…
    Almighty God and Christ, guide us, to those, who are wonderful Living Souls… Like you, Dilara…
    God bless you, Dilara, and all others biophotonic Living & Sovereign Souls…

    And KEEP HOPE, KEEP ALL HOPE and never NEVER consent under F.EA.R…

    God bless all hyper-dimensional and sovereign beings.

    “They’re not after me, They’re after YOU. I’m just standing in their way” President Donald Trump

    “Be thou faithful unto death, and I’ll give thee a crown of life.”
    Humility and patience are virtues, trust in God and we’ll be delivered…

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