New Show! Future Proves Past on A Fistful of Truth

“Wait ’till you go to the pump!”

Potus said that.

The Arizona come-back rally on July 24th of 2022 gave us many clues as to what was in store.

President Trump later stated that gas prices would hit ten dollars a gallon.

And that was the marker, ladies and gentleman, when this show will really get on the road.

March 08 2022 in Los Angeles. Can’t wait for this show to get started.

Those of us who know how to listen to Potus, don’t just listen to what he says, but how he says it.

If you are someone who has refined but humble discernment and are skilled at listening (most people are skilled only at talking and listening to and hearing only themselves), you can hear much more than what words can ever say.

Join me and my guests for Future Proves Past – a new series on A Fistful of Truth podcast.

This series will be featured every Throwback Tuesday and discuss points made in the past that are being proven by manifesting right before our eyes.

How many times before it becomes mathematically impossible?

As Steve Jobs said in the Sanford graduation speech (see below) in 2005, you can only connect the dots looking backwards.

So join me in connecting dots in my new series, Future Proves Past on A Fistful of Truth every Tuesday evening, podcasting from sunny Southern California.

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Southern California


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~ Dilara 03.09.2022

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  1. If l may, Dilara, l would simply like to mention that l am more partial to listening to these types of podcasts when you merely air your thoughts. I really did enjoy this particular podcast as listening to your thoughts can be therapeutic. All the best.

    • Well thank you Rod. That actually really helps. I don’t know what is better received out there. All constructive comments are also welcome. I want to make it better for all the listeners! #WWG1WGA !

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